Addicted to Sin, Monica James


Addicted to Sin, Monica James

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, erotica.

Strange isn’t it how books seem to come along in groups. I’d just finished reading The Lessons by Elizabeth Brown, which has a soon to be qualified psychiatrist who works for another one as a sex surrogate, and meets Natalie, and then this comes along, Dixon, Psychiatrist self diagnosed as addicted to sex, who meets the lovely and innocent Madison in the same week as in your face Juliet. Madison reminds me very much of Natalie and Dixon a bit of of Ryan, and yet they are two very different reads. Interesting how authors can create such diverse works from similar themes…

Anyway Dixon, I kind of liked him and then again I didn’t… I understood he’d been hurt but then in turn he was dishing that out to the women he f cked, and that’s all it was, a mechanical release, no emotions, no feelings and once he was finished that was it. Harsh but since That event that’s the way he’s been. I felt for him but when he meets Madison he knows she’s different, that she gives him the chance to break out of that cycle, that she deserves more, and yet he just goes with the flow and gets it on with Juliet the man eater. To be fair he then puts Madison off limits, so he’s not a cheater even though he tells Juliet its just sex between them. I just felt he was ducking out of moving forward, content with blaming his past, living his empty life even while inside he hankers for more. Madison is lovely, but she’s got shadows in her past too, things she doesn’t tell but which affect her. Somehow she and Dixon keep on meeting in odd ways, and it’s clear there’s a strong attraction between them. Then there’s Juliet and she’s just one of those I love to hate – I adore finding someone like her in a book, it adds a certain edge, brings in all sorts of nastiness from someone who’s selfish and conscienceless.

I hadn’t realised this was a part book, that it continued in a later read  until I got towards the end, and realised there wasn’t time to fit a resolution in. Its good in that it extends an interesting story and yet I so hate the wait – and add it that there’s a massive jaw dropping revelation at the end and ….well, I just hope book two doesn’t keep us waiting too long. I’m reading this now as a review book but these stories work best for me when I can read straight through, so though this will probably be a five star series for me, divided like this its spoils it and this is a 3.5/4 star read.


Stars: 3.5/4 Interesting but that wait for book two ( or more…) is so frustrating



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Anterograde, Kallysten

Anterograde, Kallysten

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  LGBTQIA, Romance

I read Kallysten’s Out of the Box series when I first bought a kindle – some years back now – somehow I’ve never got round to anymore but seeing this thought I’d try it. Was one that just didn’t work for me though, it’s not a bad book, its a great read for many but just that I didn’t connect with it.

I started by reading in the order its written, which is not chronological, but by the time I’d got to about 40% I was totally confused. It doesn’t help that this is a side book from another series, something I hadn’t realised, and maybe it would make more sense to me if I’d read others in the series. I was so lost that I restarted and did the Chronological option and that worked better for me.
I struggled though with seeing the two in a romantic light, I just didn’t feel any real connection between them most of the while, though there were odd moments when I saw a flash of it, of tenderness there. Its quite a harrowing read, how Calder would feel being so stubborn, so independent, so proud of his brain and skills, to be so reliant on others even though Eli says he doesn’t think of him as a burden. He must have been scared it would be too much at some point, and that conversation was really emotional, as was the tattoo that resulted. Actually all the tattoos were very special, the reasoning Calder gave to them, not just the purpose of them but how he would recognise that he wrote them and held the feelings they told.  It made me think how awful it would be to know nothing about the present and your place in the world every time you woke. Scary, very, very scary.  Eli was a saint – he put up with so much from Calder, much of it understandable ranting, but sometimes Calder is just plain arrogant and selfish. I guess that made the times when he showed his love to Eli more beautiful though.
The sci-fi element isn’t really present here – the hospital where they both work is dealing with constant Demon attacks, but there’s no interaction or direct contact with any supernatural entity.

Stars: This is difficult for me, it was an interesting read in that it made me think about Calder and his situation but as a book it didn’t really grip me and at times I struggled to continue with it. For me I think its a 2.5 – 3.

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Darker the Release, Claire Kent


Darker the Release,  Claire Kent

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance,

I love Claire’s writing so I bought book one when I saw this one the review list so that I could get all the story. I really enjoyed that and this final part, but my favourite book of hers is still escorted – still free and well worth getting to introduce you to Claire’s writing.

So, there we are with Kelly and Caleb both feeling far more for each other than they ever intended when they started this “just sex” thing. Its clear to each of them though that there are secrets between them – and are there just!!! What’s going to happen when they come out? Is Caleb guilty or not, how far did his hand go in arranging the murder of Claire’s father? And what secrets is he holding from Claire?  Its a tough time, falling in love when they never wanted that, and yet if the secrets come out they both feel inside that the other will hate them.

The secrecy is telling on Claire, and she wants Jack the PI to hurry up and find the truth. Her mum doesn’t have long left to live, and she’s the one that instigated it. Claire isn’t so bothered about that, she doesn’t have a good relationship with her – she just wants to know if Caleb is innocent or has she betrayed her father by falling in love with his killer…She’s reaching the stage where she thinks even if Caleb is innocent he’s going to find out about her and she’ll lose him. Caleb too feels if she finds out what he’s hiding all will end. While they’re together though its a relationship[p that despite the strained parts is hot and erotic, carnally sensual, with them barely able to keep their hands ( and other parts ) off each other. As with Claire’s other novels she writes these scenes well, and they fit the storyline perfectly.

Claire’s so desperate for an answer she puts herself in danger, if she gets caught and if Caleb is guilty will he let her go? Unlikely given what she knows…and yet he’s so full of passion and love for her I couldn’t feel he was guilty, even if all the signs look that way. Is it just me though looking at him as Claire does, and just wanting so much for him to be innocent that I’m like her, making excuses. Then the way she set about inserting herself into his life. could he get past that if he is innocent and then finds out about that – and how could she love him, have a relationship and not tell him. He’d feel betrayed surely?

Its a great read, full of questions, danger, angst and revelations. I really enjoyed both books and they’ll join my keepers file.

Stars: Four and a half.

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Rock Redemption, Nalini Singh


Rock Redemption,  Nalini Singh

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance


We’re on to the third book in the series and its fast become a favourite for me. I loved Nalini’s Archangel series and now she’s firmly entrenched in my contemporary romance authors favourites too. I couldn’t really remember Noah from the other books, though have a faint recollection of Kit coming to Fox’s house one day and meeting Molly, where they got off to a bit of a difficult start. Never the less they’re now fast friends along with Thea, Molly’s sister and David’s girlfriend.

Kit’s wanted Noah since she met him but he’s always kept her firmly in the friend zone. Then a while back they got closer and he broke her heart – what a jerk, I was thinking when I read what he did, what a horrible man. She’s well rid of him. Still, hearts don’t work on logic and common sense, and despite how heartbroken she was she still cares for him – but they can’t seem to get that old friendship back. Then when we got to know Noah it was clear he was hiding a huge secret, that he was acting to protect Kit from him and his fears.

Things change though, they get closer once more and then a media photo goes viral and its make or break time, Kits career hinges on whether they can act as a couple. Its kind of like a bittersweet time for her, she’s still in love with him, and he wants to do whatever he can for her but is so scared of hurting her. He doesn’t seem to see what we can see, that by his actions he’s hurting her worse.

Of course I wanted to know what the secret was, and whether it would follow the usual format – well, Nalini puts a twist on it so that its different, that it gives another dimension to what happened, so we can understand better all his fears. Once its revealed so much makes sense and I so felt for him, and understood his past actions better.

Alongside all that there’s the parallel plot of Kits stalker who’s been around for some time now, and has done some pretty horrible things and forced her to move into a more expensive property, employ twenty four hour security, and all that means her career is essential, she needs the money to keep this up, and she is scared that entering the “relationship” with Noah will break her heart when he cheats – because she feels its a when not an if. He’s a kind of manwhore, doesn’t do dates or relationships, uses sex as an escape, doesn’t care a bit about who the girls are, they’re just faceless to him, to be used and then left. She doesn’t see how he can manage without for the few weeks they need to keep up the pretence. Then the stalker steps up the action too – and it wasn’t until almost the end before I began to work out who was behind it….very cleverly done, and a realistic rational behind it.

I really enjoyed this story, perfect pacing, great characters and I loved seeing the other band members there too. I’m looking forward to reading about Abe and Sarah next.

Stars: Five, loved it.

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Owl and the City of Angels, Kristi Charish


Owl and the City of Angels,  Kristi Charish

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Sci-fi and Fantasy

I saw Owl and the Japanese Circus was up for review a while back, but at the time I was trying to restrict myself as once again my review list was creeping up and up….wish I’d got it though as this looks to be a great series, but incredibly full of different supernatural characters that link in to Owl and her complex life. I followed this ok, but think I missed some of the subtleties and nuances that I may have understood better if I’d read book one – and of course got the Train wreck/Whore statements in some kind of context…they shocked me a bit the first time, said in a kind of apologetic humour and I didn’t follow the logic. There’s a lot like that, where I think the earlier book would have set the scene for me.

Its a real action packed adventure – poor Owl doesn’t seem to get a break, going from one disaster to another. I love her and the gang she’s somehow acquired. On/Off boyfriend Incubus Rynn, the talented, quick thinking Nadya, Captain the vampire hating Mau cat and of course Carpe, World Quest partner and hacker extraordinaire. Owl is indebted to the Dragon shifter Mr Kurosawa, working for him but not exactly voluntarily. And this time the treasure he wants is deadly….

Poor Owl, her intentions are good but each time she somehow gets into trouble, with a whole cast of Supernaturals out to get her. then there’s the IAA, usually just an awkward inconvenience but now they seem to have focussed on getting her, and are round every corner. She really needs the help of those friends this time, and as always the search is on for maps, hidden traps and of course the clock is ticking. It could be a story that’s so complex that it makes me switch off, often adventures like this do just that even though others adore them, but its not. The humour permeates through all the dangers and keeps it feeling light and not bogged down in details and battles, the pacing is fast but easy to follow, the dangers and fixes out are fun  and its a really enjoyable read.

The detail is incredible, Owl rattles off stats and facts about identifying antiquities as if she’s simply compiling a shopping list, Nadya has so many contacts to help them escape, and of course World Quest and Carpe provide the maps telling them where things are found and something of the traps they can expect. Good to know when the dangerous  Supernaturals contained in them are usually the eat or kill variety….Rynn – seems he’s always trying to protect Owl, usually from herself and her spontaneous decisions, but of course he’s mainly there in the aftermath rescuing her yet again, and trying to persuade her that what she wants to do is not the best course of action. I’m not sure of the connection between him, Mr Kurosawa and Lady Siyo, he seems to have more respect from them than would be expected of simply an employee, but as yet I’ve not worked it out.

Alexander pops up again, still angry at Owl,  Lady Siyo still dearly wants to kill Owl but isn’t allowed, we meet Carpe in person, Rynn’s Cousin and a host of Somali pirates, and Owl somehow has to negotiate her way through yet another series of life threatening dangers, not really knowing who to trust except Rynn and Nadya.

I’ve really enjoyed this read, its made a change from the usual fantasy fare and its a fun series. I love Kim Harrison and Jenn Bennet’s novels, and I’d agree with the comparison to their works, the same kind of fun even in danger and attention to detail that make them feel so real.

Stars: Five, a cracking story, definitely one to reread and a series to watch out for.

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Love You Better by Natalie K. Martin

Love You Better by Natalie K. Martin

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  women’s Fiction, Literature and Fiction.


Strange how fate works…I’ve just read two books that were romance, were about cheating and the effects it leaves and yet they were very, very different reads. Both kept me gripped to see what happened, had me totally unsure of just how they would end, and were five star reads. Not ones I’d reread but certainly a terrific one off read.

So poor Effie, heartbroken by Smith, a complex character, one of those non committal types, always on the edge of the Law, always leaving her unsure of exactly what their relationship was, once they’d moved from long time friends to lovers. Then he gets caught up in some disastrous events, abandons her and breaks her heart. Dragged out by her best friend a month later she meets Oliver, and they embark on a whirlwind romance. He’s all she ever dreamed of, stable, adoring,romantic, all the things Smith wasn’t. Within a few brief months they are married. You can see once you know more about Effie just why Oliver appeals, it isn’t just that he’s the opposite of Smith in so many ways, but his whole lifestyle and family are what she always dreamed of as a child. Brought up always on the move by her single parent mum she doesn’t have any other family, and for the last decade or so she’s had only a sporadic contact with her mother. Thank goodness for her friends, Lou and Mickey – who are a couple, and of course Smith before their breakup….Now Smith has returned and somehow he’s back in her life, there at her friends meetings as he’s still close to Lou and Mickey, and now he’s even working in the same place as her….

Her perfect marriage is showing signs of wear, Oliver’s care comes out in strange ways, she knows he only wants the best for her when he suggests the changes she needs to make though, of course he knows best, he’s come from that background. Lou isn’t so sure and soon its clear that Oliver doesn’t really approve of Effie’s friends. Its scary how clever people like him are, how they play on insecurities, how they use the “ I only want what’s best for you” and other excuses, making people feel in the wrong all the time. From our outside viewpoint it’s easy to see what’s happening, but Effie is living it and in many ways she understands he’s only doing this because he loves her, wants her to succeed….

Then there’s Smith, the bad boy, the man who broke her heart. He seems to have changed, but then things happen that make Effie think he’s the same old Smith, still flirting with danger, still full of lies. So why then when she’s with the perfect, adoring Oliver does she feel a bit oppressed by his insistence on her changing so much of her ways, why is she so attracted still to Smith who’s made it clear he didn’t want her, who told lies, who broke her heart?

Its one of those reads where we can see what’s coming, but also see how Effie living it doesn’t. We’ve got the whole story, she’s only seeing parts of it. Its got some very agonising events in, things that sadly happen all too often in real life and I so felt for her. She’s a great girl, hardworking, loving and all she wants is a stable life with someone she loves. She thought she had that with Oliver, but he also seems to have another side that comes out more frequently. Smith seems to be around very often when she needs some help, and he seems very changed to the man that left. Is he though, or is it all part of his scheming? Poor Effie….confused or what?

Its a realistic, very interesting read, showing how people are shaped by events and how we change over time and by what happens. I really enjoyed that part, seeing how all the characters were at the beginning and how they grew up when life got in their way. The characters felt so real, and the side story of Lou and Mickey was another part that felt very genuine and provided the catalyst for much of the later events.

Stars: five, a terrific read.

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Crazy Over You, Carol Thomas


Crazy Over You, Carol Thomas

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Women’s fiction

This isn’t the meet, split, get together and HEA type of romance that’s very common, but one that’s a bit deeper. We see how Abby and Simon met all those years back, fell in love so quickly, how they’ve been so close ever since and now after two children poor Abby has discovered that he had an affair recently. A short one of just a week but even so – the betrayal….Its now a few months post discovery and Abby is floundering, finding it hard to cope. Simon makes it clear he wants her back, regrets what he did,  but what does she want? Does she still love him? Can she forgive? Can she ever get past this? So many questions, and it really made me think. There’s times when she’s mulling it over and angry and asking herself did She, Her,  – the mysterious Helen – care that Simon was married? Had kids? That’s something I feel too – an affair is wrong, always, every time. think before acting, think of what’s at stake. Sort out home issues first and never get entangled in someone whose got a partner. I’m very strong on this – don’t have patience with the “it just happened” “we fell in love” type of excuse. Everything has a starting point, and there’s a clear divide between innocent flirty chat and taking things that step further. Stop right there is my view. Affairs cause such heartbreak, destroy families, upset kids and their homes and schooling and can be stopped before they start.

So with that rant over its clear I really feel for poor Abby and I can see she’s struggling – and who wouldn’t? When she finally begins to pick herself up and seeks counselling I felt like I was there with her, thinking about the questions Mallory posed and gradually we saw how far Abby had come, and I so admired her. She’s stronger than she felt, and I loved that her new friend encouraged her to go to the gym, to get new clothes and haircuts etc. She needed that boost to her self esteem. Its never happened to me thankfully but I can imagine how many people look at themselves and feel less, feel that they must be lacking if their partner wanted someone else. When she’s writing in her book about the questions she had, those where whatever answer Simon gave he’s be wrong I could so see that happening.

All the way through this I really wasn’t certain what the outcome would be. Simon was clear that on his part he acknowledged he was wrong, and had no intention of doing it again, but I really didn’t know if Abby could move forward with him or whether the betrayal was just too much to get past. It made me think how I would feel, and I understood that though she still had feelings for Simon, for now they were overshadowed by what happened. Carol kept me guessing right to the end about what would be the result – and its not often that happens, usually its clear which way things are going but not here! A great read, and it looks like its a debut book too – I can’t find anything else, so well done Carol for a thought provoking, entertaining read.


Stars: Five


ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance,

I’ve loved this series, with seeing how life is working out for Sunny and Sven. Sunny is a fabulous character – she’s the person I want to be, but am not :-( , and she’s changed very little from the person we first met, learned a lot but her nature is still that same loving, understanding, warm and giving person she’s always been. She’s one of those who works hard, and although she’s wealthy she doesn’t just sit back in luxury but carries on working, helping, and looking after everyone in her circle. Given that she meets people and seems to bring them in easily that circle gets ever larger. Meeting her has changed Sven, but he’s had a lot of growing up to do, he’s needed to learn how to look after others, how to blame himself, take the consequences of his actions, whereas before as a top star he was surrounded by those who’d tell him what he wanted to hear, not what he needed to hear. There’s a massive difference.

Anyway after some pretty big hiccups it looks like they are settled, but Emme sets out to show us how though they look perfect from the outside, the events of the past have left scars, traumas and they need to work through them. Its make or break time for them! I really enjoyed this issue, its how life is, we don’t just roll over when things happen but carry memories and get affected in so many different ways and it can strengthen or destroy relationships despite how people feel about each other.

This book is quite short at 127 pages and almost divides into three parts, London, Norway and St Barts. Three very different places but which are joined by events and people. I was hoping for a bit more from Astrid, one of Sven’s university friends still in Norway – she certainly has the potential to be one of those people I love to hate, and adore finding in a story – its kind of brief here though, sort of seed sowing for the next book I hope. I’ve an idea reading the description of that of the way its going to go but of course its fun discovering if I’m right or not – often I think I’ve got it but turn out to be way off base ;-)

Sometimes I feel after the romance and getting together a story has told all we need, and those books that go on are never quite as magical as the first – and sometimes just plain dull, but here there’s still so much between them, so much from the past tragedies and issues that there’s still a lot to tell. Its going to come to some point when I’ve read all I want, even if there are more books but currently I’m still tightly immersed in what’s happening with them and those around them too that I’ve got book six on my kindle just waiting for me to finish writing this review ( I really wanted to get straight on with it but don’t want to muddle the stories so I always make myself wait when I’ve two from same series on the go….hard though in this case !

Its a book that once more made me smile and made me sad, and I really enjoyed reading more from them – I still want to smack Sven at times though when he behaves/thinks in a stupid way, even though I adore him….

Stars: Five, shortish  but hot and fun read, and a great addition to the series.


ARC supplied by author

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Top Dog, Amy Lee Burgess


Top Dog, Amy Lee Burgess

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Contemporary Romance,


I know many readers love them but I’m not a huge fan of novellas, I find often there’s too much packed in and they become an info dump instead of a story. I know though from Amy’s Wolf Within shifter series ( I love it) that I enjoy her writing style, so was keen to see how she’d treat a contemporary romance.

The story covers just a few days and concentrates mainly on Nick and Daphne, so works well for me. Its when authors try to stash weeks or months into a novella that I have the most issues. When its done this way the events get treated properly and make sense to me, and I can feel part of the story – and lets face it with the delicious Nick who wouldn’t want to feel in the story! I adored the dogs too – they were a solid part of the story and they added that connector, if it had just been the office connection I’d have felt it hard to believe in their romance, but given there’s already the attraction between them both, though they hide it, the dogs provide the perfect way for them to get together. Ruby reminded me of my great uncle’s tiny dashund when I was a kid, a black and tan dog called Caesar! His face – I’m a sucker for dog eyes, the way they’re so expressive and Caesar knew I was a soft touch….

I felt for both Nick and Daphne for what had happened in their pasts, and the fact that it happens to many people made it feel very real to me. I can see why Daphne retreated from dating, it’s hard to pick up life when its been full of past hurt. How she reacted isn’t uncommon and it takes someone special and persistent to encourage them to try again. Nick’s a dog person, someone who fosters them and also has his own, and it made him just so perfect – didn’t hurt that he’s drop dead awrsesome ( hey, I’m from UK – we don’t have a sses but a rses! )

Stars: 4. Its a short but sexy, steamy read, a fun romance and one I enjoyed. Perfect for when you want a quick but real romance.


ARC supplied by author


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Winter Fae, Suza Kates


Winter Fae,  Suza Kates

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Fantasy/paranormal

The only other Suza Kates book I’d read was The Penance Stone , which I loved. I was hoping this was going to be a similar sort of read, but it feels much more YA to me, and though I enjoyed it it wasn’t one I’d read again. Its a story that’s well written and is easy to read, I just somehow felt detached from it though.
I kept feeling there was something missing, that I should know more of the past events, of where the sisters mum had been, of Jack, of the whole witchcraft scene they’d only recently discovered but as this was book one I was puzzled. Then I found the prequel novella… maybe if I’d read that I might have got more from this one. Who knows? It wasn’t hard to pick up, just that there was that slight feeling of oddness.
I enjoyed the scene, the Fae, the sisters and the quest. Loved Jack and Tate, would have liked to know more of their background ( maybe that’s in the novella though?)  and was hoping for something more to develop from some jealousy at the
Winter Queen’s palace….but it didn’t. There’s lots of action but somehow all the solutions seemed very neat, and I never really got that sense of danger, that they were living on the edge of disaster, that some of them might not make it. each time there was another problem crop up I just knew that they, or someone else, would have the solutions…and I needed to feel that disaster loomed to make it a five star read. Its was fun, a good novel but for me not a great one.

Stars: Three, a good read but maybe if I’d read the novella first I’d have got more engaged with it.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers
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