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beyond control

Beyond Control Kit Rocha

I received this via Netgalley in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.

This is the second book in the series, the first being Beyond Shame. Its a futuristic dystopian world that reminds me very ,much of the John Wyndham book The Chrysalids ( school reading back in the early 70’s) where only the perfect survived and anyone not meeting the standard was thrown out to scrape an existence however they could.

In this novel outside the City consists of eight sectors each headed by a gang leader and some type of farming communes – not sweet gentle 60’s type communes but more a forced labour workhouse type of existence. The Gangs run the Sectors tightly, and violence and death are part of everyday life. Sector Four finances itself by way of bootleg alcohol, and leader Dallas and his small but trusted team have struggled and become ruthless in taking and enforcing control. As in all life other leaders and would be leaders are always looking for weakness to take over. Winning control is one thing – keeping is means being tough and merciless in decisions however harsh it seems. In the last book Dallas and the O’Kanes had to kill the leader of sector three and that means there’s a vacancy for leader and a meeting of all the other leaders. This takes place in sector two which is where Lex, Dallas “other” (its an undefined so far relationship) escaped from originally so to add to the ever present dangers there’s the one for Lex of going back to a place she hoped never top see again.

This book focusses very much on the growth if the relationship between Dallas and Lex, they’ve been together years and yet they don’t have any official term between them and are still learning how far they can go with each other. Due to her background Lex has trust issues and for me Dallas is a typical male at times and doesn’t see what’s obvious to a woman, this leads to some drama between them and endangers their life together. We see more of the others too in this book, Jas and Noelle of course, and she’s grown hugely in confidence, then there’s the sexy tattoo master Ace, Bren and Six, Mad and Gideon along with others including ones from other sectors. It expands on what and who we learned in book one and already know so we can see further what they want and plan to do. Motives as always are money and power and a strong one for Dallas to learn is just how much he’ll risk for that – his relationship with Lex being the most important.

A big caution – there’s sex in this book, lots of it, raunchy, erotic, hot scenes between multiple people of both sexes with some BDSM elements too so if you find that offensive then this book isn’t for you. I feel it fits well within the structure of the people in it – their recreation from the tough job of daily survival is pleasure and they don’t care where they get it within personal limits.

Stars: five from me. I love this world and the people in it. Having taken on so much from book one this felt easier to assimilate and enjoy as I understood where the characters were coming from in motivation and actions – well some of the while! Still working on much of it but that’s because they are complex people fighting to survive and a mistake can easily cost them their life.

Book three: Beyond Pain is to be released later this year, and focusses on Bren and Six – I’ll be looking for that!

Gatekeepers: Koishi

Koishi: GateKeepers Series, Book 1 Annie Nicholas


I received this book free via publisher in exchange for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.


I’ve read some of Annie’s work before – a couple from The Vanguards series and the first in the Angler, so I knew her style is one I like though the books tend to be shorter than I prefer – but then lots of people want a quicker read. I’ve a friend who reads just a few pages at a time so anything over 100 pages she says is out as it takes too long. I’m a quick and avid reader though so long books for me preferably.


Anyway, enough rambling…and on to this book. The description gives you a pretty good idea of the background, and Koishi the dragon is gatekeeper for one of the gates between the human world and the realm of magic ….Its a realm shrouded in secrecy and few people know about it – Koishi’s job is to stop either side from invading or interacting. Sandra needs to speak to the dragon and ask a favour – she wants an artefact to heal her dying sister who is her only relative left. Koishi appears in human form to interact with the mortal world and collect supplies, and its in this form her meets Sandra and is amused by her. After a while eternity gets boring so he looks forward to something that distracts him. Thinking to play with her for a while when he finds she wants to see his alter ego – Koishi – he tells her to wait at a certain spot and sing a song to attract the dragon… and from there he becomes entranced by her. He meets with her in his human form as Ishi and she falls in love with him. There are battles, love scenes and great tracts of humour in this easy to read book. It takes you to a paranormal world with for a change Dragons, but no vamps, no witches, no wolves, just a dragon – and his mum, and a few goblins and dwarves! Its a sweet fun read with a little light drama and adventure and best of all a HEA. I do like those : )


If you like some gentle paranormal adventure with your romance you’ll like this book. Its not a book you need to work too hard to enjoy even though Annie has included paranormal creatures as its an easy to follow read, and quite light-hearted. No deep dark drama but sweet and light ( sounds like a saccharine advert ! Buts its not a saccharine read )


Well written and edited as you’d expect from a Lyrical Press book and priced at £2.61 for 126 pages. Its a bit expensive for my taste as I’d read it quickly – about two hours maybe – and its not one I’d re read though I enjoyed it as a one off. Still, if you’ve a train journey or a hospital stay or something where you want a fun but easy to read story this is perfect.


Stars: four stars – its a good enjoyable story but too short and light for a five star rating from me.



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