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first in a series of BDSM books

Tucker’s Fall: Purgatory Masters Eliza Gayle

I received this via Netgalley in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.

I love a good romance and one with a bit of spice in is an added bonus so looked forward to reading this book. I found it quite slow to start though and Maggie was a difficult character to warm to. I didn’t feel her background and present actions matched up very well and she felt to me to be quite a selfish person. Still, by the time I’d got 30% in I was beginning to enjoy the story and realised there was a lot more to it that just a simple BDSM romance. I like novels that have a more complex back story and there were certainly mysterious woven throughout this book about Tucker and his colleagues and as I got nearer the end I wondered just how all was going to be revealed as we seemed to be running out of time – however getting to the end I discovered that this book was actually the first in a series which made much more sense and if I’d known that I’d have been more patient with the slow start knowing there was a lot to introduce. To be honest I felt a bit cheated not realising this til the end when there was a sort of mini cliffhanger about a missing person. We’re taunted all the way through about mysterious things in tuckers and his friends backgrounds, learn a little but there’s still far more to know. I’d have been happier to know at the outset this was part of a series and would have changed my expectations accordingly.

I’d like to have seen more of the other characters in the book – Tuckers sister sounds an interesting character to explore. I feel the beginning where we meet Tucker in the club and his friends and their sub Katie was a bit of a waste of space as it was something that didn’t really seem to do anything expect introduce the club and let us know Tucker hadn’t been in for a while. Somehow it just seems a few pages that didn’t really add to the story. The story itself is neatly done – taking us on a journey with Tucker and Maggie to explore her submissive tendencies and let Tuckers Dom side come out to play – and yes, did they play. Some very steamy scenes in this book : ) One thing always gets me annoyed in BDSM books though – the way the females always seemed to get called Little One (with the caps!) it seems so demeaning somehow rather than just part of a sub term, but my knowledge of this world only comes from fiction novels so maybe its accepted terminology.

Having listed what feels like several criticisms I need to make clear they were just minor issues and really I did enjoy the book, Tucker was a gem, Maggie I warmed to eventually and was glad they got past the angst (needed – all romances need something that brings tears IMO) to understand each other better. I’d like to read more as further books come out and learn what’s behind all the strange un-talked about things going on…and enjoy a bit more sensual scenes..

The book is well written and edited, and at £2.99 for 186 pages its not a bad price, if the rest of the series lives up to this one it’ll join my re read file. I love having a complete series to read one after another and not have to wait for new book release : )

Stars: solid four, would have been half star more if it had been a bit longer and had made it clear from the outset if was not going to end neatly tied up but as part of a series leave me wondering what happens next.

Immune: A Sexy Urban Fantasy Mystery (Rylee Adamson # 2)

another fast paced adventure with Rylee and Co.

Immune: A Sexy Urban Fantasy Mystery (Rylee Adamson # 2)

Immune: A Sexy Urban Fantasy Mystery (Rylee Adamson # 2) Shannon Mayer

I’m always on the look for new books/authors and saw some reviews of Shannon’s first book Priceless on Facebook. After reading the sample I decided to buy given that it was only 77p and sounded right up my street. Loved it so much I had to buy Immune straight after and I only wish Shannon had already written more.

The synopsis gives a pretty good description of what the story is about so I’ll just say what I liked. I loved Rylee – she’s had such a difficult upbringing with special talents that make her different from others and that and her guilt over not being able to save her sister from abduction mean she spends most of her time alone with only a couple of close friends. Alex the werewolf – great character with his loopy sayings, and yes he does sound like an overgrown child. His presence often makes life hard for Rylee and yet she looks after him knowing if she didn’t the Pack would kill him. Then there’s the mostly batty but occasionally lucid Giselle who brought her up after her parents kicked her out and her best friend Milly. Giselle is a great character but Milly – well with friends like her etc. etc. but she provides an excellent evil bitch type persona – all good books need some bad people. We see much more of O’Shea in this one – he’s one hot man and a great foil for Rylee. I hope the next book finds a way of bringing them back together – Rylee needs one person she can fully trust.

The mix of super-naturals from vampires, witches, trolls, shape-shifters is awesome and they all play a special part – no one is is there as a filler.

Its a well written book, plots that pace along easily and give rise to other sub plots, twists and turns taking Rylee to unexpected places…its one of those fantastic books where you just can’t predict what will happen next and is long enough and in depth enough to bear multiple readings (my keeper criteria) At £2.05 for 180 pages in kindle is good value especially bearing in mind I’ll re read it in the future.

stars: full five – loved the book and am really keen for the series to develop into a long running one ( but please Shannon don’t make us wait a year between books if you can..)

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