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good start to new fantasy series

Syn in the City (A Synemancer Novel) Mertianna Georgia

I received this from the publishers in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.

I’ve book two to review and the publishers were kind enough to supply me with book one also so I’m feeling lucky – my love of paranormal fantasy novels getting a real boost recently. Sometimes its hard to get into the world building of a new series but Mertianna manages to keep the world she is creating very clear for the reader to follow. There’s lots of magic, spells, and otherworldly characters but they all gel well together to create an entertaining read and a believable adventure. I guess with any fantasy read there’s always the temptation for the author to take the easy way out fo a hard corner they’ve written characters into by creating some quick magic or rescue creature but Mertianna doesn’t so that cop out but writes a complex and riveting story. Cara the main character comes from a long line of witches and her family are very disappointed when as the potential next leader she shows no sign of any magical powers. The she goes for a night out with her cousin to celebrate their birthday and… everything changes, she wakes up in the bed of Roman – a handsome and powerful Nightkind, and what’s more it seems they’ve become engaged. She seems to have gained mysterious and out of control powers and somehow manages over the next few days to bind not only Roman, but also Paul, a powerful gorgeous Wizard and hunky Tom – a werewolf. Its seems her powers have come in with a vengeance and she’s now a powerful synemancer, a witch who can draw energy from other magical beings and that her magic seeks what she needs regardless of her intentions ( though as it seems sex fuels the exchange of power it helps that the men are all hot blooded and gorgeous!)

add to all the the danger she suddenly faces with weird sub-demons out to kill her and the protectivity she faces from her three men, the lack of information coming her way abut what her power will do next and the threat of an Aztec demon out to rule the world and you have a story that powers through adventures and keeps the reader engrossed.

I really enjoyed this book, felt for poor Cara who for years had faced belittling because of her lack of power and then suddenly thrown into a world of magic and adventure and trying hard to understand it and stay alive. She’s strongly moral about trying to always do the right thing but her powers are only interested in taking what they need and this leads for some hot erotic sex….I’m looking forward to where those powers take her in the next book!

Its well written and edited, the end of the plots tie up nicley and there are no horrible cliffhangers, just suggestions of what could happen in next book. At £1.99 for 244 pages on kindle its good value and its also available at £11 for paperback version.

Stars: solid four from me – almost a five star read and will join my keepers list.



great start to a new urban fantasy series

Influential Magic (Crescent City Fae) Deanna Chase

I received this from Net galley in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.


Well, another book from the genre I love, paranormal romance with vampires and Fae. Willow has some special abilities and uses them in her part time work for the Void, as well as owning The Fated Cupcake. She’s still reeling from the breakup of her year long relationship when she discovers her life is in danger, and the void have given her a new partner. Its David, her ex, but he’s no longer human but a vampire – and her special abilities leave her vulnerable to their touch. Double whammy for her….and then there’s the complications of her long time friend and childhood crush Talisen who’s been searching for info on her twin brothers death four years ago and now turns up in New Orleans. Surrounded by two attractive man and with her life in danger willow doesn’t know where to turn or who to trust. Its a riveting tale of mistrust, double dealing and danger and the action doesn’t stop. Its hard to see how things will turn out – every time I thought I had an idea of what was going to happen Deanna threw in another twist to keep me confused. As always I was tempted to have a quick peek at the ending as I’m always so impatient to know what happens but I resisted and I’m glad I did. It came as a total surprise what was going on and just who the bad guys were.


I loved Willow – felt so sad for her after the David text breakup – what an ass I thought – but then as always things are not quite as they seem and he seemed to still have strong feelings for Willow. Then there’s Talisen, fairy hottie, knows Willow but until now has always been a player for the girls and simply good friend to Willow. Add in her shape shifting Shih-Tzu/wolf Link and her witch best friend Phoebe and there’s a cast worthy of a great story full of multiple and sometimes complex plots that entertain the reader to the very end. I loved this book – its hard to define what makes the difference between a four and a five star read, I think maybe its the complexity of the story and the world building and in this book Deanna has done it just right for me and although first in series rarely get five stars from me this one does. It’ll definitely go on my keepers list for re reading and I’ll look forward to the next in the sere is. This story is compete – thankfully Deanna hasn’t gone the horrible cliffhanger route that I hate yet so many authors seem to love, so you can feel satisfied with a proper ending at the the finish of this novel.


I’ve not read any of Deanna’s other works but will look to see if she has written more like this, as this series looks to become one of my favourites. Its well edited and written and doesn’t leave plots that are unanswered but ties up all loose ends in a way the reader can’t imagine (well, this reader anyway ) and that’s always good to find.


Its prcied at £2.86 for the kindle version of 273 pages, a decent length that allows for the author to really flesh out the story and contrive some decent plots. Ist also available in paperback version for £6.99 on amazon.


Stars: As I said – full five, excellent start to new urban fantasy series.

exclusive preview of first chapter Down London Road Samatha Young.

Exclusive! Read Chapter one of Down London Road by Samantha Young @SYoungSFauthor #Club39

I loved the first of this series On Dublin Street – its a brilliant contemporay romance for those looking for something other than the eternal US teen romance. this is set in Uk (Scotalnd) and has a great story along with some seriously hot, erotic sex scenes. In the second book we meet Jo, one of the other bartenders from the club Joss worked at.

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