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Angel of Syn

Angel of Syn Mertianna Georgia

I received this from the author in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.
I hadn’t read anything from Mertianna before and the publishers gave me book one so I could follow this series from the start – I really enjoyed that and looked forward to book two Angel of Syn. Cara is still facing charges from the Portalkind Police for making Tom her familiar even though it was accidental, and is hiding out from them. Roman – ah I love Roman even though he’s overbearing and too protective to the piint of arrogance at times – wants her to meet his family. Of course the orbs decide to show up as usual just at the wrong moment and chaos results. Once again Mertianna takes us on an adventure through time and space, bringing in characters and teaching us things we didn’t know about them and how they relate to Cara. Poor Cara, all she wants to do is to live happily and do her best and yet her powers keep on growing and growing and landing her in more trouble. Add to being a fugitive, the chaos from Romans family meeting, the orbs, the werewolf Etienne who wants her for his own, the Nephilim bodyguard who also wants her, and needing to protect her family Cara faces yet more danger to her life. Escaping from one disaster she and her companions stumble into another dimension. This is where the book fell short for me – I really didn’t like this section though it was a vehicle for some solutions – and yet more problems but it seemed to me not to fit the book well, being a kind of young adult novel solution. I’ve “been” in other dimensions in books before and fallen completely into the story but this time somehow it seemed just too juvenile and simple compared to the standard of the rest of the book and wasn’t a good fit with me. But that’s just my take on it and I can see why Mertianna used the other dimension device – I just feel it could have been made more complex less “ this flower is the solution” device 😦 ah well, that’s why I’m a reader not a writer 🙂 can give advice but can’t do it myself!

Overall I enjoyed this book and it would be a four and half stars if not for the “other dimension” section which I felt didn’t fit. I’m looking forward to more from Mertianna and Cara – and hopefully Roman and Cara’s wedding if they ever get to making it that far! Its a great world she’s created full of magic and mystery and showing just how unfair life can be at times even for powerful synemancers!

Its priced at £4.54 for 254 pages for kindle on Amazon – on the upper end of what I’d call good value – if its a keeper as it is for me then that makes the value better.

Stars: four stars, excellent continuation of series. A good buy in the fantasy market.



Vlad and Leila in second Night Prince series

Jeanine Frost is one of my fav authors – loved the Night Huntress series and looked forward to this series.I wasn’t so keen on the one off’s with Spade and Mencheres, good books and i enjoyed them but as one offs and not enough to hold a series but Vlad – well he’s such a strong and detailed man that he needs his own adventures.

This series reminds me alot of the beginning of the night huntress series, where the duo team up fairly quickly. clearly this series being planned as a three book one things get speeded up – personally i think the pair have enough personality to make more than just three books, and could easily diverge into a different line once this one tied up. I love the chemistry between them and that Leila isn’t a “yes” girl – faces up for what she believes in. when they do get together the scenes are Hot – but we need more of them please!! I love the adventure and action but want more of the romance too….
Vlad is one of my favourite characters, very complex and yet at times a great sense of humour. I’ve always loved the antagonism between him and Bones, though we see little of it here. I’ve loved Night Huntress but the last couple of stories have felt a bit stale – so via Vald and Leila I feel there’s the chance to regroup the old gang into some fresh storylines but with V and L as main stars. If you’re reading this Jeanine please give it some though – they’re too good just to languish in a three book deal, they need more and have lots more to do i’m sure!
Loved the book overall, good length to really get into the stpries and multiple plots. I feel Maximus too has more to say/do – he’s been with Vlad for so long. they’ve done and seen so much that there must be some complex emotions and ties between them. Marty – he’s a fun guy and desrves more, and of course Leila’s family, dad and little sis are strong people.
look forward to book three – just a shame they take so long to get to us though of course writing good stories isn’t something that can be rushed.

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