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heir to a desert legacy

Heir to a Desert Legacy. Maisey Yates

I received this via Netgalley in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.

I love a good romance with a happy ever after, and though I usually prefer something longer and more meaty sometimes you just want something simple for a couple of hours escapism. Heir to a desert legacy fits the bill. It reminded me of the M&B books mum had back in early 70’s that I used to sneak to read when I was a teen. Its a sweet story, no great intrigues or deep mysteries in the plot – just a simple story of a girl, Chloe James, looking after her nephew unexpectedly after his parents die in an accident. She’s studying at university, and trying hard to cope with a young baby in her tiny apartment. A knock at the door brings Sayid al Kadar to tell her the baby is heir to his country and he wants to take him away…. The plots simple, the love sweet and the dialogue between Sayid and Chloe quite funny at times with him being domineering expecting her instant obedience and Chloe being very western and answering him back. The romance develops swiftly – but then the book isn’t long so it has to – but the chemistry between them sizzles so its not too unbelievable. They both have historical problems that make them cautious but find them attraction between them so strong it overrides that. I liked the psychology of their behaviours and how it shaped their actions.

The book is well written and easy to follow and provides an diversion from everyday problems without needing too much effort from the brain. Sometimes you want the mental exercises and a deep novel and other times you just want to read some light fluffy easy romance. This book is great in the light and fluffy type. I enjoyed it but I wouldn’t read it a second time so it won’t go in my keepers file, as I tend tomwards the deeper novels but horses for courses and this is just the book to while away a train journey or something.

Stars, 3.5 – its better than three but doesn’t make my four grade.


Twice tempted, a silver creek novel

Once Tempted: A Silver Creek Novel. Laura Moore

I received this via Netgalley in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.

I love a good romance with a happy ever after. I don’t want a sweet, sickly, easy love story though but one with twists and turns and some angst for the characters. Laura delivers that in this beautiful story. I’m a horse lover too and used to be a keen rider before I became disabled so the background set in a ranch with horses was just up my street. Tess Casari though she was in love – she’d has a whirlwind romance and marriage and then it all fell apart when her husband left her just months into the marriage. Various events take place and Tess feels drained and in need of a chance. Her good friend tells her to blindly pinpoint a place on a map and go there and she ends up at Silver Creek Ranch where she gets a job as an assistant. As in the best of traditions she and Ward get off to a rocky start and she denies her attraction to him to herself for some time.

The characters in this story are great, its not just Tess and Ward but a host of family and friends take part, which gives depth to the story and allows Laura to expand the plot properly. They’re not just cardboard add ons either but feel like real people with their individual quirks. I love a good bitch character too and wards ex-fiancée was perfect, though I did feel she could have played an even bigger part – a good bitch is never a loss in a proper romance :)We need a counter to the sweetness with some sour! The story flows well and with the inclusion of other friends and members of the family in the story we get to understand and feel for them too, and I can see where they would have a good story to tell too, so hopefully this is just novel one of a Silver Creek series. The characters are strong enough and the reader is able to empathise with them easily so I’d love to read more about them.

The novel is well written and edited – too many kindle books are still error ridden though this seems to be picking up as time goes on. I enjoyed this book as the story was believable and yet imaginary enough that I could loose myself into Tess and Ward’s world for a few hours. The length suits me too at 336 pages for £4.07 on Amazon for the kindle version. I prefer longer novels so I can really get engrossed and away from everyday life. I want to fully immerse myself into another world when I’m reading.

Stars – well, I thoroughly enjoyed this book but it doesn’t quite have that indefinable element for me that makes it a full 5 stars so I’d go 4.5. Its close but doesn’t quite make it. I think maybe a little more angst, a bigger role for the Ex – the queen bitch – and it would have been full five.

REAL – Katy Evans. Great bad boy fighter romance.



Real Katy Evans


I received this from the author in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.

Remington – “Riptide” Tate – bad boy underground fighter star extraordinaire and all round hottie…. and sweet good girl Brooke – who’s injury put her out of her Olympic dreams after years of training. What a great couple, charisma and sexual tension abound in this book.. I’d read the first chapter so I already knew I’d love the characters – Katy sends you straight into the action with a fantastic scene from Brooke’s first fight viewing where she’s accompanied her friend Melanie – a huge Remy fan.


I’m just a sucker for the bad boys 🙂 what can I say? I’m clearly not alone judging from the number of books around and Katy’s Real stands up to the test of the competition well. Its fantastically written, edge of seat excitement, drama, tension, problems from backgrounds of both leads, and keeps us guessing right to the end. I love that they’re both dancing round their attraction for the first half of the book or so – I just love that tension that comes from the not wanting to give anything away – to us its clear there’s attraction on both sides but each have their own reasons for not wanting to give too much away and the way Katy plays is out is very emotive. I feel for Brooke when first she thinks he does like her, then wonders if it is just her training skills he wants after all – then poor Remy – on the surface so confident and yet scared he’ll frighten her away with his problems. I puzzled for a while over the relevance of the title – then Remy says one phrase and it all becomes so clear and its just so apt to their story. I love it. The rest of his team are great too – and so loyal to Remy and yet they take Brooke under their wing and make her welcome very quickly. There’s bad guys too – Remy’s awful parents, Brooke’s parents who just want the best for her but make her feel under pressure, and the awful fighter competition the Scorpion – a real weasel, and you can feel the slime almost emanating from him and his crew. You just know even though they are fighting illegally that he and his team go even further and will stop at no dirty tricks in order to win.


What’s great about this book is its a standalone too – when so many romances are being strung out over two and three books often months apart its great to see a complete one in a single book with a proper ending, though Katy is working on more books from these characters; a continuation of their story due out Aug 2013 and a Remy POV companion book in June 2013 – I’m looking forward to both of those. Real is out April 9th 2013 – so coming Very Soon! Excellent length too – regular followers will know I favour longer books so I get really “into” the story and this I guess is around 250-300 pages. I’ll add def info and price soon as I have it.


Stars: a fab book full of action, drama, angst and romance, and peopled with characters I could believe in – can’t do less than give a full five – a definite keeper book.

Chasing Mrs Right

Chasing Mrs Right. Katee Robert.

I received this from the author in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.

I loved Katee’s book Wrong Bed, Right Guy, with the sometimes annoying but sweet at heart Elle and the delicious Bad Boy Gabe – whose in fact a real Good Guy and not as he appeared… and this time its Elle’s soldier brother returned from service in Iraq, and all the nightmares that brings who stars, along with Elle’s best friend Roxanne who has her own relationship demons to fight. I love these books where we get the chance to meet up with characters we feel we already know a bit about – and excitingly there’s a third book on the way with Nathan, Elle’s boss and Gabe’s brother who takes the lead 🙂 A good romance and a bit of drama – what more do I need to escape for a few hours?

I really enjoyed this book – though not quite as much as Wrong Bed, Right Guy – although they had some serious problems themselves to overcome to get together Ian and Roxanne hit it off pretty quickly and I missed the sexual tension that comes from meeting but not quite being together yet – that “will they, won’t they” feeling….they met initially on a one night stand when neither realized who the other was – and it was a pretty hot night! After that though they were apart but not for long. Although they had some hiccups there wasn’t really any serious angst til around three quarters of the way through – and I guess that’s what I need, as well as the love some real angsty emotions and tears and I didn’t get enough of those. But that’s me and others want more of the feel good stuff and this certainly delivers. The characters are great too – Elle and Ian’s mum, just as she was described in book one and still the same judgemental, controlling, awkward lady. All books need an anti hero and she was perfect, could have done with seeing a bit more of her 🙂 Ian’s problems were so well described – I could understand how he felt and what triggered his scares and panic attacks, I’m sure that happens such a lot to ex service personnel, and can be so damaging to their lives. It was great to read – even if it is fiction – of someone overcoming that. We all have different problems and its reading the HEA for those who overcome them that makes us all feel hopeful.

As before the characters were well described and felt like real people – that’s important to me as I need to empathise with them and feel their emotions to enjoy the novel. Katee does a great job with that – and re meeting the people we know from earlier books gives a feeling of continuity and familiarity to them. Like reading a series but without those horrible cliffhangers – my current pet peeve!!! Overall the book is a great way to pass a few hours and certainly worth adding to the Keepers file for re reading which always adds to the value.

Its well edited and easy to read, no plot holes or bits where you think “what??” but I don’t have pricing info as it doesn’t seem to be on Amazon yet – any day now I guess. I’d think its a around 250-300 pages, certainly a decent length which is always my preference.

Stars: four – really enjoyed it but – a bit more drama and angst, tears and breakup ( I know – I’m odd!) and I’d have gone four and half, maybe five.

excerpt from This Man Confessed Grand Central Publishing, July 2013 the fabulous This Man trilogy!

The wonderful Jodi Elen Malpas has given permission for me to share this – i’m so looking forward to reading the last book – its a fab sereis, very sexy, erotic and romantic with a great backstory.

Zero, baby!

An Excerpt from This Man Confessed
Grand Central Publishing, July 2013

I walk into the kitchen and find Jesse rummaging frantically through the cupboards. With his arms raised, his broad back is accentuated by the pull of his white polo t-shirt, the vast expanse of firmness making my hands twitch at my sides and my eyes blink to confirm that he’s real. I smile. He’s real all right, and he’s also mine.
‘What are you doing?’ I ask, pulling my hair up into a messy mass of wildness on top of my head.
He turns around and looks at me in alarm. ‘I’ve run out of Sun-Pat.’
‘What?’ I laugh at his genuine distress. ‘You’ve run out of peanut butter?’
‘It’s not fucking funny!’ He slams the cupboard door shut before stalking over to the fridge, yanking it open, and shifting endless bottles of water. ‘What the fuck is Cathy playing at?’ he barks to himself.
I can’t help it. I double over with laughter. This is not the normal behaviour for someone who merely likes something. He’s addicted to it. My Lord is addicted to peanut butter and, quite possibly, is going to have a seizure if he doesn’t get his fix soon.
I’m happily tittering away when I hear the fridge door slam. I bolt upright and do a rubbish job of restraining my grin. I’m clamping down painfully on my lip to prevent it.
‘What are you grinning at?’ He scowls at me, good and proper.
‘Why the compulsion for peanut butter?’ I ask quickly before re-clamping down on my lip.
He folds his arms across his chest, still scowling. ‘I like it.’
‘You like it?’
‘Yes, I like it.’
‘You’re in a bit of a pickle, considering you just like it.’ My lip drags through my teeth as I completely lose the battle to keep back my smirk.
‘I’m not in a pickle.’ he argues on a small laugh. ‘It’s no big deal.’
‘Okay,’ I shrug, still grinning. It is such a big deal.
He walks across the kitchen and around the island towards me, his eyes widening as my lower body comes into view. ‘What the hell are they?’ he blurts.
I look down at myself and back up to shocked green eyes. ‘Shorts.’
‘You mean knickers?’
I’m grinning again. ‘No, I mean shorts.’ I grab the hem on each leg of my denim shorts and pull them up. ‘If they were knickers, they’d look like this.’
He gasps a little, still studying the offending garment. ‘Ava, come on, be reasonable.’
‘Jesse,’ I sigh. ‘I’ve told you. If you want long skirts and roll neck jumpers, then go find someone your own age.’ I pull my shorts back down and kneel to tie the laces of my Converse, ignoring the grumbling and bristling emanating from every delicious fibre of my unreasonable man. ‘I might go for a swim at The Manor.’ I look up at him, and his grumpy face is back to horror.
‘In a bikini?’
I laugh. ‘No, in a snowsuit. Of course in a bikini.’ I’m really pushing my luck here, and I know it.
‘You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?’
‘I’d like to go for a swim.’
‘I’d like to strangle you.’ he snaps. ‘Why do you do this to me?’
‘Because you’re an unreasonable arse and you need to loosen up. You may be an old man, but I’m only twenty six. Stop acting like a caveman. What’ll happen if we go on a beach holiday?’
‘I thought we could go skiing.’ He’s the one smirking now. ‘I’ll show you how good I am at very extreme sports.’
I grin at his repeated words from our very first meeting, and then jump up to his body, my nose diving straight into his neck. ‘You smell luscious.’ I inhale in his yummy scent as he carries me out to the car, still wearing the short shorts.

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