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Experiment in Terror Karina Halle

Had seen this a few times but wasn’t sure if it was going to be too spooky for me – I’m a wimp when it comes to anything anywhere near horror  (blush – my kids always laughed at me and now its the grandkids turn) – I get nightmares really easily. I have weird dreams at the best of times – always have – so try to steer away from anything extra! But finally after seeing it recommended yet again on another review site, and noticing book one was free I took the plunge.

It took me a while to get into – Perry was sweet but strange and Dex, well he came across as just weird, shallow and out for himself – but i’m on book four now after just starting it sunday and reading between review books and I’m hooked. Love Perry, she’s had problems in her past and at times I want to shake her for her reactions, but overall she’s a great change to the usual parantomal heroines who are flawed and yet always in control with lots of fancy superpowers  – Perry has none and  just seems to almost float along in her own world – and then there’s Dex…..I can definitley say he’s grown on me too 🙂 alot… in fact the way the sparks fly between them they should be together – its clear Perry loves Dex but Dex seems to be shying away from his feelings and is still with the horrible but predicatable and safe for him Jennifer ( poor Perry – Jenn is a Wine Babe and everything appearance wise Perry wants to me…) I’m hoping things are changing though – i’m halfway through and it looks like Jenn just may be on the way out fingers crossed.

I’m not sure how many books are in the series…will have a look…. (right – back now) 6 so far with 4 novellas companion short stories. the main books are all quite long – which i love and very fairly priced at between £1.99 and £2.49 for the main ones that are 350 – 450 pages in length – great value especially as i know i’ll keep re reading this series so its joining my keeper files. I’m sure I read somewhere that there are ten books pplanned – I do hope so, the potential for this to be a long running sereis is there and Karina’s writing style is just do gripping. Romance, action, drama and yes – some spooks but it was worth the nightmares 🙂

Edit Sat 6 April: have read all of the series so far – up to book 6 – and the accompanying novellas and love it! A real gripping story and Perry and Dex have changed in personality so much from book one – I just love Dex, from the dodgy start to how is is now is a terrific bit of character growth. They’ve both gone through so much and come out stronger and I understand just why they were as they were at the start of the series. Its all so well handled and I feel as if i’m there with them. I’m so looking forward to more from them – I feel that Max ( urgh- creep!!) isn’t gone and is going to be trying more of his manipulations on them. I’m not sure what his motive is except revenge but I feel there is more to it than that somehow. Def a series for my keepers file.


Rules of Entanglment

Rules of Entanglement Gina L Maxwell.


I received this via Netgalley in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.


I hadn’t read the earlier book about Jax sister Lucie ( but would now love to!) and its not necessary to have read that to enjoy this book. Its one of those I like to think of a “related series” where each book is stand alone but has characters we’ve met from earlier books. With the current fad for eternal trilogies that end in cliff hangers its a real treat to have a book you can read, enjoy and feel satisfied at the ending instead of frustrated with months to wait til next part! You can tell this is a pet peeve of mine 🙂


Anyway Vanessa (V to Jax) is a District Attorney and likes to be in control of every area of her life with her seven unbreakable Rules – she’s had a tough background and this helps her cope…and she meets JAX, who’s everything her Rules warn against. Despite this circumstance occur that mean she needs to pretend to be engaged to him – well, she thinks that’s what’s needed but Jax is behind the extension of the deception and she just doesn’t know it yet…– he’s unknowingly breaking another of her rules. He just wants the chance to get to know her better and knows he got off on the wrong foot – and had hoped his usual charm would work, but Vanessa didn’t play so he had to think quickly. Vanessa is attracted to him too and reasoning she was planning a fling – and her rules allow for a 3 day max relationship – they agree to do that and the sexual athletics begin! Jax and Vanessa have such a sexual tension between them you can almost feel it shimmering off the page, but Vanessa wants control and so does Jax. They need to work out a compromise and just as its going really, really well then things come to a head.


I loved Jax, cocky but not arrogant, relaxed sufer dude on the surface but inside a deep need for stability and control, loving big brother to Lucie – family means all to him. Vanessa – her background as been traumatic and she’s had to fight hard for her independence and she’s not letting that go easily – they spark off each other at every turn but when they do get together the pages are scorching with sensual, erotic sex scenes that melt the pages and my heart. Please take note that this has hot sex in it – I’m so fed up of readers ignoring warnings and then complaining in reviews – this isn’t just a sweet romance where a gentle kiss is all you get but one that’s filled with lots and lots of hot sex…


This book has loads to recommend it – great characters, believable plots, romance but with some real angst ( IMO all good romances need proper angst to be satisfying and Gina delivers), fantastic steamy sex, and all set within a fabulous tropical island backdrop.


If you want a romance where you can be engrossed and escape from the world but which delivers more than chaste sweet kisses Gina hits the mark with Rules of Entanglement. Its £3.71 for 410kb on kindle – quite a longish novel which I love, and i’d guess around 250-300 pages.


Now for the stars: solid and well deserved four stars. One for the keepers file.

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