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The Bet Rachel Van Dyken

Well, I saw the five star reviews and bought this – what a waste of time and money 😦 The main characters acted like squabbling primary school kids! I stuck it out til about half way through and then had to give up – too many good books to waste time on stuff like this. It was trite, juvenile and just plain unfunny. Kacey and Travis acted up like toddlers at times – it wasn’t in the slightest bit funny even had it been toddlers doing it…. Grandma – at deaths door supposedly but skipping out to romance the man across the road – and much of it was supposed to be to decieve her to make her happy on her death bed, and yet she quickly let on she wasn’t fooled but yet the deception continued? what for?
I hate doing one star reviews, after all the author puts in alot of work into a book but I really needed to point out that this one is certainly not worth (IMO) the stash of five stars it has! I deleted quickly from my kindle as a waste of time. i’m sorry to slate this book, clearly the author has worked hard on it but to me it certainly doesn’t live up to the hype.

Her Husband’s Lover Madelynne Ellis

Her Husband’s Lover. Madelynne Ellis

I received this via Netgalley in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.

Go back 3-4 years and I used to love historical novels, but for last few years I’ve not read any – but I do like a good erotic romance and the historical setting of this one added an extra dimension of attraction for me. Emma is married to Lyle Langely, she chose him carefully after coming across him making love to a man. This was what she needed, to be married to keep her father and society happy, but to someone who didn’t want her sexually. She cannot bear to be touched, even the mildest of skin contact from her family repels her. We don’t get to find out why til quite far on in the novel, but it explains so well how she could go from hating and being repulsed at the thought of touch to feeling, and acting on her attraction to a visitor to her fathers house, Lord Darleston. She and Lyle are staying there as her father arranges prize fights and she is needed to act as host to the visitors, as only she and her sister are remaining of the family. What she soon discovers is her husband was Lord Darlington’s lover in the past, and the draw between them is as strong as ever.

I enjoyed this book, the historical setting is just perfect with all the hypocrisy and revulsion society threw upon homosexuals, the way ladies were second class and controlled and how affairs were commonplace and yet had to be kept secret or the pair would be shunned by society. In this book Lyle wants to rekindle his relationship with Lord Darlington (Robert). Robert is shocked at the way Lyle has such a beautiful wife but the only touch in two years of marriage is when he placed the ring on her finger at the wedding. He loves men – but also women and Emma is an attraction for him right from the start…

Can things work out for the three of them? Can two become three and how will they cover their tracks? They’re working on a way when a further spanner gets thrown in and there is mischief, mayhem and tragedy to come. Its very well written in a way that fits the times and the storyline and I really enjoyed reading this. There are some pretty hot sex scenes between Lyle and Robert and Emma and Robert so be warned – this isn’t a sweet chaste kiss type historical novel but one that’s quite raw and raunchy at times. If that’s not your scene don’t buy this and moan later – I’ve seen that happen too often lately and its really unfair to the author.

Its excellent value at just £1.99 for 283 pages on kindle. The quality of writing and editing is impeccable, and its was a pleasure to read. Its not a strong, involved, convoluted storyline but one that’s quite light and easy to read, and for that reason I’m giving four stars not five. My fives need a more complex basic plot than this, but horses for courses and all that (apt on Grand National day!) and lots of readers want a simple, easy, escapist read so if you’re looking for a romance with some hot spice that’s uncomplicated then this book is perfect. I’d certainly read more like this for a relaxing smooth entertainment for a few hours.

Stars: good solid four.


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