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another exciting installment from the Devlin Legacy

Please note: I’ve had an email from Bernadette to say this is not the final book in the series. There is one more, The Devlin Witch, that will be released in September. My apologies for getting it wrong and saying this was the last – but good news is we’ve another book to look forward to!

Devil’s Daughter Bernadette Walsh

I received this from the publishers in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.

Book three in an unusual series – its fantasy/paranormal with elements of horror thrown in – not too deep though thankfully……! regular readers will recall my weak head for horror…..

Well, Orla and her family are back on the mountain – and life is relatively normal. Her husband seems a bit distant but then I felt he didn’t really understand Orla right from the start and in this book he still is trying to ignore her talent as a witch and protector. Orla meets Fiona – a slightly strange girl, who seems very like her mother to look at, and things develop from there. Simon is back – that was good, though he was really evil to Orla much of it was under dark magical influence and he’s a great “bad boy” hero, too good not to be resurrected in some way. He knows Rosemary is really his daughter and not Orla’s husbands and has come back to take part in her upbringing. Last time Orla saw him he was in a wheelchair and without power but somehow he’s gained strong magic back. He persuades her she needs his help to fight what’s happening in the mountain.

Once again we’ve a tale of mystery and intrigue, magic and mayhem and danger to the inhabitants of the mountain. Bernadette carefully weaves together innocuous incidents until they become part of the wider story. I enjoyed meeting Orla again, still felt her husband wasn’t supportive and wondered what they ever had in common and was so glad to see Simon was back – need a few bad guys in a story, except this time the bad guys aren’t who you first think. I loved the way the tale unfolds, drawing the reader in slowly and making us wonder where its going next. I really didn’t expect the ending that Bernadette gave us – and loved it, it wrapped everything up in a very satisfying way. Its been a great series, very different from the vampires and shifters that make up so much of the fantasy/paranormal genre (even though I love those its good to have variety)

as always its well written and edited and at £2.04 for 192kb its not a bad price. Its quite a short novel – I don’t have the number of pages but I’d guess at around 100-120. I prefer longer books usually but as part of a series to read back to back I’m happy to read shorter ones a s much of the world and character building is already done so we can get straight into the story. This like the others is definitely in my keepers file.

Stars: well deserved four stars – if it was longer I’d have gone for five, that’s my personal preference – a good long book to get stuck into, but lots of readers prefer shorter reads that they can fit into their daily routine and still have time to finish the book.


Shifting Selves Mia Marshall


Shifting Selves Mia Marshall


I received this from the author in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.


I love books with romance and paranormal elements and there’s any number about vampires and shape shifters but far fewer involve people with talents derived from the Classical Elements – air, fire, water, earth. I read first in a popular series some years back that I didn’t enjoy and this put me off until recently when I found the amazing series Elemental Mysteries by Elizabeth Hunter. Then I saw a description of this book and it hooked me in. Its written very much in the mould of the Hunter series, with people having talents derived from the elements and contains shape-shifters but no far anyway 🙂


I loved book one and its not often I rate a five star review to the first in a series but it was just That Good, so when I saw book two on Netgalley I was eager to review it. I wasn’t let down, once again Mia has brought together the basic group and added in some new people. There’s danger and mystery at every turn, gradually the plot emerges but as it dies it brings forward further surprises. The book takes up a month after the end of the last one.

Aidan learned at end of last book that as well as her water element she also has fire – she needs to learn to control her emotions so her Fire element is kept in check – without that control she faces a future of possible insanity, and if word gets out the Kill order will be given. She’s back in the mountain cabin with sister Sera, cat shifter Simon and earth element Vivian. She wants to see Mac (bear shifter) again after their kiss…but he’s so far been avoiding her. A phone call from the FBI secret division sets the team on the path of yet another mystery. What seems like a simple shifter runaway turns into danger for them all and betrayal yet again from someone close. Her family – water element mother and newly discovered, hot tempered, manipulative fire element father get involved in this case. They’re both keen to try to entice Aidan into a quieter life to ensure her sanity but Aidan feels she’s been lied to by them and is determined to keep her independence.


I love Aidan’s sense of humour – where she says she’s fine with bad language but please don’t use the “E” word (exercise) and her snarky comments that often come out at just the wrong moment ( I know just how she feels when the mouth runs ahead of the brain…) Sera is a great foil for her and is trying hard to keep Aidan calm. She and Aiden were best friends for many years and work together really well, seeing to know what the other is thinking and delegating tasks best suited to each other. Sera is also a “take charge” person and yet there’s never any conflict between her and Aiden about what to do, where they disagree they work it out between them. Simon is his usual enigmatic self – I love the way his speech is so oddly formal – its suits him perfectly, and then there’s computer whiz Viv, and once again her skills come into play as an essential part of the novel. The FBI lads are not in evidence mush, but always there in the background The team face life threatening situations yet again but manage to come through – though not unscathed and I want to see how Mia gets them working together in the next book. The characters – despite being supernatural – feel so real with all the petty squabbles and fallouts that real people have. I feel as if I’m there with them.


The POV varies from being written by Aidan at some times to third person at others but it all works seamlessly and never feels disjointed. Once again I was surprised at the culprit and how Aidan and Co resolved the issues. Mia’s writing is so gripping, and the story is very intense and yet she makes it easy to follow what’s happening. There are no horrible plots holes, no awful cliffhanger ending and its a book that will join book one on my keepers list for re reading.


Release date is April 16th 2013, and though I don’t have ebook price I can say the length is great. A nice solid long read for those like me who want a book to really get engrossed in and taken to another world .


Stars: full five again – faultless : )


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