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Undressed: The Manhattanites Series, Book 1 Avery Aster




Undressed: The Manhattanites Series, Book 1 Avery Aster


I received this from the author, via Edelweiss review site in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.


I’ve mixed feelings about this book, parts of it I loved and parts just made me cringe a bit – possible yet again the USA and UK “divided by a common language” problem. I’ll come to that further on – first off the story – Lexi is travelling to Italy on the spur of the moment to meet Prince Tittoni, playboy prince and owner of prestige fabric company. He’s stopped her much needed fabric consignment and she doesn’t know why – she needs in quickly – and he says he’s on holiday and won’t change his mind. I loved the descriptions of the fashion world, the characters Avery has created and the whole over the top flamboyance of it all – but although fiction means suspending belief, its a step too far for me to believe that she can jump on a plane, book into hotel etc for a week and yet discover her mum has used up all the funds from her million dollar fashion company phoning psychic hot-lines – how did she pay for the tickets and hotel? And her mum must have been on phone for Days and Days….that sort of thing lets the book down to me. Then there’s the humour – sometimes very funny and yet at other times the characters seemed like high school kids with their language, and the constant flirting, even right on first meeting the prince when the outcome result will be make or break for her business. Maybe its English Reserve but I’d be so furious that flirting and working out whether the prince has an erection or not would be the last thing on my mind…


Anyway the Prince (Massimo ) persuades Lexi to stay for a week and the plot develops. He wants her in his bed, so does she, so when it came to a halt for what seemed like weird reasons Lexi wasn’t the only one confused…still the tale continues and is very funny at times, and sexy at others. There’s lots of sex but maybe because of the language ( constant pussies, creaming, wet knickers for every little look, and the word Titties – urghh, and Baby and Daddy – seems all US books use the term and yet it pretty much got left back in the 60’s here. I couldn’t keep a straight face if I was called Baby (irritated me in 60’s when I was a teen, it would drive me nuts now and equally I couldn’t call a lover Daddy, far too weird) ) Then there’s Lexi’s inner thoughts and aside commentaries – reminded me far too much of the Shades Of Grey inner goddess irritations, it was superfluous much of the while, and I think would have been better left out. Much of the sex was more Softrotic (soft+erotic) than Erotic, and had me squirming in my seat for all the wrong reasons. Stomach twisting and churning, wriggling in my seat restlessly, dry mouth and throat – am I turned on ? nope, just in need of a sick bag, and that’s much of the US/UK language problem!


As ever the course of true love never runs smoothly and Lex and Massimo go through some bad times that lead to Lexi backing off. This part was really excellent – I felt for poor Lexi, and having been given her background Avery let the reader know exactly how difficult the situation was for her. The two sisters and the media scandal was really well written and I could see that happening all to easily given peoples and the medias devotion to scandal – sadly it seems like nothing sells so well as bad news ( : That part was really easy to get into and feel devastation at the turn of events for both of them. Massimo had seemed a little callous but I understood he had faced the situation before, and was dealing with it as he knew whereas Lexi knew just how bad it would be for her business and what she stood to lose. Massimo redeemed himself in the end though and Avery outdid my expectations with the way she brought all the threads together into a tear-jerking ending. I love plenty of drama and angst and a HEA and this book has it.


Well written and edited, lots of sex and its quite graphic at times so be warned if that’s not your scene, though as I’ve said it wasn’t always erotic to me….but we’re all different. Its £3.34 for 247 pages on kindle so a decent length and I enjoyed it as a one off read but its not one for keepers file. So stars from me are..I’m hovering between 3 and a half and 4 …yes, four it is.




Heartstrings Sara Walter Ellwood

Heartstrings Sara Walter Ellwood

I received this from the publishers in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.

Well, this book looks a kind of sweet cowboy romance I thought, and sometimes thats what we need, something gentle and non taxing to read. They’re not usually my keepers but fun for a one off read so I asked to review this book. Was I in for a shock, started as a conventional lost love type romance, but quickly diverged into the unusual with twists and turns, and I soon realised that this book is so much more! Just when I thought I’d worked out what the secret was Sara threw in another curve – and then another til by the end the whole plot had taken directions I really didn’t envisage from the beginning and was just so much more that a gentle HEA romance I was expecting. There is the happy ever after – but it comes at a price for many of those involved and includes a journey of so many secrets and deception spanning many many years. The characters learn things about themselves and each other that were sometimes unthinkable.

It was a great read, kept me engrossed all the way through and I just loved Seth – yes he made a mistake as did Abby but at 17 and 18 who hasn’t. Its that time when you’re teetering on the brink of adulthood and yet the repercussions of a simple things can reverberate through the following years with unintended consequences. The betrayals were shocking and very unforeseen by me anyway – and as for the ending, that came up very unexpectedly, never saw it like that!

There’s some hot sex scenes, lots of love and humour, and I enjoyed the mix of people involved. Its (I guess) a typical small town where everyone knows everyone else from long long ago and histories are never forgotten and poor Abby still carries discrimination form some of the older families because of her parentage. We see how that shapes some of her decision – the same with Seth, and to compound it their fears are played on by people they trusted. I really felt for the children they were and was so happy that things finally worked out for them though the others innocently involved must have been heartbroken. Still, thats fiction – if its all happy ever after and no-one gets hurt it’d make for a dull tale wouldn’t it so as long as my heroes can be happy I can deal with the rest 🙂

Its well written and edited as usual from Lyrical, a great story that’s more than just a gentle romance but has angst and emotions in and lots of twists to keep reader wondering what’s going to come out next. All the endings tie in neatly – I hate books where I’m left wondering “yes, but what happened about ….” Sara doesn’t do that – she lets all the plots merge and become part of the whole with us learning what was behind the deceptions and motives of the major players. Priced at £3.71 on kindle for 391kb (I don’t have page numbers but it was quite a quick read so I’d guess around 175 pages perhaps?).

Stars: well this book really surprised me, I was expecting a 3 star ok read but I’m going for a well reversed four stars – a great read.


both sides of the portal




Both sides of the Portal. Craig Askham


I received this from the author in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.


OK- I’m a fantasy reader and this is fantasy but based around real life Gaming. What I know of gaming can be written on a postage stamp, my only experience is with Legend of Zelda on the Snez back in eighties….tells you a lot doesn’t it!! However that didn’t stop me enjoying this short story – and there’s another oddity in that I rarely read shorts. Still, Craig asked if I’d be interested in reviewing and the Amazon sample sounded good so….


It jumps straight in with the main character Luke trying to balance his real life with wife and kids with his job as a sort of bounty hunter/retrieval person for the company running Stillwater. What is Stillwater ? – well it seems a company have found a way of opening a portal to another dimension, and people rich enough can pay and be transported through to play out real life scenes with real people. Sometimes things go wrong though, and the retrievers are sent in to bring back those who break the rules. It took me a while to begin to get to grips with this – maybe my lack of gaming knowledge could be to blame, but the actual worlds – both sides as the title says – are very well fleshed out and I felt as if I was there with Luke on his mission. Of course there’s danger – this is playing for real and not a game of “Life ended do you want to play again?”. Luke gets called on at short notice and in this short story it coincides with promises made to his children for an outing – he has to use both sides of the portal to keep his family and employers happy.


Despite my aversion to shorts and fantasy of this type I found I actually enjoyed this story. I feared I’d be lost not having the background knowledge but it was easy to follow and very realistic. There’s another longer book out from Craig and I’ll be reading and reviewing that soon. Having dipped my toe in the water of this type of genre I won’t shy away from it in future – I can’t see it being one I’ll go to often but for a quick escape into something different it was a fun, easy to follow novel and I’ll make the leap again for the right book. Still won’t get me reading Lord of the Rings though or Pratchett 🙂


Craig has done well to create a realistic and yet fantasy world that meshes with the real one we live in – and to be honest whose to say there aren’t other worlds out there after all. Maybe its fiction imitating life?


Stars: well its well written and edited, easy to read and 44 pages for 77p on kindle. Its not one I’ll read again but I did enjoy it as a one off and for sci-fi type fantasy readers its a quick fun read. So 3and half stars – I’m sure readers of this genre and gamers would rate higher but my ratings are for how I personally enjoyed it.




Epic gay Samurai/vampire romance

Eternal Samurai B.D.Heywood

I received this from the author in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.

I enjoy books with backgrounds set in the Eastern part of the world – good ones immerse the reader in the culture and though this one is set in a future world based in Seattle, USA many of the main characters are Japanese as the title suggests, and there’s lots of references to lifestyles and culture. It adds an extra dimension to the reading experience, the novel being peppered with Japanese references of history and language. Most of the language used is just odd words or phrases and the meanings clear from the context, with occasional translations to assist reader but done as part of the speech to another character. I felt that worked really well, giving a flavour of the people without confusing reader.

Then there’s another of my weaknesses – vampires and romance. The vampires are “out” to the world, acknowledged and living mainly in an uneasy truce with humans, They have their indentured “feeders” and of course some of them are simply bloodthirsty killers, others are fine for a while but subject to blood-lust and frenzy at any given time. It keeps the humans (and the readers) wondering if those who are on the side of humanity can really be trusted, when they have to keep such a tight control on themselves and may turn without warning.

The romance – its really emotive starting with a monk Saito Arisada in 12th century Japan and his young acolyte lover. Koji Nowaki, the young lover, betrayed the monastery and caused the temple and its inhabitants to be slaughtered. Arisada feels his honour has been lost and only stays alive long enough to see over the quick final death of the other minks who commit ritual suicide rather than be caught by invaders. This means his death with be slow and painful but he feels that’s what he deserves..however that’s not what happens of course.

Fast forward to Seattle 2024 and we see Arisada is still alive, he’s a vampire and Primary to a vicious, power-hungry tyrant. He meets Tatsu Cobb, last member of an ancient Samurai house who is out for vengeance for the slaughter of his family. He realises Tatsu is the reincarnation of his lover Kojii and his quest for retribution will be over when he kills him – but then love intervenes.

Its an epic novel of love and vengeance, jealousy, retribution, betrayals and forgiveness. There are some bloodthirsty moments but as one who shys away from anything too gory (I know – I’m a wimp) I didn’t have a problems with the scenes here thankfully. The story itself is fascinating giving hints of just how honour and loyalty shaped the lives of the Samurai. The world created for the bulk of this book is set in a future where there has been twin disasters in 2012 devastating normal civilisation, where a virus is released that has created vampires and in the US allowing them to thrive. There are groups of hired mercenary hunters – out to kill the worst vampires when they can, that plot to keep a semblance of controls the authorities simply can’t cope.

When Tatsu and Arisada meet the sexual chemistry is volatile – Arisada knows who Tatsu is the reincarnation of, but Tatsu knows nothing of Arisada except that he is a vampire,and he hates vampires for killing his family. He doesn’t yet know that Arisada has a connection to the killer of his line. They fight against their attraction, but inevitably there are moments when they give in, and those moments are erotic, sensual and very hot! Arisada struggles between his need for vengeance that has sustained him over 800 years with the knowledge that Tatsu has returned as his soul-mate. For Tatsu the struggle is his attraction to a potentially deadly vampire warring with his hatred of them for killing his family.

There are other characters too that fill the tale, a few from Tatsu as he grows up and the main Hunters (called Lepers, with the groups being the Leper Colony) and we learn part of their motivation. I found them to be characters that seemed realistic and they worked well in the group and added to the realism of the tale. In the main they are men – there are very few women in this novel – so the sex scenes are all male/male but I found them very well written and not overdone. They are very graphic and explicit and the warning needs to be taken that if that offends you then don’t buy this novel.

Its a long book – just what I love, a chance to really get immersed in another world that only really works with novels of a decent length – we can really explore the backgrounds and motivations and emotions of the main characters. Its written in 3rd person and is one I’d happily re read. At 358 pages for £1.93 its fantastic value and I’m giving it a solid four and half stars; not quite a five star read but very close.

A previous reviewer comments on the editing – its clearly been extensively corrected as I found it almost faultless so no worries now about that. Its something that does crop up in kindle books from time to time and bad editing makes it difficult to enjoy a book but this was a real treat with no problems on that front.



Being Amber Sylvia Ryan

Being Amber Book 1 of The New Atlanta Series. Sylvia Ryan

I received this from the publishers in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.

This is a book in the urban fantasy/dystopian genre. I’ve read a few book set in the future like this one, and there are more planned in this series. What I love about the idea of a series is that Sylvia has already done the world settings and explanations so the following books won’t have to cover the same ground only as a refresher and can concentrate on the story and people involved. It took me a while to quite work out who and what were important in this book – its a world that’s gone through chaos and been regulated tightly to preserve life. Anyone with faulty genes is sterilised and cast into the lower levels and only the best genes and intelligence are able to qualify for the top tiers of society. Jaci was hoping to be designated onto one of the highest tiers ,and yet following gene testing she was found to have a gene for a banned health issue, sterilised so she can’t pass it on and removed from her family and sent to Amber Zone to live and work.

Its a well thought out novel and we see that what was acceptable when the crisis was first being controlled has now become – several years later – an abuse of power, with people in lower levels having no control over their lives and being treated as though they were animals. The Ambers have fine tuned a way of trying to make people fit in with their new lives and the love and acceptance they offer was heart warming especially set against the cold control and dominance exerted by the Government. Ambers have suspected for a while that the Gov is working underhanded to keep them oppressed but now someone is killing newly made Ambers and the Amber Police suspect Jaci is the next victim. Jaci is struggling to make sense of her new world and the way the people are so very sexual. Accepting and unconditional to everyone. Her flatmate Xander is tasked with helping her to find comfort in amber and she’s very attracted to him. He isn’t looking for a relationship however and makes that clear to her. There’s a number of events that fall upon her and she feels so alone sometimes and I really wanted things to work out well for her. She’s been through so much and yet still faces lots of trauma, and struggles to deal with the sexual chemistry between her and Xander, not understanding the way sex and love are separate things in Amber…

Its a hot, erotic read, lots of sensual, graphic sex with not just male/female but female/female and group sex scenes so be warned – if this isn’t your scene don’t buy it and complain after! The sex scenes fit well within the storyline and the people were well described and I felt as if I could “know “ them – I was rooting for a happy ending between Jaci and Xander, and very emotional when one favourite person was killed. I didn’t guess who the perpetrator of the killings was nor what was behind it. I look forward to reading more from this series – its one for the keepers file : )

At 413 KB for £4.08 its not cheap but as part of a rereadable series it becomes better value.

Stars: well deserved four stars.

The Bet Rachel Van Dyken

Well, I saw the five star reviews and bought this – what a waste of time and money 😦 The main characters acted like squabbling primary school kids! I stuck it out til about half way through and then had to give up – too many good books to waste time on stuff like this. It was trite, juvenile and just plain unfunny. Kacey and Travis acted up like toddlers at times – it wasn’t in the slightest bit funny even had it been toddlers doing it…. Grandma – at deaths door supposedly but skipping out to romance the man across the road – and much of it was supposed to be to decieve her to make her happy on her death bed, and yet she quickly let on she wasn’t fooled but yet the deception continued? what for?
I hate doing one star reviews, after all the author puts in alot of work into a book but I really needed to point out that this one is certainly not worth (IMO) the stash of five stars it has! I deleted quickly from my kindle as a waste of time. i’m sorry to slate this book, clearly the author has worked hard on it but to me it certainly doesn’t live up to the hype.

Her Husband’s Lover Madelynne Ellis

Her Husband’s Lover. Madelynne Ellis

I received this via Netgalley in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.

Go back 3-4 years and I used to love historical novels, but for last few years I’ve not read any – but I do like a good erotic romance and the historical setting of this one added an extra dimension of attraction for me. Emma is married to Lyle Langely, she chose him carefully after coming across him making love to a man. This was what she needed, to be married to keep her father and society happy, but to someone who didn’t want her sexually. She cannot bear to be touched, even the mildest of skin contact from her family repels her. We don’t get to find out why til quite far on in the novel, but it explains so well how she could go from hating and being repulsed at the thought of touch to feeling, and acting on her attraction to a visitor to her fathers house, Lord Darleston. She and Lyle are staying there as her father arranges prize fights and she is needed to act as host to the visitors, as only she and her sister are remaining of the family. What she soon discovers is her husband was Lord Darlington’s lover in the past, and the draw between them is as strong as ever.

I enjoyed this book, the historical setting is just perfect with all the hypocrisy and revulsion society threw upon homosexuals, the way ladies were second class and controlled and how affairs were commonplace and yet had to be kept secret or the pair would be shunned by society. In this book Lyle wants to rekindle his relationship with Lord Darlington (Robert). Robert is shocked at the way Lyle has such a beautiful wife but the only touch in two years of marriage is when he placed the ring on her finger at the wedding. He loves men – but also women and Emma is an attraction for him right from the start…

Can things work out for the three of them? Can two become three and how will they cover their tracks? They’re working on a way when a further spanner gets thrown in and there is mischief, mayhem and tragedy to come. Its very well written in a way that fits the times and the storyline and I really enjoyed reading this. There are some pretty hot sex scenes between Lyle and Robert and Emma and Robert so be warned – this isn’t a sweet chaste kiss type historical novel but one that’s quite raw and raunchy at times. If that’s not your scene don’t buy this and moan later – I’ve seen that happen too often lately and its really unfair to the author.

Its excellent value at just £1.99 for 283 pages on kindle. The quality of writing and editing is impeccable, and its was a pleasure to read. Its not a strong, involved, convoluted storyline but one that’s quite light and easy to read, and for that reason I’m giving four stars not five. My fives need a more complex basic plot than this, but horses for courses and all that (apt on Grand National day!) and lots of readers want a simple, easy, escapist read so if you’re looking for a romance with some hot spice that’s uncomplicated then this book is perfect. I’d certainly read more like this for a relaxing smooth entertainment for a few hours.

Stars: good solid four.


Experiment in Terror Karina Halle

Had seen this a few times but wasn’t sure if it was going to be too spooky for me – I’m a wimp when it comes to anything anywhere near horror  (blush – my kids always laughed at me and now its the grandkids turn) – I get nightmares really easily. I have weird dreams at the best of times – always have – so try to steer away from anything extra! But finally after seeing it recommended yet again on another review site, and noticing book one was free I took the plunge.

It took me a while to get into – Perry was sweet but strange and Dex, well he came across as just weird, shallow and out for himself – but i’m on book four now after just starting it sunday and reading between review books and I’m hooked. Love Perry, she’s had problems in her past and at times I want to shake her for her reactions, but overall she’s a great change to the usual parantomal heroines who are flawed and yet always in control with lots of fancy superpowers  – Perry has none and  just seems to almost float along in her own world – and then there’s Dex…..I can definitley say he’s grown on me too 🙂 alot… in fact the way the sparks fly between them they should be together – its clear Perry loves Dex but Dex seems to be shying away from his feelings and is still with the horrible but predicatable and safe for him Jennifer ( poor Perry – Jenn is a Wine Babe and everything appearance wise Perry wants to me…) I’m hoping things are changing though – i’m halfway through and it looks like Jenn just may be on the way out fingers crossed.

I’m not sure how many books are in the series…will have a look…. (right – back now) 6 so far with 4 novellas companion short stories. the main books are all quite long – which i love and very fairly priced at between £1.99 and £2.49 for the main ones that are 350 – 450 pages in length – great value especially as i know i’ll keep re reading this series so its joining my keeper files. I’m sure I read somewhere that there are ten books pplanned – I do hope so, the potential for this to be a long running sereis is there and Karina’s writing style is just do gripping. Romance, action, drama and yes – some spooks but it was worth the nightmares 🙂

Edit Sat 6 April: have read all of the series so far – up to book 6 – and the accompanying novellas and love it! A real gripping story and Perry and Dex have changed in personality so much from book one – I just love Dex, from the dodgy start to how is is now is a terrific bit of character growth. They’ve both gone through so much and come out stronger and I understand just why they were as they were at the start of the series. Its all so well handled and I feel as if i’m there with them. I’m so looking forward to more from them – I feel that Max ( urgh- creep!!) isn’t gone and is going to be trying more of his manipulations on them. I’m not sure what his motive is except revenge but I feel there is more to it than that somehow. Def a series for my keepers file.

Rules of Entanglment

Rules of Entanglement Gina L Maxwell.


I received this via Netgalley in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.


I hadn’t read the earlier book about Jax sister Lucie ( but would now love to!) and its not necessary to have read that to enjoy this book. Its one of those I like to think of a “related series” where each book is stand alone but has characters we’ve met from earlier books. With the current fad for eternal trilogies that end in cliff hangers its a real treat to have a book you can read, enjoy and feel satisfied at the ending instead of frustrated with months to wait til next part! You can tell this is a pet peeve of mine 🙂


Anyway Vanessa (V to Jax) is a District Attorney and likes to be in control of every area of her life with her seven unbreakable Rules – she’s had a tough background and this helps her cope…and she meets JAX, who’s everything her Rules warn against. Despite this circumstance occur that mean she needs to pretend to be engaged to him – well, she thinks that’s what’s needed but Jax is behind the extension of the deception and she just doesn’t know it yet…– he’s unknowingly breaking another of her rules. He just wants the chance to get to know her better and knows he got off on the wrong foot – and had hoped his usual charm would work, but Vanessa didn’t play so he had to think quickly. Vanessa is attracted to him too and reasoning she was planning a fling – and her rules allow for a 3 day max relationship – they agree to do that and the sexual athletics begin! Jax and Vanessa have such a sexual tension between them you can almost feel it shimmering off the page, but Vanessa wants control and so does Jax. They need to work out a compromise and just as its going really, really well then things come to a head.


I loved Jax, cocky but not arrogant, relaxed sufer dude on the surface but inside a deep need for stability and control, loving big brother to Lucie – family means all to him. Vanessa – her background as been traumatic and she’s had to fight hard for her independence and she’s not letting that go easily – they spark off each other at every turn but when they do get together the pages are scorching with sensual, erotic sex scenes that melt the pages and my heart. Please take note that this has hot sex in it – I’m so fed up of readers ignoring warnings and then complaining in reviews – this isn’t just a sweet romance where a gentle kiss is all you get but one that’s filled with lots and lots of hot sex…


This book has loads to recommend it – great characters, believable plots, romance but with some real angst ( IMO all good romances need proper angst to be satisfying and Gina delivers), fantastic steamy sex, and all set within a fabulous tropical island backdrop.


If you want a romance where you can be engrossed and escape from the world but which delivers more than chaste sweet kisses Gina hits the mark with Rules of Entanglement. Its £3.71 for 410kb on kindle – quite a longish novel which I love, and i’d guess around 250-300 pages.


Now for the stars: solid and well deserved four stars. One for the keepers file.

heir to a desert legacy

Heir to a Desert Legacy. Maisey Yates

I received this via Netgalley in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.

I love a good romance with a happy ever after, and though I usually prefer something longer and more meaty sometimes you just want something simple for a couple of hours escapism. Heir to a desert legacy fits the bill. It reminded me of the M&B books mum had back in early 70’s that I used to sneak to read when I was a teen. Its a sweet story, no great intrigues or deep mysteries in the plot – just a simple story of a girl, Chloe James, looking after her nephew unexpectedly after his parents die in an accident. She’s studying at university, and trying hard to cope with a young baby in her tiny apartment. A knock at the door brings Sayid al Kadar to tell her the baby is heir to his country and he wants to take him away…. The plots simple, the love sweet and the dialogue between Sayid and Chloe quite funny at times with him being domineering expecting her instant obedience and Chloe being very western and answering him back. The romance develops swiftly – but then the book isn’t long so it has to – but the chemistry between them sizzles so its not too unbelievable. They both have historical problems that make them cautious but find them attraction between them so strong it overrides that. I liked the psychology of their behaviours and how it shaped their actions.

The book is well written and easy to follow and provides an diversion from everyday problems without needing too much effort from the brain. Sometimes you want the mental exercises and a deep novel and other times you just want to read some light fluffy easy romance. This book is great in the light and fluffy type. I enjoyed it but I wouldn’t read it a second time so it won’t go in my keepers file, as I tend tomwards the deeper novels but horses for courses and this is just the book to while away a train journey or something.

Stars, 3.5 – its better than three but doesn’t make my four grade.

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