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Voodoo for Two Elle James

Voodoo for Two (Cajun Magic)


ARC supplied by Netgalley

I’ve not read the first book but that didn’t affect my enjoyment of this one. Its easy to follow, light hearted and has some cracking humour though occasionally the joking was just too much for me and affected how I viewed the romance. The novel is a mix of love story and misunderstandings, voodoo magic (and mayhem), danger to two of the main characters, deception and rejection. Its packed with adventures and mini plots and sometimes I felt there was just too much going on in a short time. Still, action packed though it was it was clear who was doing what – and there was a lot of “goings on” where the magic was touching the wrong people – or was it? Voodoo or just simple true love ? I guess that’s part of the theme that true love wins out despite the misplaced and error ridden voodoo magic plans.

Ben was a great character, I loved him, he was a real romantic but heartbroken at what he saw as Lucie rejection of him. Having not read the previous book I didn’t know why this was but towards the end all was made clear and Lucie was shown for the sweet caring girl she was, doing what she thought was best for her family at cost to herself. Then there’s Golden boy Eric, the one Lucie has decided she wants to marry to give the family the financial stability it needed. He seemed just too nice to have political ambition..There were other characters but these three were the main and I liked them all.

Where the book fell down badly for me was in the forced Cajun dialect – it just seemed wrong somehow and some of the people were just too OTT for me. I could see they were supposed to add humour but it didn’t work and felt forced 😦 Then there was the Love Bug premise – that was just not right for me, and all that chasing to find one when there would be thousands of bugs in the swamp. Sorry but that was a real block on my enjoyment. I felt the voodoo element could have been contrived in a way that fitted the plot far better – this just spoiled my enjoyment.

Overall it was an OK book – could have been better for me but of course as always we like different things and those looking for a light humorous read who can live with the bits I can’t will surely love it. Its priced at £2.53 for 253 pages on kindle.

Stars: three form me – a one off read only and not for keepers file.




Down London Road. Samantha Young.


I’d read some of Samantha’s Young Adult works and wondered how the transition from that to Contemporary/New Adult romance would work. I bought On Dublin Street and was hooked – who wasn’t. I think everyone fell in love with the delicious Braden, and the story Samantha created about him and Joss was just so entrancing that it was one of those can’t-put-down novels. The characters were so real I cared about what happened to them, laughed and cried with them and when I saw Samantha was taking Joss work colleague Jo, and writing her story it was a must have.

So – Jo….she seemed quite shallow in the first book but here once we delve into her story we understand what makes her as she seems and that its really all a front for the person she keeps hidden. Once I understood that it made her motives and actions so much clearer. Then there’s Cam… what a man, Nothing like Braden and yet – very much like him. He thinks Jo is a user of men, such is the appearance she gives, that she just wants to be a rich man’s plaything, and to have someone to pick up the tab for her. Of course she’s hiding what really goes on in her life so despite the sizzling sexual attraction between them that neither want to admit, to there are some sharp snarky comments ,and life is quite uncomfortable for Jo at first. Once I got to know Cam I loved him, he was a good man but too ready to jump to judge people at first for me to warm to him. But then I’d done the same thing with Jo in the first book and the appearances of Jo and Malcolm did make it seem that way, and as a friend of Malcolm he was just being protective.

Then the story unfolds in typical Samantha way and we get deeper and deeper into mysteries, more things come out to fit in the tale, and other people that were just names come into the picture and get involved. There are situations where there seems no way out, romance and sizzling smouldering sex scenes – Sam can write those so that the book seems to be melting away with the heat!! Some authors seem to add sex because they think its what readers want, I think Samantha adds it because its what her characters are telling her to do, they call the shots and take control. It all makes for great sensual stories and ones you want to read again and again. The best sex scenes in the world don’t work for me unless there’s a really good storyline, with lots of romance, love, tears and angst. They were certainly all in this book – poor Jo when she thought things had fallen apart and she’d been betrayed – Tears all round, mine too. Then, as ever, Samantha comes in with the perfect explanation – and I’d been racking my brains for a legitimate excuse over what she saw but hadn’t come up with one – then read on and it all made sense…

Great to see more of Ellie’s family and the way they take in everyone. Good to catch up with Joss and Braden, and a real treat of a book once again. I hope there’s going to be many more 🙂

Well written and edited, a good length for me at 464 pages – I love long books – and priced at £3.99 its a bargain and will be one for the keepers file that I know will be re read.

Stars: well after all that it could hardly be less than five could it:) a cracker of a read for romance lovers who want people who seem real, with tears and angst, and with plenty of sex and sensuality thrown in.

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