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The Queen’s Consorts. Kele Moon



ARC supplied by author.

I’m a real fan of Kele’s works – she’s one of those rare authors who can write steamy erotic scenes without them reading as tacky or making the reader feel squeamish – overuse of certain words such as titties, daddy and pussy do that to me, turn off rather than turn on. There’s nothing wrong in them except that we need variety and a bit of grown up speak not the childish valentines day, stomach churning phrases….The Eden series is my favourite and show just how well an author can be explicitly graphic and yet still very erotic. This book reminds me vaguely of that in a way, a sort of paranormal version done with the two males, one female scenes, and the Polyamory, ménage and whipping/bondage scenes, though that’s done for different reasons than pleasure to both parties…

Kele shows us how the search for power is corrosive and corruptive, when the search for a long missing queen leads to belief that she must be dead, and a desire to become the next queen is sought by one of the sister Rayians. There’s a divide between those loyal to the absent monarchy and those the would be queen is amassing, with everyone treading a close political line. Its an unusual premise in that the female are the powerful ones, each having two bonded males and the sex is between all of them with the females allowed to take pleasure in brutality and everything sexual except penetration with the two consorts of the absent queen. They have to obey every command from the females. The corruption has come in that those within the Sacred City believe they are superior and are living a life of extreme luxury and dark pleasure while other subjects languish in poverty. Its something that we’ve seen happen in history and only sturdy controls prevent from happening today – though sadly in many countries this sort of lifestyle is all too common. Its interesting just how the search for power grows as it expands and morality seems to get lost as more power is acquired. Maybe its just that what one has to do blunts the senses and once one hurdle passed its easier to cross more – this book makes me ponder things like this. Its one of the elements of Kele’s writing I love – the way the psychology of what the characters are doing makes me compare it to real life actions.

The description covers well what happens, and its not hard to guess what’s going to happen but the sex scenes are once again very tasteful, erotic and well written, and the battle scenes and world building very realistic. I’d like to see more from this world in future books – what will happen next for instance, and maybe stories from some of the other characters involved. Kele writes people you can love – or hate! – every romance needs at least one nasty and this book has a real doozy of a bitch 🙂 That provides a great contrast, and for me gives the edge and makes the story superior to those that just contain sweet, loving people.

It is an erotic book, does contain ménage sex, whippings and graphic m/m sex so if that offends you don’t buy it – take heed of the warnings rather than buy and complain after. Priced at £5.41 for 272 pages its one for my keeper files.

Stars: A good solid four and a half. Its close but not up to the standard of Eden 🙂


The Virginity Mission. Cate Ellink

ARC supplied by Netgalley.

This is Cate’s first novella, and was an enjoyable steamy at times romance. The basic premise is outlined in the description and makes for a simple but effective plot. Its a short novel at just 100 pages and Cate has sensibly concentrated on the main subject rather than throw in a lot of drama – I love drama and angst in my romances but in a book of this size there simply isn’t room to do it well and its best left out rather than put in badly.

I liked Mac, she reminds me in a way of myself, with her always feeling she doesn’t quite fit in, and the way she goes over potential conversations mentally ( yep – guilty of that!) Jason too was very realistic, reminding me of a gentle giant, deep thinker type person rather than the in your face Alpha males we so often see. He’s clearly that type but so much more to him that that. Mac describes him as a Panther – and that’s exactly how he seems. This isn’t your normal romance but one where the heroine has a plan, losing her virginity, whilst on a six week expedition into the rainforest. The barrier of any close association between her as a student and Jason as Staff though is forbidden but the attraction between them is palpable and the sexual tension sizzling. You don’t need blatant sex scenes for them to be erotic, sometimes far more is done with touches and glances to build the eroticism than outright graphic sexual activity.

Jason seemed the strong but silent type at first, for whom the job is all and everything else takes second place but then he sees Mac…and something in him stirs and he can’t stop thinking about her. His team mates notice and he needs to take care nit to risk his career but he can’t seem to stay away from her.

Advice on writing books always seem to say “write about what you know” – well Cate must know a lot about this type of expedition as its so well described I felt I was there with them, trailing through mangrove swamps, scaling down mountain shale and rock jumping ( I think that was the term). It all felt so real so either Cate has done it or has done some really thorough research and the realism went along way to making what was a short novel really enjoyable for me – someone who likes longer books for preference.

The sex scenes were there – not too many and not overly graphic, but well written and fitting within the framework of the novel really well. Ihate when author make there subjects act out of character for the sake of adding sex, Cate doesn’t – she made the scenes work and it meant the novel was so much more entertaining. Its nothing complex, not a book you can’t put down as its so full of action and drama but an easy enjoyable read and a great way to pass some time such as a train journey when you want to escape for a short while.

Its priced at £2.64 for 100 pages on kindle, so quite expensive in comparison to others around, but really that depends on whether you’re likely to re read the book. I won’t – really enjoyed it as a one off but not one for my keepers file, but many people love these shorter, lighter romances and collect them eagerly. If that’s you then this is one you will enjoy.

Stars: I’m hovering over 3 and half to 4, as I said short novels aren’t really my thing but this was so very different from the norm that it was a real treat to read so – four it is 🙂

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