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Waking up in Vegas Romy Sommer.


This is a fun romantic tale with a lovely HEA. Sometimes you want light-hearted and funny and this book does it. Phoenix wakes up next to a gorgeous hunk and can’t remember…anything about how she got there! Max, that’s his name, then drops the bombshell that they married the night before desperately in love!

He remembers everything, and though Phoenix doesn’t believe in the concept of settling down and being with just one person he persuades her (not least with some smoking sex) to stay with him for first the afternoon and evening, then the night then when she finally goes back to her motel, who does she find it there but…Max. That man is determined not to let the love of his life go. He tells her its a family legend that they recognise their love at first sight and she is his. They don’t believe in divorce, have never needed it as everyone has been happy for generations. He’s quite clever about what he tells her, knowing that with her fear of commitment she’ll run if he tells the whole truth straight out. Then there are family problems, they get separated and eventually find each other again…

Its a great tale, full of smiles and humour, love and heartbreak, and showing just how events impact on families and love. I fell for Max right from the start – who wouldn’t? He’s a total romantic, and so thoughtful and so in love with Phoenix, but also aware of his duty to family. Phoenix, just scared because of what happened to her parents, loves him really but is too afraid to admit it or commit herself but slowly he wears her down. There’s some tear-jerking moments here, and its got some real depth despite me sayings its a light-hearted story. The ending – perfect, and left me with a big beam on my face. Sometimes I like to read deep, dark fantasy and sometimes I just want a book to make me feel good about the world, something easy to read and make me smile and this book does just that.

For romance lovers who want the HEA its perfect, and though usually these books are a one time only read for me this had enough depth that it’ll go in my keepers file for re reading for when I want my spirits lifted 🙂

Well edited and written, plots that join up and don’t leave reader wondering “what happened there?” Its not cheap at 182 pages for £2.99 but on a par with many others in this genre and is worth a re read which adds VFM.

Stars, four – not quite a five, a bit too short for that but it’s close.




The Unexpected Wedding Guest.



Romance, love it 🙂 So Reese is in the hotel days before her big elaborate wedding to Dylan, making last minute adjustments and dressed in her elegant gown when she sees an unexpected guest. Her ex husband- once the love of her life. Their marriage was brief but flaming hot and then they crashed and burned. Mason re-enlisted and it was too much for Reese. Now she’s about to marry someone her parents approve of this time round, he’s safe ad she thinks she loves him – till she sees Mason and the sparks just from seeing him re-ignite all the feelings about him she doesn’t want to have. Dylan invites him to stay a few days for the wedding…..


Well, Dylan seemed like the ultimate saint to me – or maybe just someone who wanted to be doubly sure of Reese feelings? There some fun in store when things progress, Mason still makes Reese feel alive and ready for anything but she doesn’t want to feel like that, she’s still angry at him for their marriage fiasco. Mason has come to sort out what went wrong, as he has his own problems and wants to move on and that is stopping him. Seems there’s much unfinished business between the two.


Its a sweet romance, Dylan was either a saint or not really committed to Reese, Reese and Mason – the chemistry was off the page and they sparked off each other every time they met whether it was anger or passion, it was always high emotion. Reese wedding this time was total contrast to the one before where it was a quickie registry office with minimal guests done on spur of the moment. This time everything is planned to the Nth degree…and I felt Reese was more in love with the idea of the wedding and pleasing her parents than actually marrying Dylan. We didn’t see much of him, mostly the novel centres round Reese and Mason with a few other people as backing for each interaction between them. Though I enjoyed this its a def one off read, too light for a re read for me. I need a bit more solid story and a bit more heat in the romance, though you could feel the attraction the sex scenes were very light and almost hidden within a few words.


Its priced at £3.24 for 224 pages, well written and edited, those who want a sweet light romance will enjoy it. Stars from me are three and a half, better than just OK but not a four star read.

Forsaken By the Others (H&W Investigations) Jess Haines

Forsaken By the Others (H&W Investigations)

ARC supplied by Netgalley for honest review.

I love urban/dystopian fantasy especially if it has a bit of romance in it. I’d read the first in this series when I originally stumbled on the genre a couple of years back when I ordered what I thought was a historical novel and it turned out to be fantasy…. Previously I’d never read this genre, assuming it was all Star Trek or middle earth Elves…how wrong I was! Anyway I didn’t enjoy the first book, looking back it could be that the whole genre was just so new to me that I didn’t absorb it properly. I do remember the delicious Alec Royce though (yum, a bad boy vampire is soo attractive), and if anything had tempted me into continuing with the series it would be him, so when I saw this book and that he was in it – I jumped at the chance to review.

Even though I’ve only read book one it wasn’t difficult to pick up the storyline, Jess adds enough explanation without boring the reader so vis Shiarra’s memories I was able to work out what had previously happened to a degree, and where it fitted within this book. I Loved Royce, but sadly he soon was off the scene except via a few phone calls 😦 As with most fantasy of this type Shiarra has problems caused by recent dealings with Others, and needs to get out of town along with her friend and business partner Sara for a while. Royce arranges for them to stay with another vampire in L.A.. All is not as it seems when they get there of course and Shiarra and Sara are plunged into further danger – they meet with a couple of acquaintances who help them, but its one rip roaring scenario after another – danger from the werewolves, danger from vampires and then danger from zombies and their necromancer master.

I enjoyed the book, it contains well thought out plots that join up perfectly and keep the reader guessing. I thought I’d guessed at the reason behind the Zombies but…I was only partway there – the answer was much more than I’d thought.

I loved the characters even though Shiarra annoyed me intensely at times – that doesn’t matter, what does matter is that the people in a novel feel real, and then so does the action and danger. What I didn’t like – arrgghhh a damn cliffhanger. I know its the lead in to the next book and the mysteries of this one are tied up neatly, but I just hate being left in limbo. It feels like I ought to still be reading. I can deal with lead-ins but not on this huge cliffhanger danger style 😦

The book itself is well written and edited and a decent length at 352 pages. Priced at £3.72 its also excellent value, having enough in it to tempt the reader into re reads. Its definitely one for my keeper file. I’d like to go back now and read the books I’ve missed. and am so glad I gave the series a second chance. I think I’d enjoy book 1one so much more now I understand the genre better.

Stars: well i’d have gone for four and a half if not for that horrible hated cliffhanger at the end and the fact it’ll be ages to wait before we find out what happens next…so I’m dropping half a star to give it four.

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