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Return of the Fae by Lynn Cahoon.



ARC supplied by Lyrical Press.

Having reviewed and loved the first in this series A Member of the Council, I was pleased to get to review book two. This one picks straight up into the story. Parris’ background is still a puzzle, she needs to focus on learning what she should have been taught as a child, and its hard work catching up in the few weeks she has to learn her magic control. Ty is still feeling distracted with his desire for her but he knows to help her best he needs to keep distance. That’s harder than it seems though when they both feel so strongly attracted to each other. Ty feels they need to seek out a mentor from his past to work out some answers, so they take a road trip….and the action starts. Twists and turns, betrayals and deception – they aren’t sure who to trust any more.

I love Parris of course, and Ty- he’s so determined to do what is right and yet his feelings for Parris have jerked his traditional black and white approach, and made him be more flexible. Parris – well she’s such a lady. Cares for her family and friends, determined to always do what’s right, and yet struggling with this new world and danger she’s been thrust in. We meet a couple of new people this time too – some Fae guardians, (I loved Toki) a witch water statue (she’d been made a statue for punishment) and a troll. Keeps things interesting 🙂 and adds to the feel of fantasy mixed with reality that the story takes. The plots are fairly simple but neatly done, and tightly wrapped up with excitement and drama. They work really well considering the short length of the book. I had a small inkling of who the betrayer was from the clues set up, and was glad to be proved right! However I have no idea what’s going to happen next, something to look forward to – and hadn’t a clue this book would take the direction it did. Lynn likes to keep her readers guessing and that’s good – I want to be interested in what’s going to happen in a series. Though this adventure ties up well, it ends up with Pariss and Ty still seeking answers about Coven X, and setting the scene for their next part in the series. I want to have the next book Now!

As usual its well written and edited, and it’s 113 pages long. I don’t have pricing info yet. Its available July 1, 2013.

Stars: another solid four – great story that kept my interest, will go in my keepers file but a bit short for me. Still, once I have the whole series of novels like this I love to read them back to back and that then isn’t a problem.

Taken by Him: A Billionaire’s Club Story Red Garnier.

Taken by Him: A Billionaire's Club Story (The Billionaire's Club)

ARC supplied by Netgalley.

The Billionaire’s Club is a series new to me, and although there’s already one book out each are stand alone so it was no problem to read this not having read book one. The books share characters and this one is about one of the members, Luke Preston. Playboy Luke has been shot by a jealous lover, and the police have yet to capture him so his friends persuade him to lay low for a while and take a sex break. Unheard of for Luke but he agrees after some persuasion on their part. They’ve been friends along time and he knows they have his best interest at heart.

However only a short while into his break on a secluded Cancun resort he sees Peyton, and his attraction is immediate…and Peyton is there hoping for a fling to shake off some of the staidness her life has become.

I liked both characters, really felt for Peyton with her determination to let go and yet still she felt afraid of what she was doing. Once she took the plunge though she was a wildcat and it was great to feel her grown in confidence. Luke took a bit of time to warm to – he started as a typical arrogant, selfish man-whore – “they all know the score so..” is his feelings about his love them and leave them lifestyle. He doesn’t care if the ladies end up broken hearted as he feels he’s given fair warning. Well of course this time the boot is on the other foot.

The novel is quite short at just 112 pages so of necessity the action takes place over the first few days, then a gap of a few weeks and another few days interaction. In a short novel such as this it works well rather than trying to cover too long a time span and lose the essence of the book. Its a fun, hot and steamy read, with smouldering sex scenes. The attraction between Luke and Peyton is instant on both sides, and the sexual tension leaps off the page until she says “yes”, – then its all action and non stop sex for the couple. Inevitably the stay comes to an end and they go their separate ways, and that’s when Luke discovers this time he’s at the other end and what is he going to do about it?

Its a great fun romance with a HEA – well written and edited and packed with emotion. The scenes are very realistic and I felt that the couple could easily be real, the settings and the action blended so easily.

I’m not really a novella fan, but I did enjoy this and for a quick easy read to make you feel good and brighten your mood this is just perfect. It doesn’t have great drama, no deep dark plots as its not got the length, and Red sensibility focusses on what will work best – a simple, emotive, erotic love story.

Priced at £1.98 for 112 pages it’s at the upper end of my personal VFM scale but for those who love to re-read a short, steamy romance it’s better value of course. Horses for courses and all that….

Stars: four – great fun, hot read but a one off for me.

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