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Undying Destiny Jessica Lee.


Undying Destiny (A Novel of the Enclave) (Entangled Edge)


ARC supplied by Entangled.



Vampires – tick, romance – tick, OK time to get lost into a novel hopefully. And yes, I did get lost in this book – in a good way of course.

Emily – works in a hospital, is on her way to a night shift when she finds an injured man. She stops to help him, calls for ambulance and carries on to work. At the end of her shift she checks on him, near to death everyone had thought…but its Kenric, and his vampire body has almost healed, but he needs blood..right now and Emily unwittingly provides it. He takes a bit too much and she faints so he calls in his team to help cover everything up.

He takes her back to where he and his fellow vampires live. There’s an ongoing battle between them, the few who want to live among humans but unnoticed, and others who create vampires that are just addicted to blood and kill needlessly. (BTW I hate twee stuff and to me that DEAD acronym was just cringing and didn’t suit the style of the novel…personal peculiarity though I know.) This time is his maker, a female who killed the woman he loved and is out to get him. In between convincing Emily everything is OK ( what a world shaker for her ) he faces a vicious battle against Marguerite. She wants him, and will use Emily to get to him knowing he’s come to care for her.

The set up – warrior group of “good” vampires warring against the “bad” ones reminds me of Lara Adrian’s novels. Its a very similar world, secrets to keep from humans, trained and morally good vampires and always a threat to the way of life they lead and want to protect. Betrayals by someone close leave Emily and Kenric in serious danger. Its a real action story, along with some spicy sensual romance.

It was a pretty easy work to get into, much of the conventional vampire lore applies so it seems a bit like returning to a familiar world. The characters were very well drawn and it was easy to empathise with them, and root for them to come out in top. As regular readers of my reviews will know I just love a good bitch and Marguerite was certainly that – all the drama you’d expect from a woman scorned!! If anything the story was a little light on drama. There was action but it wasn’t to any great depth and quickly over, but for those who like an easy read that’s fine, for me I like a little more thoroughness and drama, for things to get quite heavy. But we all want something different and its certainly a world I’d happily venture into again.


Its well edited and constructed, everything ties up properly and there’s a way left for more books. I hope that happens as this was a thoroughly enjoyable read. I can see this being the start of a series, certainly the ending leaves an opening for a follow up novel finding out what will happen to the one who unwillingly betrayed Kenric and the Warriors.

Stars: well, if it was just that bit “heavier”? Not quite sure how to put it would be a five but as it is its a definite four from me.



Surrender your love/Conquer your love J. C.Reed.

Conquer Your Love

Surrender Your Love

I read the first book thinking it was a stand alone…and it wasn’t 😦 anyway now the “sequel” is out – so i bought it. Now to me Sequel is the last book, the one that continues from the first and ends the story. With me so far ? So book plus sequel = complete story, 3 books = complete trilogy etc but no- got to about 90% and it was clear that in fact there’s yet another book to follow!! that was the first I realised. There I was wondering when all was going to be revealed and …damn it there’s not time, so there ust be another book. Grrr. I’m getting really fed up of buying books and not being warned that they aren’t standalone, or that what i thought was last book isn’t (see my crossfire trilogy becomes series rant on my blog for more of That!) So i’m really disappointed in this book for that reason – i’ve still to wait for the end, i don’t know when its coming…or what it will cost, or even how many more books it will take. The book itself was good, but i had to go back and refresh my memory as to part one – i’ve so so many unfinished books like this its unreal, and i try not to buy until all parts are out.
Its just not fair on readers to do this. In a conventional series – which i love, each story is more or less complete and the reader knows what to expect from outset. Books like this one though are deceiving and its just not good enough in my opinion.
Come on authors – at least Tell Us its only part of the story. be honest with us. Tell us what the whole story will cost, how many books (and stick to it please) and when to expect them.

‘MBA is not about Money, Blazer, Arrogance’.Krishna Kranthi



The book is about the journey of a grad in a B-school trying to realize the true purpose of his MBA. In these modern ‘rat race’ times where students are pursuing their MBA just to earn more money, crave for higher roles and in effect indulge in unneeded arrogance, the book presents a different view point that the value of a MBA degree is not just confined to money, blazer, arrogance but it is much more than that. Overall, the book sends a strong message to the society on the true purpose of education degree and not just a management degree.

I’ve not read this book myself. Krishna emailed me and we spoke about his book. Though its not my sort of reading I’m always keen to promote Indie authors – writing isn’t easy and add to that the difficulty of promotion when there are now so many books around….so this is my attempt to help a bit 🙂 I asked Krishna to write a bit about himself too – I love to know what makes authors/people tick and in fact that’s the subject of Krishna’s next book.

You can read more from Krishna here


Krishna’s bio.


Myself, Krishna Kranthi, I am a management professional from Hyderabad, India. I work my consulting firm 34 Consultants. After my graducation, I worked for global organizations such as Infosys and Amazon. I worked in Seattle for around 2 years before returning back to India. I then went on to finish my MBA from a top B-school in India.

That is when I happened for work for an NGO which provides basic education to the dropped out and failed students. These students are polished and made better individuals to live on their own in the society. During my time with the NGO, I observed how these students with such basic, practical and effective education could start their own ventures and are living on their own and supporting the families far better than any of us with a higher education. Also during my MBA I gained lot of learnings which told me that the value of an education is much more than what is taught and there is more we can learn than just bookish knowledge. This is the core of my book which sends a message on the purpose of education and the true purpose of pursuing an MBA.

And I personally wanted to send this message across all MBA aspirants and to all those people across the world who value education a lot and are looking for a change or idealism. And this drive made me write this wonderful book.

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