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Save the Date. Susan Hatler.


ARC supplied by Netgalley.

I wanted a fun romance so this was next on my reading list. Its a light read, and pretty clear from the outset what’s going to happen, but the journey is humorous and interesting and kept me entranced for a couple of hours.
Kristen, caught out her cheating boyfriend who turned out to be married. Happens doesn’t it – but she’s a relationship counsellor so it knocks her confidence in her job that she missed the signs of his deception, and she stops taking clients. She gets a temp job as a receptionist with her long time friends. I wanted to shake her when one of them, who’s clearly deeply in love, gets a bit nervous as Kirsten says anyone , even those who seem on the surface to be loving, could be deceivers. Her friend then goes to extraordinary lengths to catch her boyfriend out, checking his phone and letters, and even cracking his PC password to see what he’d done on there, even though its clear to everyone else he loves her deeply. Kirstens’ doubts could lead to them breaking up if he catches her, and her friend is definitely unhappy and all for nothing. Her other friend says she needs to back off and say everything is fine, but she’s so soured by her failure to detect her boyfriends deception that she won’t, and it causes some tense moments. I feel for Kirsten, but she’s taking things to extremes and upsetting others, and its horrible to see just how this could happen. She’s still regarded as an expert in relationships even though she doubts herself.
Ethan, he’s just a lovely man, they get on so well and Kirsten has actually had a crush on him for ages, but she was with her boyfriend and he was in a relationship, so she felt it was fine to go out with him to places they were interested in but their partners weren’t. Then she breaks up with her boyfriend and finds out actually Ethan is single….and she gets cold feet. What if she doesn’t know him well, what if he is deceiving her too? He wants to date but she is scared, so they go out as if on a date but its an “as friends” date. Can he wear down her fears though and rebuild her confidence, and can she pick up her career, as temping in a relationship job is far below her skill level and not what she trained all those years for.
Its a sweet feel good HEA romance. Nothing deep or dark, just something to while away a couple of hours and make you feel that lives can be rebuild, love can win through and I finished it with a feeling of satisfaction and a smile on my face. Its 91 pages for £1.35 on kindle so reasonable VFM. Its not one for re reading for me but it was a gentle, fun, enjoyable read.
Stars: four.

Secrets of a Mayan Moon (An Isabella Mumphrey Adventure.) Paty Jager


ARC supplied by Netgalley.
This sounded a fun read so how did it live up? Well, it was fun, a bit of spicy romance along with an adventure. Not quite thriller but a definite tale to get the brain thinking “ who is the culprit..and why?” There’s clues of course but it seems no-one is exactly who they claim to be, or so it seemed to me. I didn’t like one of the culprits instinctively so I was glad to be right there, but the other had me totally fooled, as did the ending. When I read the Blurb I saw Tino was a jaguar tracker – I must have read too many shape shifter novels recently as I took that to mean he was a shape shifter but in fact he is what it says – a person who tracks and tags jaguars!! I do tend to be a literal thinker, guess I need to read more carefully now too 🙂
Isabella is a great character, forthright and not afraid to say what she thinks, intelligent and able to look after herself, and very adaptable. She’s well suited to the role she plays in this book. Tino – he was someone she needed, able to build her confidence in herself and not afraid of the strong character she is. She heats his blood, he stirs her in a way she hasn’t experienced before. They both get diverted from their main reasons for being there, and distracted from what they should be concentrating on. This kind of instant attraction though is what makes the two of them so riveting. They see qualities in each other than other people have missed. They make a great team and I’m glad the get together in another book.
Its a good story, with plenty of turns and twists, to keep reader guessing what’s going to happen next. Its not just one plot either but a couple that leave different people in the frame and leave reader working out motives. I loved the setting, enough description to make me feel I knew the place but not so much it was boring. Its a well thought out and planned story, everything tails together nicely and its a good way to lose yourself in a jungle adventure for a few hours. There’s a follow up book and I can see Isabella and Tino would make a great team in a series of books.
Stars: it ought to be a five, it has all the hallmarks of one of my five star reads, but somehow it didn’t quite engross me to the degree a five star needs. Its more than a four though so a four and half seems fair to me.

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