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Seduced (Lost In Oblivion) Cari Quinn, Taryn Elliott

ARC provided by authors.
I’d recently read Cari’s Dirty Distractions and loved it, and wondered what this one would be like. Its a prequel to what is going to be a fantastic series Lost in Oblivion, if its anything like this prequel. Cari has teamed up with another author Taryn Elliot for this series and the duo clearly are a great team when it comes to writing.
Dirty Distractions was fabulous but a real HEA romance, whereas Seduced is a much grittier, hardened read. I love band books like this where each book feature a band member. This book introduces the whole band crew and how they’ve got together. They’re not one of todays “manufactured” type bands, where a group of people have been put together by a producer simply to make a sound, but one where they’ve been together for years, toughing in it out, scraping money for instruments, working little back street gigs and supporting themselves with part time jobs and – as one band member says – “living on ramen noodles”. That’s how bands used to form when I was a teen, and it makes for a better and more cohesive group when they know each other so well.
As often happens though there’s been problems within the band, and one of the members in is rehab – it was that or prison…so they’re looking for what Nick – band creator says is temporary – a new drummer. Along comes Jazz (Jasmine) – and Gray comes with her. The two are an odd team, Nicks not sure if they are together as a couple, Jazz seems to be saying no while Gray says yes, but the duo are incredibly talented and mix well in sound with the lads. Nick is having a hard time processing that Snake – the one in rehab– isn’t going to be able to continue with them, but Deak and Simon are realistic, and need to persuade him that Jazz and Gray are needed as permanent members if they are to reach the success they crave.
They’re a great cast, Nick, surface calm but who has traumatic stage fright he keeps hidden from all but Simon, Deak, the bands moderator who keeps peace and does the organising for them all, Simon – AKA Pretty Boy by Nick, he’s the man whore of the group and happy to admit it :). Then they meet Jazz (Pinkie) and Gray. Gray is the quiet but deadly seeming guy, very protective of Jazz and not one to be put down. He’ll do whatever it takes to succeed, except anything that harms Jazz of course. Jazz, she’s like a slither of quicksilver, impossible to catch, always on the move and indefinable. Small in size but big in stature, she’s a pink or purple haired whizz, always brightly coloured “see me” clothes and the focus of attention. Can the band succeed when its clear Gray wants Jazz, but he’s not alone in that?
There are fights between them, over Snake, over Jazz and over the direction the group needs – and sometimes over nothing at all, but when the times get tough they pull together and its going to be a great series I’ll look forward to reading. One of my favourite authors is Olivia Cunning and her Sinners series – another band, where books concentrate on one member at a time, and they’re gripping, charismatic and very erotic. This series looks like its going to be similar, the writing style is very reminiscent of those, where the reader needs to work out the message that’s unsaid from the conversation that is versed. One where there’s often an hidden subtext. And the sex…hot, steamy and erotic, and fits perfectly the feeling of immediacy in the novel, a “live in the moment” feel to it where its all sweaty gropes and touches, kisses, grabbing and losing clothes without thinking about the consequences.( though thankfully they use condoms Every Time – hurrah, as I hate those where its seen as only necessary sometimes) Its very graphic, there’s a warning and its accurate so take note of that’s not your scene. For me when it fits – as this does, then its simply a fun and necessary part of the story
Overall a great read, its fantastic value at 367 pages for just £1.82 and its one that will bear multiple reads. I look forward to more from Lost in Oblivion.
Stars: well after all that it has to be another five doesn’t it 🙂

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