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Deceiving the Witch Next Door (Entangled Covet) Misa Bourbon Ramirez .

Deceiving the Witch Next Door (Entangled Covet)


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Well, I love paranormal romance, and though I tend to prefer longer books sometimes we need a quick read. This one fills that gap when – if you’re a quick reader like me – you’ve limited time and want a book to finish, not be left in middle without time to read the rest…..
Anyway – Storie Bell, abandoned by her witch ( in the real sense!!)mother and brought up by her human father, has returned after his death to the town she spent her teens in. Though she’s done her best to keep her magic secret there were always rumours and gossip surrounding her over the strange events that happened when she got emotional. She loves the idea of small town living and belonging, but now she’s back will the gossips have forgotten the past and accept her? And what about Reid Malone, who thinks they’ve unfinished business from the day she left…He’s temporarily staying with his sick father in the adjoining building, and as good-looking as ever. Storie wants to protect herself from him, knowing she can’t get close t him or her secret will be out. Whenever he’s close she can feel her magic struggling to get out.
There’s some interesting characters here, Reid and Storie of course, her best friend Harper and her two little girls. The kids were funny, like little adults at times, with the looks and hand on hips stance. I wondered at one point if perhaps Reid also had some magic in him, but seems he’s just that good at predicting what Storie wanted to eat and drink…The sexual tension between Reid and Storie shimmers off the page every time they meet, and that’s often with him taking every opportunity to search for the hidden oil his dad needs. Of course as Harper doesn’t know about Storie, and she needs to keep tight control over her emotions to keep it that way, with Reid constantly around life is difficult for her.
There’s magic and mystery in this book, its not only Storie that’s keeping secrets, there are unexpected people from the past turning up and what happens when they and the secrets all come out lead to a satisfying finale.

Its a short and sweet read, no great dramas or reveals, but fills a gap if you want and easy to follow quickly read paranormal romance. There’s not actually much magic in it. Though Reid and Storie finally get together with all secrets in the revealed the ending is left open for a sequel maybe which perhaps would have more magic in it.
Stars: 3 and a half from me, it was a fun read but I’d have liked a bit more depth to the story.


Run to You. A Secret Meeting. An Instant Obsession.Charlotte Stein

Run To You


Arc supplied by Netgalley.
I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this book when I began it. Alissa’s actions seemed just so improbable to begin, and I kept thinking things like “who paid for the room? Who was supposed to be there?” and I wasn’t really into the novel properly. Who sees entries on a room-mates calendar and decides to pretend to be her and sneak in to one now she’s away? If it hadn’t been a review book I’d probably have stopped reading – and that would have been a real loss, as it turned out to be a very moving romance. I loved the “liar” way of making Alissa ask and do things she wanted to but wasn’t confident enough to verbalise.
Once drawn into Alissa’s world I understood more of her. Her job for instance and the way she lacked confidence, so the smallest detail became major in her mind. I have that same tendency to replay conversations mentally, looking for hidden meanings and to practise what I’m going to say depending on different lines of conversation…..Then Janos, on the surface he’s a confident, rich business man,handsome, suave, but very repressed and withdrawn in nature hidden under that outward façade. Alissa creeps under that shell though, surprising them both, forcing changes on him and making him do things he hasn’t done for a very long time, taking them to places neither envisaged.
There is sex here, and it starts fairly gently then becomes incredibly erotic. Its graphic but really well written, none of the cringing, stomach churning dross that’s in too many novels now. Its great to find sensual sex scenes, clearly writing them takes a special talent that not all authors have, but Charlotte does. 🙂
Overall it’s a book to enjoy, a sensual and very unusual romance, one to slowly savour and enjoy. Its not a standard woman meets man then…but everything is done in such a different way that its hard to guess what’s going to happen. Tears, I need tears and there were several moments when the actions of both of them left me feeling emotional. That’s a mark of a superb novel for me, when I’m so engrossed in the characters that they and there actions seem real.
To sum up, a great read, something full of emotion and done in a very different way to the conventional love story.
Stars: great book but for the beginning, I’m not sure what else it needed but as I said I almost gave up and would be sad to have lost the opportunity to enjoy such a brilliant and extraordinary love story. So from me four stars.

Franco’s Fortune. Redemption Book 2. Cara Marsi.

Franco's Fortune (Redemption Book 2)


ARC supplied by Netgalley.

I’m a sucker for the rags to riches, seeing the person behind the image type of romance so this appealed. Anyway Franco – rich playboy and object of security expert Jo’s crush for past five years – is getting threatened by someone unknown, and his family and friends fear his life is in danger. Jo works for his friend Logan and he sends her to play Franco’s girlfriend as an undercover bodyguard.
Franco is more than he seems on the surface, and as Jo gets to know him better she’s even more keen on him, and surprised to find that though she’s far from his usual type Franco clearly has feelings for her too. He’s enjoying actually being able to talk and have fun with someone who’s not just a pretty face. That part was fine for me, but given that when we find out the sums of money involved is only 500,000 dollars, I wonder just how that compares with the amount spent on her makeover, and all the things that have gone into his protection. The criminals too seem to be spending a huge amount given its such a small sum to be divided among them. Maybe its not in contemporary time, but back a few years when half million dollars was a lot, and the money spent would equate to just a small part of it…I don’t know but it’s a point that seem to keep on coming over to me.
There was danger and adventure in this novel but it seemed quite muted, and the romance between Franco and Jo was really quite low key. I was hoping for more from jealous ex girlfriends – we got a bit, but it was very tame. I need highs and deep lows in my romance and breath stealing dangers in my thrillers, but this was very middle range on all those points, and though it was a story I enjoyed its not one I’d read again, and if it wasn’t a review book I’d probably not have finished it. Priced at £1.99 for 161 pages its around average in the genre. If you want something easy to read this fits, if you want – as I do – lots of emotional romance and gut churning danger this book won’t do it.
Stars: three – it was OK but not more for me. As ever though we all like different things so take that into account.

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