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No Romance Required (Love Required 3) Cari Quinn.

No Romance Required (Entangled Brazen)


ARC supplied by author.
I’ve enjoyed a few of Cari’s novels now – thankfully among the trilogies there are still authors that write stand alone novels. Not that I don’t enjoy trilogies and series but I just HATE the waiting for more…anyway, No Romance Required. Strange title I thought, and then once in to the story I realised why it was so apt. Cory needs a girlfriend to get his family off his back. He’s happy with life as it is, work is going well but the promotion he’s expecting gets tied into a girlfriend, as his parents are worried he’s becoming all work no play and spoiling his life. He’s not going to give in though, and a chance encounter with Victoria at a publicity event where their teasing has an edge to it, leads to them being photographed in a very passionate embrace. The publicity the photo engenders gives him the idea to ask Victoria to pretend to be his girlfriend for a while – no strings of course. Victoria has had a long unrequited crush on him, and can’t resist even a no strings fling – but the chemistry between them hots up into fiery flames each time they get together. Cory isn’t sure what to do, the sex is hot – really really hot but this is temporary…isn’t it?
Well, there’s some deliciously spicy sex here, Cory is one hot, delectable man, and Victoria knows his family already so she’s hoping they turn into more than just sex. Is she seeking heartbreak though, as unless she can persuade Cory that what they have is real she’s in for a let down.
I really enjoyed this – a good, sexy, humorous read. I love some humour in a novel, then there’s some secrets in Victoria’s background that come out slowly, sex – hot spicy sex, gentle loving sex, and some scene set sensual bondage sex….hot all the way and beautifully written. Then, after one very erotic night, they both have a misunderstanding and there’s potential heartbreak, oh how I do love the sad bits 🙂 I always feel they balance and make the happy parts even better. It could have been even more tragic feeling for me, and I’d have lapped it up. I must be a masochist in my reading 🙂 Of course this is story land and it usually all works out but I still want to feel I’m on the edge of my emotions, will they/won’t they.. and Cari manages to do that to me every time!
Priced at £1.89 for 425kb/250 pages it’s great value for money
Stars: another fabulous read, and one to join my keepers file, but it didn’t quite get me as much as Dirty Distractions and Seduced, so its a four and a half star read.


The Demon’s Desire (A Hearts of the Fallen Novel) Kendra Leigh Castle .

The Demon's Desire (A Hearts of the Fallen Novel) (Entangled Covet)


Arc supplied by publisher.

I really enjoyed the first in this series The Demon’s Song, so was keen to read this follow up. Sadly I’ve mixed feelings about it. Overall I did enjoy it, just not quite as much as the first. I found it hard to engage with Meresin, he’d been through some traumas that were unimaginable and horrific even by the usual cruelties immortals face and commit, but he was just so surly, unpleasant, rude to everyone including Dru. Then there’s Dru, she’s fixated on him, she’s intelligent, loving and caring and has the balance immortals need in their lives. I liked her immensely, she was looking for the best in everyone and she was so strong and supportive to Justin, her brother the vampire king. I guess she was in a special, privileged position, and yet she used her power sensibly and fairly. She and Meresin have a strange relationship, he wants her but thinks he’s not good enough and so won’t even admit it to himself. She’s taken with him on first sight two years ago. They’ve had little interaction with each other since the one time she kissed him, to shock him in a situation where he was – as usual – causing problems, and no-one able to talk him down, and she can’t get that kiss out of her head.
Anyway – its business as usual, Meresin taking offence at something a vamp has said and in danger of killing him, and Dru to the rescue as the only one who can stop him. Its the last straw for the Angel top brass, and Meresin is sent on a journey which he is unlikely to survive. Through a series of incidents Dru ends up going with him, and his life is caught up with hers so they both face an uncertain future. Once in Purgatory I began to enjoy the novel – when they were there I mean, not me 🙂 – and the relationship began to go somewhere. Dru isn’t one to give up, and gradually wears Meresin down and his personality starts to come out rather than just the irritable, surly, belligerent mad we’ve met so far. Once they get together they are Hot too!! and there was some subtle humour to help the flow – Duct tape in purgatory. Dru’s right, that stuff turns up everywhere..I tell my grandkids they only need two things for DIY, duct tape and W.D.40 🙂
Stars: just tips in at four. Overall three-quarters of the novel was a good five stars from me, but the early part barely three. I liked the interaction with other angels and vamps (and Levi) but Meresin was so grumpy I wanted to kick his ar*se, and his actions and moods seemed to overly dominate this section. I wasn’t really sure at that point what on earth Dru saw in him to put up with his insults, he was hot true but so rude, so what did she see? I really wanted to rate this book higher, but the start was so slow to get me hooked I can’t.

Missing Noelle Adams.



ARC supplied by Netgalley.
Well, this was one hot, erotic, sensual romance. Starts off fairly gently introducing the characters, how they know each other and Nathan’s family problems then….pow! The action heats up incredibly. The sexual tension between Lynn and Nathan is incredible. They have an arrangement to meet one night every three months for sex, sex and more sex. Neither want a relationship, putting other things first, but the chance for some hot sex seems good to both so long as they can keep it casual and private.
All goes well for two years and then…they both feel that maybe having got away with it for two years they could meet more often, say monthly, and then when that works they increase it further. Until somehow they’re meeting several nights a week. Gradually its clear to others that they are both seeing someone, but they both still keep tight lipped about who it is. Then the past catches up on them and intertwines their lives further.
I’d guessed some of the plot, but it was still a fun read. The sex was written really well, seductive and sensual, hot, erotic, none of the cringing phrases often read in so many books. I liked Lynn, loved Nathan. He’d made mistakes in his private life but recognised them and was trying to change. When things happen that bring them closer it all dovetailed so neatly. I did enjoy this book but….and I’m going to sound like an echo but once again everyone was soo happy. There wasn’t any sorrow, no heartbreaking sadness, just a lovely story that flowed from occasional meetings into a beautiful relationship. There wasn’t enough drama for me, I liked the story, but would have loved it if there had been some sadness in contrast to all the happy parts.
So a spicy novel of 194 pages/342kb for £1.97 it’s a good read if you just want a happy, feel good, sexy read. For me though I need that bit extra to join my keepers files but it was fine for a one off read.
Stars: 4 – more angst and it would have been five but…

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