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Heavy Metal A Goddesses Rising Novel Natalie J. Dramschroder.

Heavy Metal (A Goddesses Rising Novel) (Entangled Select)


ARC supplied by Netgalley.

I hadn’t realised there was a previous book to this one, but it didn’t make any difference as the novel was easy to follow. I was a little wary at first, not sure what to expect, and thinking it would be based around mythical Greek/Roman goddesses or something, I like those but couldn’t see how they’d fit this story. However it was current time descendants of them who had special talents, these being passed down generations though only the females had any powers they got at 21, and these varied greatly.
We start with Riley, alone and on the run, not knowing who to trust and no understanding of what’s really happening to her. She’s seen mention of Sam on a Goddess website, and scopes him out one night when he’s working late in his bar. She’s been targeted by unknown people and lost her job, home, has no family, had her car stolen, and then while she’s in the bar suspects the trio who’ve just entered are after her. She’s right and Sam helps her escape. Slowly she opens up to him about her situation, having no alternative and he persuades her to meet some other members of the society. He’s a great guy, hot and sexy, thoughtful and caring, and the attraction between him and Riley is clear early on, but they are each very wary for their own reasons. We meet some interesting characters in the Society, learn more about Sam and Riley’s background, get taken into danger and car chases, break-ins and muggings and the plot centred around Riley gets larger and involves many more people than initially though.
Its a well though out adventure, fairly realistic within the definition of fantasy ( I hate those where fantasy is used as an excuse to just go wildly over the top, and the characters get new powers whenever hey need to get out of a scrape!) It keept me engrossed and invested in the outcomes for the people in the book. I enjoyed the whole idea of people with extra powers, and wish I’d read the earlier book – that will now go on my “ I want” list 🙂 Riley is so scared, and yet everyone reaches a breaking point and she develops a strength and determination she didn’t think she had. I liked Nick and Quin too, and Marley who’d been punished for her transgressions but she did what she did for love, just sad she was being used by a real b-stard of a person…That’s real life though isn’t it, and added to the feelings of who to trust that the group had.
I enjoyed this, it’s one I know I’ll want to re read over and I’d be more than happy to read the fist and any further novels from the series. It’s a good length too at 352 pages, though I suspect the price on Amazon is a mistake as it does seem expensive compared to usual entangled prices and Natalie’s earlier Goddess novel.
Stars: great book, full five.



A Million Dirty Secrets: The Million Dollar Duet Part One


ARC supplied by Netgalley.

Since the runaway success of 50 Shades there’s been an avalanche of duets and trilogies, but many of them are beginning to feel very “samey” – swap the names but the plots are almost identical. C.L.Parker doesn’t fall into that trap but brings us a two part story based around a successful, wealthy man and a girl needing money for her sick mother.
What’s different about this novel to so many of the others is that the basic premise of rich man poor girl is used but in a new and different way. Its a believable story that she uses to explain how come rich, suave, attractive Noah is trawling the sex club Foreplay to buy a girl for sex for two years. Lanie too has what seem like real reasons for putting herself and her virginity up for sale – she wants to save her mothers life but doesn’t want her parents to know where the money has come from so the anonymity of the club suits them both.

I liked the premise of the story, it was executed well creating a plot that was believable, and not the thin, easily dismissed ones found in too many books. Some seem to create a barely conceivable story purely for the excuse of selling sex. Sex on every third page doesn’t make an erotic book – actually it gets boring 😦 and I’ve read a trilogy just this past week like that. Needless to say my rating for that was pretty low….In contrast the sex scenes in this book suits the people and the plot. They’re hot, steamy and very erotic. Noah is a kind man, it might seem like he’s being hard hearted buying someone like a slave but he has his reasons, although soon he starts to feel a bit of a heel. Lanie is lovely, cares deeply about her parents, and tries to help them in the only way she can. She starts off resenting Noah and he’s quite impatient with her, but soon the attraction between them becomes more than just sexual and the story starts to build. They have a very volatile relationship with Noah liking control at all times and Lanie not being a natural “yes “ girl. What will happen when he finds out why she’s doing it, what will he feel about her then? What can Lanie do to protect her heart thinking that he isn’t interested in someone like her, especially when she seems some of his past ladies. She feels very much down-market from them but incredibly jealous of them too. Noah isn’t always aware of how she’s feeling and unintentionally creates more jealousy through his actions. Oil and water, fire and ice – that’s how their relationship runs.

Its a good plot, well thought out and executed, and though it’s a two parter (out autumn this year) and ends on a sort of cliffhanger its not an abrupt ending and there is the beginnings of book two showing us the direction they will be taking so it doesn’t feel like the reader is left in limbo – that the type of cliffhanger I’m always complaining about, especially when it can be up to a year before we get next part. Well done Ms Parker for promising us part two quickly 🙂

Like I said I really enjoyed this book, well written with a storyline that’s a different slant to those we’ve been used to seeing in this genre. The characters are great, there’s some interesting supporting casts too – Polly for one! She’s like a whirlwind. Its a book well worth the £4.49 price and its strong enough to join the keepers file for re reading. I’m looking forward to more from Noah and Lanie.
Stars: a solid four – great book 🙂

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