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Heaven and Hellsbane (Hellsbane, #2) by Paige Cuccaro

Heaven and Hellsbane (A Hellsbane Novel) (Entangled Select)

ARC supplied by publisher.

I love paranormal romance, and was eager to read this book. What I hadn’t realised though was its the second in the series. I had some trouble with the different groups and how they interacted, which if I’d read book one I’m sure I would have picked up sooner, but never the less I really enjoyed this book and would love to continue reading the series. Its one of those that’s deep enough to carry a lot of different plots within one overall arcing big plot, and I love those. Fabulous characters too – boyfriend Dan, sweet man and he represented the normalcy that Emma Jane missed and wanted to get back. Trouble was the only way she could do that was to find and kill her Angelic father…then she’d be human again, but wouldn’t be with Eli her angelic mentor. And he’s someone that’s become very close to her….though a romance is not allowed or he will become one of the Fallen, the ones she was born to kill.

Its one of those novels full of people that have their own agenda, backstabbing, jealousies, and where the heroine wonders just what it is she’s doing, and what should she be doing. All seems clear cut to begin, she’s on the side of Heaven and therefore killing the baddies for the sake of Good, and then things slowly gel and make her wonder – just why are the Fallen bad? Is it right to assume they’re all the same, becoming evil with their Fall. And what about Demons, she’s told they’re all evil and yet one saves her life, and continues to help. She wants black and white answers ( well, that does make life easier, ) but is learning that maybe its not so simple and there are shades that edge onto each other and lines that blur. With the angels referring to her as “it”, and making it clear that she’s like something they’ve trodden in, not even speaking to her directly if they can avoid it, and being so different from Eli why is it she’s fighting for them? Are they really telling her the truth? And what about the way they say the Father loves humans, and yet they seem to see them as disposable for a greater good?
It’s a novel that makes you think just who is classed as evil? And why? And what about the means they use to fight evil? Like Emma Jane I began to question what was going on. I loved Eli right from the start – even not knowing what happening in the first book I could see how close they were, and just why her boyfriend Dan was jealous. Some parts like that were clear, and yet others full of surprises, jolting me along a ride where I had no idea what was going to happen. Now at the end I’m uncertain just which side is good and which is bad, yet started off assuming it was clear and I knew who was good and who was bad… poor Emma Jane, she now has to choose and if she’s like me, puzzled and confused how the hell will she make that choice?

Its not a romance totally but more a suspense/thriller type with romance under-laying it, so don’t expect sex, sex and more sex…though when there is some it is Hot! I think maybe that side may develop more in later novels, its definitely a series for my keeper files, one that will bear re reading over again – its got so much content I think I’d get even more from it on second reading, especially now having a greater understanding of the characters and how they fit together.
Priced at £3.79 for 400 pages/593kb it is excellent value for money.
Stars: loved it – full five.


Reckless A Renegades Novel Skye Jordan.

ARC supplied by Netgalley.

I love romance, but…it has to have a good storyline, with lots of “ups” and some “downs” that have me on the edge of tears. Reckless didn’t quite do that, but came close.
I loved Lexi – she’d struggled to make it to the top with her couture wedding dress design business. She had a very poor background, and had clawed her way up inch by inch, and wasn’t going to take help from anyone, even her best friend billionaires daughter Rubi. Independence was so important to her, and she was so proud that everything she achieved she’d done alone, by sheer hard work. Then there’s Jax…cynical ex actor, he wanted a more normal life, so gave up acting for the stuntman business he runs. Jax annoyed me at first, cynical, assuming everyone wanted to rip him off, he treated women as disposable sex objects, but I learned more about him and realised those women who went for him used the sex – and sex- to get what they could from him I began to see where he was coming from.
The attraction between him and Lexi was incredible, sizzling tension and steamy erotic sex, but they both had such emotional hang ups that I wondered if they could ever trust anyone. Jax though is the epitomal sexy, tattooed, biker bad boy, and Lexi needed to be seen as whiter than white to protect her business, someone like Jax hitting the press as her boyfriend would do irreparable harm to her. Jax wonders if, like all the other women in his past, Lex is really just covering up the fact she wants to use him as a quick stepping stone to success. Of course things happened that mislead them both and fosters their fears, and there’s get-togethers that sizzle off the page, and then tears as emotions run high and everything seems different from what it is.
Its a great mix of emotions, a good storyline and the sex scenes were sensual and erotic but…somehow it didn’t quite translate to a five star romance for me, but it was well worth reading, and I certainly lost myself to the story for a while.
Priced at £1.97 for 280 pages/607kb its excellent value for money. It won’t join my keepers list but was fun for a one off read but if you favour a lighter romance this may be one you want to read and re read.
Stars: four

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