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Gilded Renita Pizzitola.



ARC supplied by publisher.

Gilded is the follow up to Gossamer, a YA novel. I’m not usually a YA reader but there are some excellent well written ones that I enjoy, so many books recently use sex as the selling point that is a treat to read some well written YA books that focus on the story instead! Gilded and Gossamer are just that.
Kyla has learned the truth about her origins and travelled from earth through to the otherworld ( I can’t recall the name Renita gave it – sorry) where she narrowly escaped betrothal against her wishes to the prince. The man she loves, Grant, fled with her and they were hiding with some woodland Fae while she learned more about how to wield her earth magic.
They get news however that forces a return to the royal castle, where the king is still determined to marry her to Liam the prince. Liam’s a great guy, loves Kyla enough to help her get what she wants, and to start with its’ to find out more about a possible prophecy featuring her and to rescue Grant who was imprisoned by the King. I feel for Liam, he’s browbeaten by the King, in love with Kyla and just a genuinely nice man. I want him to find his princess – someone who loves him for himself and not because he’s a prince. Sadly he thought Kyla was that not realising she was under influence of bewitched wine. Once he did he helped set her free, and now his help is needed once again and ever the gentleman he does what he can even at his own risk.

In this stunning novel there’s romance and heartbreak, danger and adventure, magic and mystery. I enjoyed book one, I liked this even more. Its very well written, not dumbed down for a younger reader as so many YA books are, and will appeal to readers of all ages who love romance and magic. It has a slew of characters, from the evil king, a mysterious seer, some cruel and vicious guards and of course many of the characters we met in book one.
Once again Kyla is in danger and trying to avoid marriage to Liam, she loves Grant and just wants to be with him. Oddly the king just wants to avoid the prophecy fulfilment and so does Kyla, but they can’t agree on the way to make it happen so again are at odds.
Its an entertaining and magical read, with descriptions that place us right in the scene with the characters. I loved this book and look forward to the next part to find out what happens to them all.
Stars: well deserved five.

Hell’s Belle. Karen Greco.

Hell's Belle


ARC supplied via Netgalley.

I enjoy paranormal books, but so many are really just a light, fluffy romance with a bit of fantasy thrown in, so it’s a treat to read one that has some depth to it. This novel is a mix between fantasy, urban, and dystopian, it has elements from all those genres mixed in and it works really successfully to give a story that’s action packed, gripping and full of characters that I felt I could be friends with (well the good ones !).
The description covers the basics of the plot, and this book feels as if its the first in a series. I hope so as I’d love to read more of Nina and friends – especially Frankie – I’m a sucker for the good vamps….
Nina is back in her home town managing the bar she co-owns with her aunt, after spending most of her life away training with the Dept. she works with. There’s an attack on her and one of the customers leaps to her rescue – he’s the delicious Max, FBI agent here on a mission to help with the local gang crime. Of course Nina can’t tell him that its supernatural related, but he can’t seem to stay out of it. There’s lots coming forward too about her ancestry, and she’s developing powers that the secret Govt. agency she works for hadn’t foreseen. Its a mix of ghosts, demons, vampires, hell hounds and witchery, and it all makes for one hot, riveting investigation, with the supernatural agents trying to clean up away from the investigations of the human police. Nina seems to leap from one attack to another, trying to get a successful date with Max, who’s sensually attractive, without tipping him off about her odd heritage. Max gets suspicious when she’s involved in so many of the crime scenes though, and her passing out when a recently murdered man keeps possessing her, along with a strange and frightening incident involving her new powers when they finally do manage a date has him wondering just what’s going on. He’s not ready for the truth though even when he does get told…
Frankie – ah I loved him right from the start, he’s known Nina all her life and her dad was his mentor. He’s over 500 years old and has some great snarky quips. He’s very protective of Nina, and there’s antipathy between him and Max right from the start. Max is hot but compared to Frankie – Max? Max who ? 🙂
There’s a host of other supernatural people in this novel, and all are strong and play a part to make for a superb story that had me glued to my kindle. I really, really want more form this team.
Stars: cracking book, solid story, real characters so full five.

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