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Miracle Lane Edie Ramer


Miracle Lane. Edie Ramer.

I’ve enjoyed Edie’s work before and I love romance so thought I’d try this. It is romance, but in a very different way to the usual type of book. We start where Nia meets Rob, who’s posing as his policeman twin brother to keep him out of trouble, and Nia tells him her cat Bast can talk…..OK, very different 🙂 She can tell immediately that its not the policeman twin but Rob, and he’s astonished as people are always fooled by the two. They’ve very close and will do almost anything to help the other.
Robs heard about Nia, the village seem to regard her as different and odd, and after the terrible accident she had, and time in a coma she is a bit odd. But then not having any memory of life before the accident, and her family making it clear they hate her who wouldn’t be a bit strange. Bast is definitely the scene stealer of the book – and as a talking cat she’s so believable. I just love when she gives Rob the human equivalent of “the finger”!! Parts of the story are told using her voice and she’s just perfect.
Rob and Nia form an instant bond, she finds someone with no agenda, and who understands her and he sees a fellow PTSD sufferer. He guesses at what’s behind her trauma, and takes it up with her consultant. He also protects her from her horrible family.
Its a slightly odd book in some ways, very different, and yet easy to read and flow along with. Secrets slowly come out – snippets at first, guesses and putting together of various incidents till it ends in one huge, climatic finale, and the strength of Rob and Nia comes through to help her cope with her past, and forge a way into a new future with Rob.
Stars: well, I really enjoyed it and yet, its not like my usual reads. Still sometimes its good to move outside the comfort zone and this definitely pulled at my emotions. I savoured it as a one off read, it was interesting and unique, but not one I’d keep for re reading. Three and half stars.

Hot Blooded. Amanda Carlson


Hot Blooded. Amanda Carlson
Arc provided by Netgalley.
I enjoyed the first book, though with a few reservations at the start. This one has come out much the same. Jessica going on a journey to rescue her mate. She has helps from two vamps, two of the Pack, and an unexpected extra person 🙂 She’s tracking Selene, and needs to kill her to rescue her mate Rourke. Trouble is Selene is a Goddess, and isn’t easy to kill, in fact most of the supes believe she’s on a suicide mission as Selene can’t die…
So, once everyone is assembled the bulk of the book is about their journey. That’s where my problems began. It was OK at first, I expected Selene to have set some traps, after all she’s not going to sit back and wait for them. The problem I had though is that each time there were barriers, they seemed to be some previously unknown or rarely heard of creature, impossible to kill and yet…Jessica seemed to develop the superpowers needed to outwit/kill them just at the last moment. Now I get she’s previously unknown, possibly the subject of a prophecy etc etc etc but…I really, really hate it when the newly empowered heroine develops skills those who are hundreds of years don’t have. I can deal with a couple of useful new powers, but every time? ?Making the existing powerful supernaturals emasculated. Sorry, that’s just something I really don’t like, and it happened so often here that I ended up by skim reading over the various battles. I did like the way Jessica befriended those who later turn out to be allies. Its clear she’s going to need help as the series progresses and that’s far better in my view – to have her befriending those with power or knowledge, who become useful allies at the right time rather than her gaining new powers Every Time 😦
So, I enjoyed parts, but the bulk seemed to be endless battles with weird creatures where Jessica saves the day. That didn’t cut it for me, it got old quickly. It seemed the other characters were simply there to prove just how wonderful and strong etc Jessica had become, rather than people we get to know and care about.. I wanted to see more of Rourke too, even if it was scenes with him and Selene, but he only appears at the end. I liked Naomi, even warmed to Ray…the wolves were loyal as ever, and good choices to accompany her, and the end where next book is set up was good, but overall I was £4.99 for 336 pages I was expecting more of a story about the characters, not just what seemed like endless battles with odd and unknown creatures and Jessica becoming a Wonder Superwoman.
Stars: well just three and a half this time – its better than OK but not good.

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