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Solace in Scandal. Bound by Lies, Torn by Truth. Kimberly Dean.

Solace in Scandal


Solace in Scandal. Bound by Lies, Torn by Truth. Kimberly Dean.

Arc supplied via Netgalley.

I enjoyed this book, its classed as Erotica and as Romance. Its a very strong romance side, but less so on the erotica side. Its hot, sensual, steamy sex scenes, but not as graphic and in your face as so much erotica is, so don’t let that put you off if erotica isn’t your thing.
Elena, she seemed so lost and fragile, working on her PHD and hiding out from the press on the Wolfe estate. Seems the butler/manager worked for her family in past when she was a child, and she was still close to him. She was being harassed by the media, and couldn’t afford legal representation to stop them, so he suggested she stay at a little used house on the estate while Alex was in prison. It gave her much needed sanctuary.
Alex was released early and saw her doing yoga out by the lake. He didn’t know she was staying, and his first instinct was to tell her to go, but then he learns of the problems she’s suffered and feels for her so he says she can stay. She doesn’t want to be there any more than he wants her there, and yet she can’t escape the press who are camped outside the grounds.
They carry on with their separate lives, occasionally meeting up accidentally, then an incident happens that brings them close – yeah..much, much closer; hot, steamy sex closer. Gradually they each learn more about the other, and the preconceived notions they have get replaced by the truth. The time when they are out for a meal and the airhead ex mentions “that Fonzie thing” – well, as a child of the 70’s I could picture The Fonz coming along, trademark grin and wrists in the air “heeeyyy…you talkin’ bout me?”
Underlying the hot sensual romance is the story where Alex needs to get back and be seen at work to keep people confident in his company, Elena needs to complete her PHD, and somehow they want and need to keep their romance together. With the media out for blood still, and not bothered who supplies it, there are some difficult times. I understood exactly how cloistered Elena felt, and why she needed to do what she did. Alex, well – I understood too how after his experience he just wanted to protect her, and keep her away from the bloodhounds out to stir up any trouble they could. It was a great romance, bitter-sweet at times when tough decisions had to be made, and I just loved the way the ending tied up so much, and gave answers way and beyond what I expected.
Really enjoyed this story, and the sensuality of the romance. It was just right, fitted so well with the characters and the actions, where sometimes we just get caught up in the drama, act on the moment without thinking things through. I’d happily read this again. Priced at £1.99 for 200 pages/769kb its a bargain for romance readers.
Stars: almost a five, four and a half.

Soul Survivor. Katana Collins.

Soul Survivor (Soul Stripper)

Soul Survivor. Katana Collins.
Arc supplied via Netgalley.
Having discovery fantasy novels were not all star trek type genres a few years back I became an addict, eagerly devouring books about vampires, werewolves and witches. The few about Succubi though I ignored. I need to empathise with my heroines and I just didn’t see how I could with someone whose needs made sucking peoples life force out a necessity. But I love Richelle Meads Vampire Academy novels(even though its YA) and the Dark Swan series so after putting of the Georgia Kincaid/succubus series for ages I tried the first one – and was hooked. I learned it is possible for authors to make a succubus a character to love. Then I found Jill Myles Succubus Diaries, and after that anything with succubi had joined my fantasy list. So when I saw this one I decided it looked good.
It was good – I wasn’t sure at first, not having read the first novel, Soul Stripper, and I found it difficult to place exactly who was where in the story. It reminded me very much of Georgia Kincaid, and I didn’t want to read something that was really the same story done a little differently. Then it began to diverge, and I understood more about how the characters fitted in to each other – and I so much want something to happen so Drew and Monica can be together, that sort of forbidden/frustrated love comes through so well even though he’s now with angel Adrienne…I just can’t take to her, but love Monica. The other characters too, gel together well and give us a great mix of different talents to utilise the supernatural angle to its fullest.
There’s a mystery to be solved, which places Monica in danger, and the story is told with flashbacks to her past as an angel, and how she became a succubus. I wasn’t sure at first how well that would work, I’ve enjoyed it in other books, but it did seem here that just as I got into one part we’d go back to past, and just as I got to grips with that we’d move forward again. I think that was my problem though, not the book, in that I hadn’t read the first book. I did read the sample and would love to read all of it but its not a cheap one at 7+ quid, and I’ve lots of books on my reading/review kindle collection so reluctantly decided not to buy. I think if I’d read that one this story would have flowed better. Despite that though I was hooked by 20% or so, and avidly consumed the rest of the story. As with all good stories I wanted to get to the end to see the finale, and yet was sad too as I wanted to enjoy the story for longer. Its definitely a keeper, and one that I’ll re read multiple times – when I’ve some spare cash I WILL read the first book, and am waiting eagerly for the next. A reviewer mentioned book one could be read as a stand alone, so it is with this book. It ties in all lose ends from this novel, while still keeping to the overall story arc of the series. There is a satisfying conclusion and there’s also endings left open that I suspect -and hope! – will be the beginnings of the next book. Priced at £6.83 for 353 pages/509kb its not cheap, but is a good quality read for fantasy lovers, and will bear multiple reads which increases the VFM.
Stars: well, despite my reservations at the beginning this turned out top be a five star read 🙂

Book One, Soul Stripper

Soul Stripper

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