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Soul of Fire (Luna) Laura Anne Gilman .


Soul of Fire (Luna) Laura Anne Gilman .

ARC supplied by Netgalley.

This book had me puzzled for a while. It read as though I was into a second book, and yet I hadn’t been able to find a first one. Then looked again and found it, Heart of Briar. By then though I was three-quarters through the book. It would have been far better if I’d read that first as it’s quite a complex set of characters and problems to follow otherwise. I was often confused and had to keep making mental notes as I went along. I’d love to read the first book then go back to this, I think I’d be writing a different review then. As it is I found it difficult to get engaged with the book and characters.
It’s classed as romance and though Ty, Jan’s boyfriend, has been rescued from the Preternaturals he’s not the same as he was, and is undergoing therapy from the Supernaturals. See, even those terms had me puzzled for a while, along with the different things each Super and Preter can do, as they’re not always the same as fantasy conventions list. I was wondering was Ty meant to be the romance angle? Or perhaps given that he got into trouble by seeing a Preter (though he thought she was human of course) for coffee when he was dating Jan, perhaps after rescuing him she’d turn to one of the Supers? All very puzzling. The first third of the book seemed to be all talking and little action, – again maybe if I’d read first book I’d see it another way but to me I almost gave up here. Didn’t know the characters, the problems, how they’d resolve it, and so much of the conversations went over my head. Things picked up though, and I became more engaged with the story and Jan.
I liked Jan, loyal to Ty despite knowing he wasn’t, protective of her friends and open minded enough to accept the Supers for what they are, faults and all. Ty though – well, I guess it’s the fact that he was prepared to cheat on Jan that set me against him, and he’s so broken now that at first he just seems to link Jan to all the bad things, so I wanted her to have romance elsewhere…but with who? The Supers were not like conventional varieties, they admit emotion really is above them, they’re just practical and see humans as food or playthings very often. She can’t enter a romance with one of them without endangering her life. AJ and Martin were the ones I felt I knew best, good points and faults of course, and they were interesting characters. I love AJ’s natural Alpha qualities, but he’s dangerous, and Martin – well I couldn’t help wishing he wasn’t a Kelpie, they tend to drown their human friends when they tire of them….
The basic storyline was interesting, and once I felt “into” it I enjoyed it, but spent so long working out who/what/where and why that it did spoil my overall enjoyment of the book. If you’ve read and enjoyed book one I’m sure you’ll love this, if not then I’d advise buying that before tackling this one. Priced at £5.59 for 304 pages/421kb it’s at the upper end of my VFM price scale.
Stars: four, the beginning I’d have gone for just three, because of my confusion over everything but the later part was a good four an half so a four overall. Of course for those who’ve read book one this is probably a five.

Beth’s Acceptance. Tracy Cooper-Posey.


Beth’s Acceptance. Tracy Cooper-Posey.

ARC supplied by Netgalley.

I’ve read a few of Tracy’s novels now – most recently the wonderful Romani Armada, and know that she’s a writer who can put the sex into sexy! Tracy’s sex scenes are hot and erotic, sensuous and sultry, spicy without being overly graphic or full of weird coy terms. This book is no exception.
Beth is a mature student, studying and working at two jobs to try and pay her way through uni. She’s met Hot blue eyed Luke in the library job, and for weeks until he recently disappeared she’d been having a gentle flirtation with Zach at the café that comprised her other job. Now Zach is back and she’s torn between two deliciously hot men, though in truth neither seem to want to take any more concrete steps forward with her. Then Fate steps in, when she learns there’s more to both of them than meets the eye, and she’s become entangled into something shaped by her destiny that she would never have imagined. But she (wo)manfully steps up to the plate, and bravely accepts she has to be with both of them 🙂 what a chore!
The story is short and to the point, where Romani was far longer and thus able to wander off and delve into side tangents this book is succinct and to the point. The truth comes out very quickly, and Beth needs to decide what she wants to do – though in fact there isn’t really a choice, apart from having to bond with two deliciously hot and sexy men the dangers after her won’t go away of she tries to opt out.
The character of Beth is one we can relate to, she’s lived and struggled, working to better herself by furthering her education, she’s a responsible person and won’t let others down. Fortunately she’s very sexual too as her experiences are about to get broadened in all sorts of ways !
Zach, dark and moody and yet wonderfully sexy, and Luke, just as sexy but all light and humorous, are the perfect foil to Beth. She seems to be the hinge that joins them all, and then when more information about the trio comes out they see that there’s a huge crisis coming, and they need to unite two disparate and formerly warring races. Can they do it? Will they survive? Well, there are two more triads to be found that they’ll need to help them fight, and I look forward to reading more from Tracy in their books.
Beth’s Acceptance is the first book in the Destiny’s Trinities series:
Book 1: Beth’s Acceptance
Book 2: Mia’s Return (to be released October 4, 2013)
Book 3: Sera’s Gift (to be released October 18, 2013)
Its priced at £1.94 for 107 pages/1066kb and is a hot, erotic, sensual read. One of those where the sex scenes are a turn on, and not ones that make you squirm for the wrong reasons…..sadly too many “erotic” books are like that.
Stars: four. A longer book would have been five, that’s a personal thing but I find shorter novels don’t allow for the depth of story and characters that I love, though many people prefer them of course.

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