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Mia’s Return. Book 2 of the Destiny’s Trinities series. Tracy Cooper-Posey


Mia’s Return. Book 2 of the Destiny’s Trinities series. Tracy Cooper-Posey
Arc supplied via Netgalley

As with book one this is a novella and follows the same sort of format. There’s Mia. A human, Alexander – the guy she had a huge crush on until he died ten years ago after a passionate encounter with her, and Wyatt – a demon hunter. He includes vampires as demons, and Alexander didn’t die, he became a vampire!
The at work Mia spots him and runs after him….at the same time demons appear who seem to want to kill her, and Wyatt becomes involved. Once again all three characters have reasons not to get along – especially Alex and Wyatt, and yet Tracy manages to not only make them like and respect each other but become lovers! I’m amazed when authors manage to do this, its hard getting the reader to believe that this can happen and many writers don’t get past that hurdle making improbable relationships. Still, here it works for me. Of course the journey they face isn’t just one of danger but also incredible erotic, needing lots of hot sex between each and all of them to complete the bonding, so they become the second of the trilogy needed.
Its a shortish book, but packed full. Its 105 pages, for £1.91 so not the cheapest but it’s a sexy, sensual read with a decent plot to back up the sex.
Stars: once again a well deserved four – five if it was longer. Perfect though for those who love a quick erotic read.

My Singapore Lover. A Novel of Passion, Beauty and the Secrets of Singapore. Judy Chapman.


My Singapore Lover. A Novel of Passion, Beauty and the Secrets of Singapore.
Judy Chapman.
ARC supplied via Netgalley.
I loved this book, it’s fiction and yet its so real I could almost imagine I was reading an autobiography.
Sara seemed as though she was drifting, floating through life and always seeking to make herself feel better about her place in the world. Her latest job has brought her to Singapore working for a magazine. The boss seems to like her, but she gradually realises Singapore and her boss are adept at making her feel wanted, and yet not giving her what it is she needs. Her boss brings in others (men) to oversee her job while praising her work, promotes her while still holding out on what she really wants, and she’s feels she’s losing herself in her work. She’s becoming one of the types she doesn’t like, not valuing her friends, working too hard and too long and her health suffers. She seeks out local healers who give the usual enigmatic and ambiguous answers. As do taxi drivers, shop staff and the hotel concierge…it seems everyone there is full of advice but none seems to be helping. She’s met Jimmy too – married and wealthy hotelier. They know there can be nothing more between them, and though they start with her taking lessons from him in eastern exercise (can’t quite think of the right word) that seek to align her physical and mental spirit and make both stronger, they soon start a passionate affair that moves on quickly from a once a week meeting to much more frequent.
I loved Sara, but felt so much for her, seeking success her in her work life means giving up much of herself, its tough being a woman in the western world, in the eastern one its very very hard to succeed. Men are part of a culture that just doesn’t see women in the workplace as any value, and don’t really respect their opinions. Gradually Sara is losing more of herself, and struggling between her past, present and future.
Its not a grab you by the throat rip roaring adventure, but more a gentle meander through Sara’s life, learning things as she does, struggling alongside her. I didn’t always agree with her, and sometimes wanted to say “wake up Sara, see what’s happening” especially when she was losing respect of and for her friends.
Ravi from her childhood reappears briefly, and they chat and she realises that she’s been looking at the past with the eyes of childhood, and he helps her to look differently at things. This impacts on how she sees herself in the present, and she needs to make some tough choices about what she needs to do for herself to be a person she can live with.
Its a great book, one to read slowly, savour and look back on, to wonder “what if she…” and see just how hard it is to succeed in a career and personal life while still being true to oneself.
I loved Jimmy, and being the incurable romantic wanted his wife to be a baggage, and him to leave her and be with Sara, but I knew that wouldn’t happen, and so did Sara. He’s part of her tough choices, she can stay as she is, he’ll support her but they’ll never have more, or she can move on and leave him behind. The HEA – well at the end there’s a glimpse that made me happy, of something that may just be that for Sara, it wasn’t what I’d hoped and wanted but could prove to be what she needed. Although it’s only 179 pages/349kb for £4.11 and thus on the expensive side it felt like a much longer book, and I guess that because its the savour experience, not one to skim through but has so much on each page it needs to be read slowly, and makes you ponder about incident and choices as you’re reading. I was really surprised when I looked up the length as I’d assumed it was about 300-350 pages…that’s how it felt when I was reading. Its a book too that you’d like to re read for the sheer richness of the life in Singapore, and the way the inhabitants live it. The huge contrast between the locals and the expats, (why is it people are so proud of living differently to the locals when they live among them. Why don’t they want to integrate and enjoy the differences in culture and everyday life while they are there? Sara does, but she’s one a few – most are in their own little ex pat enclaves and proud of it)
Stars: hmnnn – almost a five, four and a half.

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