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Rogue’s pawn and Rogue’s posession Jeffe Kennedy.


Rogue’s Pawn (Covenant of Thorns)
Jeffe Kennedy .

Well, saw this recommended and it sounded like one I’d enjoy so bought it. (despite getting lots of free review books I still buy too many !) Anyway its something really unusual and magical.
Gwynn is at a party and bored, walks out and by a series of co incidences ends up in another world. She can’t believe what’s happening at first, then she’s attacked by the Black Dog that’s been haunting her dreams recently, and wakes up chained in what seems like a mediaeval castle. She needs healing and the Lord of the castle, Rogue, has arranged it for her. Its nothing like here though with bandages, stitches and creams, but based around magical healing where the lady healer is aided by a cat familiar…Welcome to the land of Fae. Then she learns everything comes at a cost and she has to pay for her healing with servitude arranged by the seductive and mysterious Rogue. By a strange exchange between different parties she has to undergo paying that debt by way of training to use her magic. She didn’t know she had any. Now she needs to learn to control it as everything she thinks of appears in reality…and it could prove dangerous if she has no control.
The way the Fae speak too is interesting, a sort of telepathy which she can hear inside her mind, they talk and her mind translates the gist of what they say into something she can understand – there are times though when the translation leaves much to be desired. They all say she’s shouting as she projects her thoughts so loudly, that’s lesson one, how to be quieter.
She owes a debt to Rogue too – and he wants as his payment her first-born child, sired by him….but first she has to undergo the training…. and that’s pretty horrific testing her both physically and mentally by the cruel couple that are in charge of it. They want to break and remake her but Gwynn tries hard to keep some of herself inside. She blames Rogue all the while for sending her there, and not explaining more earlier, but later finds out that idyllic though everything look there’s a darker side and even high Lords like him are constrained by, and afraid of, some-one above them.

I loved Rogue, even though he seemed not to help Gwynn it was still clear he wanted her. Fae lives are very long so what seems like a long time to us is just a blink for them. Gwynn has much to learn, about magic and about the rules governing the place she’s in. She doesn’t want to get pregnant either, that’s not been in her plans, and though Rogue is sensual and seductive, and invading her dreams with erotic fantasies, she keeps reminding herself he’s at fault for where she is now, and she won’t be a party to creating a child with him, especially as she’d have to give it up and she has no idea of why its wanted. Learning the cost to things as she has, she knows there would be nothing good for the child in store.
A magical book, and I was really keen to get book two – got that yesterday and have read it – and its perfect but now I want book three 🙂
Priced at just £2.11 for 261 pages its a bargain and will definitely join my keepers file to be re read.
Stars: cracking book – full five.


Rogue's Possession (Covenant of Thorns)

Rogue’s Possession (Covenant of Thorns) Jeffe Kennedy

Well, I’d recently read and loved the first book so wanted to see what’s in store next for Gwynn. She’s now in the service of Lord Falcon, as pet sorceress for his war games – except they are real battles where people die.. Such is life in the land of the Fae, death is just part of the entertainment of the Lords and Ladies. Gwynn now has the cat Darling as her familiar. Like all cats choose their owners, Darling wanted adventure and chose to be with Gwynn. He’s a terrific character and I love his mental pictures of battle armour and Gigantor Darling! He too can speak to Gwynn and she learns more about him in this book, and about just how bad things can get if a certain someone is not happy…no wonder everyone treads on eggshells while speaking of that person.
Rogue won’t tell her what will happen to the child nor why he wants one, and so as she’s learned the hard way about how to make a bargain, she’s come up with a way to fit in with his terms but prevent him from having sex unless she agrees. There are Very Strong penalties for breaking a bargain and its something none of the Fae do. Of course Rogue is trying hard to seduce her, and she’s already attracted to him so she needs to stand firm. Her bargain of one kiss per day, five minuets long at a time he chooses, and sleeping with her but touching with only one hand is trying for them both! .
There is some great magic in this book, both fun things like the magical lighted pillows, the self emptying chamber pot, the always full drinks trolley and more serious things that affect battle play and lives. Rogue manages to arrange for Gwynn to go on a quest, and some of the characters from book one accompany her, Lady Blackbird and her daughter Starling, the wonderful Darling of course, and she also ends up with many more people in her entourage, some fairies, a sort of Bailiff – a brownie called Larch, and a few other people. She’s learning a lot as she travels but somehow the more she learns the greater the dangers seem to get, and all the while the seductive Rogue is at her side trying to weaken her resolve. She needs to know more about this world if she is to stay safe, but in her quest for answers she needs to avoid drawing the attention of the insane fae/goddess she calls Titania who everyone fears intensely. Break a vow or bargain and its Titania that sets the punishment, and she sees humans and Fae alike as just disposable playthings. . The more she learns about cruelties she’s caused in the past the more determined Gwynn is to escape her clutches. Priced at just £1.59 for 280 pages its another riveting read and I want book three Now 🙂
Stars: five of course!

Rockstar Romance Boxed Set. 12 Book Bundle New Adult BBW. Emme Rollins, Terry Towers, Aubrey Rose and More.

Rocking Her Curves: Asher and Trixie Book 1



Rockstar Romance Boxed Set. 12 Book Bundle New Adult BBW. Emme Rollins, Terry Towers, Aubrey Rose and More.
Well, this has to be a bargain doesn’t it – just 77pence for twelve stories about hot rock stars. I’ve not read all of these books yet, my preference is for longer books and some of these are novellas. I started with Rock Hard, and enjoyed that but its one of those with further parts and I’ve not looked up to see if the rest is out so far. I’ve read another three of which I enjoyed two and didn’t really gel with one of them. The characters in that one seemed more like early teens than adults but the other two were fun reads. It’s a great way to try out authors you may not have read before too, at this low price, works out at less than 7p per book. They’re all as it says, romance and rock-stars, so if that a genre you enjoy this is a must buy at the price. All the stories feature ladies who aren’t twiglets – that doesn’t mean they’re hefty and unattractive, just normal sized people, and its a treat to read novels with females who aren’t obsessed about weight but enjoy food and life. The stories vary from gentle romance to some pretty hot and spicy novels.
The selection is perfect for those times when you haven’t got long to read and want something light and easy, no deep dramas or heavy plots but just something to relax with. Sometimes I’ve just finished a deep emotional book and don’t want to start the next as its perhaps too late at night and once I’m in a book I tend to get hooked and read til early hours * blush * then regret it next day when I’m wandering round with matchsticks needed for my eyes….or maybe you’ve a train journey, or hospital appointment or something and want a novel you can put down and still be able to pick up story later. I don’t have info on number of pages. My kindle tells me its 17 hours of reading though, and almost 24,000 locations so you can see there is plenty to read and its not just twelve short stories. Also note that I’m a quick reader and its geared to my speed…
Stars: well for price it’d have to be a five but content…well, of those I read I enjoyed them, (apart from the one I mentioned) but can’t say I loved them. Its horses for courses again and I tend to like more drama in my reading, these were sweet and light romance so if that’s what you love its perfect reading choice so for me, well 3 – 4, better than OK but not quite in the Good marker.

ARC provided by Netgalley.

MEETING TROUBLE by Emme Rollins (Note: This was originally published as “Happy Accident.”)
ROCK ME: WICKED by Arabella Quinn
ROCKED: DEX & BECCA by Clara Bayard
ROCK & ROLL CURVES by D. H. Cameron
CURVY GIRLS ROCK by Virginia Wade
ROCK HARD by Adriana Hunter

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