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Revival. Noelle Adams.


Revival. Noelle Adams.

Well, this sounded like a promising romance so eagerly dived in as that’s what I was in the mood for, having just finished a complex paranormal. But….well…it Was romance, it was all the things it said it the description and it was just…nice. When I was at school our English teacher used to get really cross with us using certain words. Got and Nice were two of her real no-no’s. She said nice was a really vague description – well sadly it fits this book well, its just bland. Its a sweet man meets woman, they’re reminded of their childhood and start a romance. And its…nice. Baron is nice, Leila is nice, the twins are nice…the only person who isn’t is Baron’s brother and we don’t see much of him. I was waiting for some drama, something to go wrong, a bit where it would be sadly emotional and make me tearful ( I know. Masochist!)but..all I got was more and more nice. Even the break-up was done in a nice way, and everyone was so understanding it seemed emotionless.
So if you want an easy to read, happy ever after romance, with a sweet but very ordinary, basic plot then this book is for you. Me? Sorry but I need more – more depths to the characters, more emotion form them all and a plot that’s got more substance. I didn’t dislike the book, there wasn’t anything to dislike but I just didn’t like it either 😦
It’s priced at £1.91 for 258 pages so good value if its the sort of read you want, uncomplicated and easy to follow, sweet romance. Lots of people do – that’s why M&B are so popular, sadly I need more.
Stars: 2.5 – it was inoffensive and just OK, not bad just not good either for me, but as always this is a personal view and others have different tastes.
NB: ARC provided by Netgalley


Between Two Thorns. The Split Worlds, Book one. Emma Newman

Between Two Thorns (The Split Worlds)


Between Two Thorns. The Split Worlds, Book one. Emma Newman
I really expected to like this book but…..I found it confusing to begin and hard work. I usually like multiple points of view but sometimes they muddy a story, and so it was here for me. I’d just get to grips with one person and the surroundings and we’d change to another, and find everything different again. I think as its such an unusual world setting with different rules for each type of character, I needed to be with them longer. As it was I just felt I was getting to know them and- we’d jump to someone else, then just as I’m mentally sorting out that part of the story and …yes all change again. Its a personal thing of course, and I’m sure others won’t have the problems I did but it made it difficult for me to empathise with any of the characters, and that’s essential for me to enjoy a novel. I have to feel that I’m sort of spiritually there, feeling the emotions and problems they face. Here to begin with I just couldn’t really like any of the characters, they seemed very cold and emotionless. This book being the first of three has the difficult job of setting the new world and rules, along with a huge cast of characters, and once that’s out of the way things get clearer. I have had this problem before with first books in a series and gone on to enjoy the rest of the novels. I did keep forgetting who was who, and how they all linked together and again as we get to know the settings and people that will get easier probably.
Anyway, having put out the downside, the stuff I didn’t like, how did I go on from there? Well, about 30-35% in it began to come together for me and I became entranced with the settings and the story unfolding. I started to understand more about each “world” and the people within them, and how they interacted. I also realised that this novel had two main plots, one which is solved here and a greater one spanning all three books, of which I think the second plot of this book was part of. Confused yet? Well, confusing as the novel is it’s still worth the work, as it’s a magical tale and so very different to what I’m used to in fantasy novels. I found it hard to relate to the characters to begin, but as time went on I started understanding their places and motives, got enmeshed in their lives and problems and I really want to know if things will work out for Catherine and William. There are a few good guys here and a whole host of nasty, selfish, power-crazed ones. At first the male dominated hierarchy made me think of our human world in past times, but as I learned more I could see that there was more motivating the actions than just male/ female, dominance issues, and that there were multiple layers of hierarchy rolling over all the worlds. Catherine was a pawn, but in fact so was William, and even her parents and his to a degree. It seems exiled though they are most of the time, its the Fae Lords and Ladies that do the real power exchange and control. Then again – I may not have got that quite right! Its a hard book to categorize, but has so much content in it that its one of those I feel will be understood more on second reading, and books two and three will flow better now I understand more of how things work. Its fascinating and I love the magic touches. And of course the Gargoyle that shares Max’ soul…..
After a shaky start I’m hooked and want to read the rest of the trilogy – its a series to be read, savoured and read again! Priced at £5.49 for 400 pages its good value as its got enough depth to bear multiple readings.
Stars: Four and a half – which may come as a shock after the start of my review but this really is a great read.
NB: ARC provided via Netgalley.

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