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Sex and the Social Network. Victoria Lexington.

Sex and the Social Network. Victoria Lexington.

There’s always scare stories about the dangers of social networks, and Victoria has used that to produce this novel about four ladies who’ve connected with either old friends, or friends of friends. At the start they seem happily married, but the novel shows just how easy it is to get sucked in, first via informal public online posts, then private one to one online chat, phone texts and then…meeting in Real Time. And what can result…
The story is told from POV of each of the ladies, skipping from one to another and revealing their thoughts on their marriage, their friends and the potential lovers. Its shows just how devastating affairs can be, how easy it is to jump into one instead of sorting out one’s problems, and how our pasts and problems from then can affect how we react now. There’s not a woman meets man happy ending, but differing results for all four ladies.
Its an interesting novel. To be honest I’m very strongly against affairs – I’ve never subscribed to the “we just fell in love” excuse. Some-one has to take that first step, and that’s when they should be thinking of outcomes and problems, not just barging ahead. We see here the consequences of doing that.
I enjoyed the novel from the perspective of what happened, but I didn’t really empathise with the characters, apart from one who’d had a bad case of childhood abuse. The others seemed to be quite shallow, looking at their own happiness rather than their family, and what they could lose. The men too were a mix of types, and there were some very hot and steamy sex scenes in the novel. I just didn’t really feel fully connected with the story, more of an onlooker.
ARC supplied by author.
Stars: four, its an interesting read but not one I’d re read.

Dark Angel. TJ Bennett.


Dark Angel. TJ Bennett.

Well, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book – seemed to be a sort of mystery romance. Well, it was, and it was so much more too!
Catherine is the only person from a shipwreck to get washed up on an island off the Irish coast. She’s desperate to return home, but the islanders seem so secretive about her chances of that, try to put her off whenever she raises the topic, and are keen to involve her in life on the island and accept a place there. There’s so much they aren’t telling her, and she needs to know more to get back home. Why are they keeping secrets about her chances of getting home? She can’t understand the rationale as they all seem very keen to help her in other ways and delighted to meet her.
Then there’s Gerard, handsome and inscrutable owner of the castle. He healed her with incredible speed, and yet any questions about that or anything else she’s curious about he deflects cleverly. There’s a simmering attraction between them, but all the while she has in her mind the need to get to London and her responsibilities. When some of the secrets are revealed she simply can’t believe them, passes them off as superstition, but what about the mysterious fog that comes in so quickly, and the dangerous Beast that stories tell roams the island.
Its a great story, enough conundrums and enigmatic secrets to keep the reader guessing just where the story is going, along with the slowly developing romance between Gerard and Catherine. What’s going to happen? Will she get off the island and return to London – and if she has the chance, how will she leave Gerard if the blossoming romance does go further? All questions that get answered – but not at all in the way I expected. The ending came as a real surprise and yet – it fitted the story so well.
When I began reading somehow the style reminded me of the Victoria Holt novels I devoured as a teen, but as the plots moved on it became a much more individual and interesting narration than the stories I remembered. I think its the sort of gentle, historical setting, and the air of mystery about the story that prompted my musings. Certainly the whole of the story is much more personal and interesting, moving and emotional, and with enough mystery to give me the shivers at times, but not to frighten me off – I’m easily scared sadly, so anything more than the slightest hint of spook and my mind is away and summoning up depths that terrify me 🙂 makes my kids and grand-kids laugh when I can’t even watch kids films cos they scare me….
ARC provided via Netgalley
Stars: I’ve had a real roll of good reads recently and this is yet another five!

Hunters Moon. Lisa Kessler.


Hunters Moon. Lisa Kessler.

I loved Lisa’s first book Moonlight, so was really pleased to get the next. Its another cracker with story lines to keep reader engrossed and characters that we can empathise with. Its not a single plot book but one with multiple ones, some that get tied up in this novel, and some that continue the theme that begun in the first – a sort of umbrella plot that all others sideline from.
So, we meet Adam and Lana once again from the first book, along with their twins and some of the other characters. This book centres on Adams’ twin Aren. He was in the last book, and was shot by the Jaguar assassin Sasha – what he hasn’t told anyone is that when she touched him he discovered she was his mate. It works differently for Jaguars though – the Wolf one true mate doesn’t happen to them so she will have no idea…
By chance Sasha is in trouble and needs help to protect her younger sister. Aren didn’t tell anyone but he ensured Sasha was saved during that final battle, even though she had shot him. She doesn’t know why of course, but lacking anyone else to help her she turns to Aren. This leads us into another amazing romance, hot and steamy, emotional and full of highs one moment, and lows the next when things go wrong for the couple. The threat to her sister is all too real, and very dangerous and Aren is worried for not only Sasha and her sister, but for the Pack too – and of course what will they think when they know he’s involved with the woman who they think tried to kill him. Along with that there are secrets coming out from all directions that affect how the can protect Sasha, her siater and the Pack, from the characters themselves, from the Pack and from the Nero organisation….
Its a great read, real edge of seat at times, made me laugh, made me almost cry, the very best of books for me – I need all that angst and emotion in a story and not just sweetness and love. Priced at £2.79 for 340 pages its great value and will join my keepers file for re reading.
ARC provided via publishers.
Stars: five – great read 🙂

Undying Embrace Jessica Lee.

Undying Embrace (A Novel of the Enclave) (Entangled Edge)


Undying Embrace Jessica Lee.

I enjoyed the first book in this series, Undying Destiny, and was pleased to get this one for review. We met Arran in book one as working partner to Marcus, who betrayed the Enclave. He feels he should have noticed something was wrong with Marcus, so has left the Enclave and spent the last two years trying to track down and kill him along with Marguerite, the Master who lured him away, and is frankly a real nasty piece of work. Oh I do love a good Bad female 🙂
At the same time human Enclave employee Elle is in town searching for her sister, who has been missing for three weeks. Elle and Arran have a brief, shared history, a single kiss that reduced Elle to a quivering wreck, before Arran then left suddenly. They’re really attracted to each other, a gritty, internal longing that won’t be suppressed, though Elle still wants an explanation for his sudden disappearance. However Arran feels he’s not good enough for her because of his past actions, that she deserves better and he won’t give in…so far anyway. Elle meets him in her search for her sister, when he spots her at the club he’s been told Marcus frequents and sparks fly – in all ways!
There’s some sultry, sensual, spicy sex between them, taking them two steps forward forward then one step back in relationship terms, with Arran being domineering and protective, saying it’s too dangerous for her to be involved and Elle standing up to him, and arguing for her place in the search for her sister. Of course that brings them into contact with Marcus and the dangerous and mad Marguerite, and their survival is on a knife edge… They need more help, but Arran doesn’t want to get the Enclave involved.
There’s some good interludes with other vampires, extending the characters involved and when that happens I always wonder if some of these will show up in later books. I hope new vampire David does, given a second chance I think he’d make a good addition, as he seems a moral but practical person. Even big, tough vampires – in fact especially big, tough vampires need strong morals if they’re to avoid going the Dark route and join the DEADs…and then of course there’s Elle’s sister – what’s going to happen with her?
So – plenty of action – of the vampire violence kind, and not just the sensual and erotic action between Arran and Elle, and a good though simple storyline. This novel is a great follow on to the first one, and I enjoyed reading it. I have a preference for longer novels, that really mean the story can go in depth in the plots and characters, but I know many people like these shorter books. It’s priced at £3.57 for 175 pages.
ARC provided via Netgalley.
Stars: like book one I enjoyed the story, but a bit deeper and longer needed for my five stars, but this is a worthy four stars.

Captive. The Forbidden Side of Nightshade. A. D. Robertson.

Captive: The Forbidden Side of Nightshade


Captive. The Forbidden Side of Nightshade. A. D. Robertson.

I have a well known love of paranormal romance so this seemed a perfect read. Its different from the usual run of paranormals, no vampires, some shape-shifters called Guardians, creatures from Mythology, Succubus and Incubus, and Searchers and Keepers. There are two opposing sides of which the main characters are searchers and keepers.
Sarah volunteers for a risky, no retrieval mission. She knows she may die or be killed executing it, and that the Searchers won’t attempt a rescue. Of course she gets caught, and the Keeper of the Castle and Island Tristan decides on an alternative way of getting information, rather than the usual dungeons and torture…he’s lonely although he doesn’t realise it, and Sarah appeals to him. Slowly they begin to trust each other, and wonder if the information they’ve each been given about the other group is correct. Passions rise and they become lovers but Tristan knows Lord Bosque Mar will not allow them to be together, so they need to plan carefully what they can do.
Its a captivating story with some gruesome moments, and lots of heated passion. I love the way both Tristan and Sarah slowly give in to the first attractions they felt. The Wolves too were interesting, and bitch succubus Lana a perfect evil lady to make a foil for Sarah, and provide some needed jealousy and back talk. Too much good in a romance without some bad to balance just makes it a bit sickly to me. Here we’ve a great mix, along with a vivid story, fabulous characters and scene setting adventure. I want now to know what’s in the next book now 🙂 That always happens, I get hooked and then hate the wait for more from the people involved.
It took me a little while to get sucked into the story and TBH I’m still a little puzzled over the whole Witches War thing, and how it evolved but that didn’t matter once I got hooked into the characters and what was happening. I like the prophecy part too – added to the the fantasy feel of the story, and leads neatly into what may happen next. Having done a bit of searching I found its a move on from a YA series called Nightshade written under a different author name Andrea Cremer. Had I read that series I’d have understood the world building, and its inhabitants better and gone for a higher star rating I think.
I don’t have pricing info but its quite a long novel which I always enjoy, and I’d love to read more about them and what happens next.
Stars: Three and a half. If I’d been able to understand the whole war and the roles each side played I think I’d have liked this more. It took me quite a lot of searching to come up with the connection, though Nightshade is mentioned its not disclosed that the author name is different, and of course Nightshade is a popular book title – 694 currently under that search term on Amazon!
ARC received via Netgalley

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