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Dark Wolf Running. Rhyannon Byrd.

Dark Wolf Running (Mills & Boon Nocturne) (Bloodrunners - Book 5)


Dark Wolf Running. Rhyannon Byrd.
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews.

I came into this series on the last book, Dark Wolf Rising, the fourth in the series. I found it fairly easy to catch up on the past history, and enjoyed that book so when I saw this I jumped at the chance to review. Once again its an easy to read, fast paced story. Like many conventional series there is an overall story arc running through all the books that connects them, but each book is mainly about two people, their connection to the wolves and is complete in itself. That’s my favourite – I hate those books which end in cliffhangers leaving reader in limbo, but love the thought that as well as the stories about Pack characters there’s a larger plot to be revealed, and each book adds something to it.
Anyway, here we meet Elise and Wyatt, two damaged people with dark problems from their past that make them feel unworthy of love. Their attraction to each other is strong, and fortunately Wyatt is persistent – determined to make Elise see him as a person. Circumstances and danger throw them closer and…steam and fireworks happen between them. Elise is a great character, after learning what happened to her in the past I understood why she was so closed off, and was rooting for Wyatt to show her that the past was gone, and its Now that matters. Of course he needed to learn that lesson himself too….
I enjoyed this book as much as the previous one, interesting characters and pack dynamics, and it varies a bit from the norm with the addition of the Bloodrunners. They’re half breeds that have to hunt rogues and only when they’ve killed a specific number are they accepted into the pack as full members. Not having read books 1-3 its taken me a while to get to grips with that concept, but its a good addition that allows the plots to stretch further and makes the series a little different from others, and with so many books in this genre that’s needed.
Wyatt and Elise are terrific characters, and there’s lots of emotion coming from them – not just the hot sex type though there’s plenty of that but of the darkness of their pats and the way they need to learn to be open and to trust each other. The danger too faced by them and the pack seems genuine and has a realistic feel to it. Even given its fantasy and we need to suspend belief it still needs to feel real within the parameters of the genre to me and this does. There’s some quite graphic violence, these aren’t pretty sweet wolves, but ones that use their teeth and claws when its needed. Equally they get fully into the emotions of sex with some erotic, carnal, sensual scenes. Its priced at £4.19/$6.77 for 304 pages.
Stars: four and a half.

NB: ARC supplied via Netgalley

Legend of the Highland Dragon. Isabel Cooper

Legend of the Highland Dragon


Legend of the Highland Dragon. Isabel Cooper
From Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews
I love paranormal romance so put in my request for this. It’s unusual to get Dragon shifters, a shame because they’re so much fun! Anyway, got stuck into the book and discovered it’s not set in a contemporary or future world but is a step back into the past.
I’m not too good at history but feels to me like the early 1900’s maybe late 1800’s from the way the characters act. A time when females were taught to know their place ( in the kitchen, breeding the next generation mostly) and everyone has their allotted station in life. Mina is a strong character though and has put herself through classes to become a trained secretary. Of course the job market isn’t ready for females in the main but she gets a chance with a Professor who’s not interested in stereotypes…Mina’s busy at work when Stephen McAlistair drops by to see him. He seems an angry and dangerous man, and Mina being the person she is wants to know more about him, so drops in at his house to see if she can find anything out from the staff…then something happens that ends with Mina working for Stephen. They become close, both seriously attracted to the other and yet both are aware of their relatively different positions. Mina knows he needs a wife from the right background, he’s aware that as a dragon he could be a danger to her, but as they say Love conquers All, and this certainly gets put to the test when danger after danger finds them, and things previously unknown to Mina, and that only featured in fairy-tales to her knowledge are proved to be all too real.
I loved the characters, the setting was just perfect providing yet another barrier to love (how stupid its always seemed to me that people can be the “wrong type” when they fall in love. Still happens too often ). The supernatural side was fun too – in the way that danger can be fun when its not real of course! I always like the idea that there could be more to the world that we know and this book shows us a way in which things that go bump on the night can exist. The connections between Mina and Stephen is surprisingly steamy given the time period, and works to whip up another facet and add to the danger. Stephen’s enemy knows that he can hit those close to Stephen and cause damage – he doesn’t have to hit Stephen himself, but can choose easier targets to cause him pain.
Its a great read, not a gripping edge of seat one, but a gentle and sensual romance tied in with some believable dangers and of course a HEA – I love those! Priced at £3.70 for 352 pages it’s good value.
Stars: four.
ARC supplied via Netgalley.

Unclaimed. Sara Humphreys.

Unclaimed: Amoveo Legend Series, Book 5 (The Amoveo Legend)


Unclaimed. Sara Humphreys.
Arc provided via Netgalley.

Fantasy – shape-shifters and romance – two of my big tick boxes 🙂
This is much like conventional shape shifters in the whole Mate idea, where there’s one predestined mate for everyone. The shape shifters though have a number of differences to what we often see, some can teleport, create things from imagination, speak mind to mind, have healing abilities etc. Some of these we’ve seen in other novels and some are now to the shifters. There’s also fighting factions – purists, who want to get rid of the half breeds, and humans who want to kill all the shifters. Trouble is with past treachery no-one is quite sure who is who – and to be honest at times I had the same problem…..
Given that Tatiana was so anti all things Amoveo she seemed to succumb very quickly – and Dominic, one minute wants his Mate, then as she’s against it so is he, then he shifts back to wanting it – all very confusing along with who was behind the horse sickness and the past problems they ad which still seemed to be active in some ways. It was at this point I did what I should have done before requesting and looked to see if this was part of a series – and it is, book five or so, and I realised if I’d read previous novels I’d have had a far better understanding of the world and the characters in it. My bad! Still, I managed to work out with some back and forth how everyone fitted in and had no clue about how it was all going to pan out. I do like a book that keeps me guessing and Unclaimed certainly did that. Some scorching sex scenes too – and I warmed to Tatiana eventually, she was a good person and I’d just found her absolute abhorrence of all things Amoveo hard to take given that her sister had found her mate and was very happy. I understood her background influence but she’s an adult now and surely the people who made her sister so happy deserved a bit of re thinking?
Some great characters once I understood more about them and their world, – loved the way they had a place to discuss things away from anyone snooping – very mysterious and provided a good answer to the question of how others with same abilities would be able to overhear them. That part was really magical and appealed to me. The fight scenes were pretty realistic, the sex scenes hot…but the overall plot – even though I didn’t guess who was involved – was a bit thin to me. There was lots of talk, some quick action and then it seemed all over.
From the reviews its clearly a series with a strong fan base, and I do love these sort of novels when they run to a series but for me its just a bit too simplistic, I need a bit more depth and darkness. Priced at £3.70 for 320 pages its a step up in price from previous novels – maybe its longer? I’ll check….nope, they’re all similar length. Maybe its a reflection on the series popularity – I’ve noticed this happen with other series, that they get more expensive as they gain readers 😦
Stars: four

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