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Triangle Susann Julieva , Romelle Engel



Triangle Susann Julieva , Romelle Engel
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews.

Reading the description I was reminded of the voice-over for a serial in the 70’s where each person seemed to be in a relationship, or dreaming of one, with at least two other people…the sound-bite was “Confused? You will be..” and I wondered if that’s how I’d find this. In actuality though its not as confusing as the description suggests as Nick doesn’t come into the book until around halfway through, and we concentrate on just James, Casey and Danny.

I liked the characters, intense, solitary James, who seems at odds with the rest of the world apart from long-time straight friend Casey. Casey’s one of the good guys, friendly with everyone, affable and easy going and though he’s straight. James believes he’s in love with him, though dare not show his feeling to Casey in case it spoils their relationship. Then along comes Rizzo – Danny- who turns everything upside down. He’s one of those who always is at the heart of controversy, who throws out comments and actions for effect. He pushes and riles James, Casey tells James he’s in love with Danny, and poor, poor James is so heartbroken and jealous but stuck. He warns Danny to leave Casey alone but then Danny makes sexual approaches to him too, and he’s then totally confused about how he feels for Danny, and what about his long-standing love for Casey…Its all very intense, and these three dance around their feelings. At times its a wonder they ever managed to get any college work done! Then slowly out come some of the skeletons from each of their backgrounds, and along comes Nick into the mix. He’s another troubled character in love with Danny… There are so many hidden secrets coming out and some tragic consequences to actions.
Its a very intense, insular book, and though in a way its all about how each feels for the other(s) its also lacking on romance for me. Its all about thoughts and histories rather than what’s actually happening in the present, and I felt quite detached from the characters at times. That’s me though – I like dialogue based books best, ones where I can feel as if I’m in the persons head, and here I felt like an onlooker and didn’t quite follow what was happening much of the while. I needed to get more invested in outcomes than I did, and that’s why for me this is an OK book, but not one I’d re read. It does have lots of sweetness, lots of that young, intense love, but there was too much introspection and not enough action for me. Still, everyone wants different things and I’m sure this will feel just perfect for others. It was originally a serial and maybe the transition to novel affected the overall feel?
Stars: three.

ARC supplied via authors

Jagged. Kristen Ashley

Jagged (Colorado Mountain Series)


Jagged. Kristen Ashley
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews.

My first KA novel was the wonderful Knight, got it free in the days I first had my kindle – and that’s still my favourite. I’ve bought several since then with mixed feelings. I love some of them, they have for me the perfect balance of storyline, emotion with highs and lows, and yet a couple of them I just haven’t really gelled with. This is one such 😦 It’s as always well written, but the characters and story just didn’t cut it somehow for me.
I liked Zara, hard-working and able to stand up for herself those are KA ladies I like best, not the twee man-dependent ones that sometimes creep in. Zara had suffered such a lot I really felt for her but yet it was almost too much. You know the way its bad luck after bad luck after bad luck? With such good friends she’d managed to cope but it still felt a little too much for me. Then there’s Ham, KA heroes all seem to come from the same mould, strong, tall and built, hairy, ( I can’t think of any I’ve read that weren’t almost gorilla sounding!) and they seem to have the same abbreviated language, along with a perception that they are right. Always. No questions asked – OK so they are always right, but this time the way all these people just fall in with Hams suggestions got a bit irritating. Zara’s friends gave him the “I’m watching you “ speech, but in reality just went with the flow most of the time. Once Zara’s family got involved the plot and people seemed to get very convoluted at times, and I think that’s where it began to fall apart for me. I did like the way Ham explained his feelings, and the way we were in Zara’s head to see how she felt about issues. That’s so real, that way one person means one thing, and the other takes it differently….and leads to many misunderstandings.
Anyway, a decent romance, a slightly too convoluted plot for me, it felt a bit too contrived somehow, working too hard, overcomplicated. Good lead characters and the supporting cast of locals were OK, but overall this isn’t going to be one of my favourites. I did feel emotion, but not the deep downs and highs that I’ve enjoyed from other KA books. That bit for instance in Mystery Man where Hawk has a change of heart, and breaks up with Gwen. I could have cried at the emotion there…. Its felt very smooth paced, rather than the ups and downs emotionally that I need. As always lots of hot sex scenes, but again no real surprises, nothing different and I began to skip them towards the end as not really adding anything to the story. Still, KA has legions of fans and I’m sure for many this will be another five star read. Just not me 😦
Stars: three
NB: ARC supplied via Netgalley

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