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Edge of Darkness. J.T. Geissinger

Edge of Darkness (A Night Prowler Novel)


Edge of Darkness. J.T. Geissinger
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews
I’d read and reviewed the third book in this series. I enjoyed that, but felt if I’d read the first two I’d have understood the plot and characters better, then just as I requested this one I saw that the first book was free, so got that and read/loved it. I have a much better understanding of this world now, and Christian in this book plays quite a strong part in book one, so it was a good follow on for me – he was still in my head.
Anyway Ember, quiet girl, antiquarian bookshop owner/worker has a troubled background. She’s someone I liked, understood her feelings and I felt for her so much, so when Christian drops in to her shop to seek out a rare book and she was so so attracted to him I hoped for good things for her. Christian is an enigma, on the surface cultured, wealthy, and suave and yet he’s hiding secrets too. Inevitably they begin a romance of sorts, its one step forward and two back with both of them keeping things from each other and treading cautiously around them. Inevitably that leads to misunderstandings and crises. Christian knows he’s flirting with danger in a forbidden romance, and Ember is scared but neither can seem to keep away. I really enjoyed the tension between them, with both being drawn to each other despite their heads telling them it was a bad idea. Embers good friend Ash, a gay neighbour was a great character, vivacious and full of life he really cared about Ember and was one of the few people in her life.
Danger approaches – the reasons Christian are in the city get revealed and Ember lets out some of her own secrets. They both have problems dealing with what’s been revealed….other groups become involved and the tension builds up – both from the romantic and the suspense side – with peril facing them whatever move they make. Its a real minefield (!) to pick their way through the problems without losing their lives. Its a riveting finish, left me feeling really glad I’d chosen this book. I’m looking forward to more.
I really loved this book, just the right mix of secrets, danger and sensuality to keep me on the edge til the end. Its clearly going to become a favourite series for me, with characters I can relate to and plots that will stand up to re reading. The best books IMO – I love to read through a whole series back to back when its ended. Priced at just £3.99 for a massive 444 pages it’s a bargain.
Stars: cracking read, I loved it so a full five from me.

NB: ARC provided via Netgalley.

Slow Twitch. Liz Reinhardt.


Slow Twitch (A Brenna Blixen Novel)

Slow Twitch. Liz Reinhardt.

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

I enjoy a foray into YA sometimes – the emotion and drama from all that teen/early twenties angst is satisfying 🙂 and loving the authors mentioned, Tammara Webber and Abbi Glines I thought I’d try this.

I’d read the Amazon samples of the first two novels, and found it relatively easy to pick up the story from there. Much of this book is played out in the form of flashbacks via different characters memories. That worked well, giving answers to questions I imagine were brought up in earlier books. I enjoy looking at a scene from different viewpoints, and loved the way in this book the secrets were slowly revealed and explained so much of the behaviour of each character. Brenna is quite a complex character – still very find of and close to Saxon and has had a past relationship with him, but she’s In Love with his brother Jake. I could understand the jealousies each felt, Brenna is a terrific but troubled person. Jake – he’s a sweetheart, loves Brenna but still finding his feet within his family with whom he’s recently been reunited. Jenna is in Ireland when he first meets them, and he’s subjected to some temptation in the form of a girl whose set her sights on him. Jenna is busy working, mulling over the past and present, and they have to content themselves with phone conversations til they’re able to meet again.

Jake and Saxons family – what a bunch of posers…I can see just how Saxon got himself into such problems, there’s no real family relationship. No loving, supportive relatives, just ones who’ve decided to cut him lose with the threat of permanent cut off if he doesn’t clean up. His aunt who he stays with is perfect, just what he needs, an adult role model who is supportive but not pushy, showing him love without strings. Then there’s Cadence, she’s the daughter of the family who own the café he’s been sent to for the summer. She knows of his bad reputation, and they get off to a bad start. As Saxon gets to know her he learns all isn’t rosy in her life either. Its a novel full of young adults with problems in both home and relationships, and gradually it all pulls together into a satisfying conclusion.

It was a fun read, but more a tying up of ends opened in earlier books rather than proving the drama I needed. There was drama and angst, just not really as deep as I expected. Overall it was a fun read but not one I’d read again. It felt a little too YA for me – but for the right age group I’d guess its spot on delivering what they want. At £2.14 for 528 pages its fantastic value though.

Stars: three and a half.

ARC supplied by Netgalley.

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