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Eversea and Forever, Jack . Natasha Boyd, Fantastic romatic duo.

Eversea (Eversea #1)Forever, Jack (Eversea #2)


Eversea (Eversea #1) Natasha Boyd

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Well, I read the sample and was hooked. I love this type of romance, rich/famous/handsome guy and innocent woman….I’m about to read the third in the Gabriel trilogy and have read and loved several others like this.
Anyway – Jack, Oh Jack, six foot plus of sensual, sexy, man with the whole fame scenario following him. Not that Keri Ann cares about his fame but she’s entranced with him as a person from the moment he meets her eyes. She’s not a celebrity follower, but her best friend Jazz is, and she’s told Keri Ann all about film star Jack Eversea and the break up with his co-star girlfriend. Then she’s closing up in the cafΓ© late one night and who comes in – trying to hide who he is, yes, Jack. They form an unlikely friendship, where the hero/star worshipping she can’t help feeling runs deeper into feelings for the man himself, and not the star persona most people see, and Jack feels so much for Keri Ann despite telling himself she’s not for him. That he won’t be able to be with her, and will hurt her. He loves the way she treats him as just another person, disagrees with him and shares so much of herself. He tells her a couple of things about himself few other people know too. .
Its only a few days but alls going well and then – the inevitable happens, horrors, something really bad comes out, totally heartbreaking for Keri Ann and has her doubting he is the man she thought. It means he has to leave straight away. Well, full stars for drama here – the reveal and subsequent dramas are top notch. I’m always saying how I love these parts to be drawn out, and not over in two or three pages as so often happens…well, I got my fill of misery here πŸ™‚
Jack’s friend Devon is a great guy, we don’t see much of him but he’s a true friend. The co star, chief bitch actress Audrey was excellent. She epitomises everything I love about a good β€œbad” person – selfish, dramatic, able to manipulate feelings and stories to show her in the best light, she really does a number on Jack. I felt poor Keri Ann’s heartbreak when That was revealed…and I’m glad the next section lasted for a decent length of the book, and over several book months.
It was great to see Keri Ann struggling to pick up the pieces of her life, listen to her berating herself for ever thinking they could have anything between them, all her self doubt went so well with the good, kind, caring person we’d seen. She didn’t wallow, but set to determinedly with the help of her brother and her friends to rebuild her life, but was dying inside. That seemed so real, and choked me as I read it. Fantastic ending – I hate cliffhangers but there was so much revealed and the hope for better dangled nicely. I need to have that hope for a HEA in the first book, I hate to be left dangling. I can’t wait to read book two so luckily I have an ARC on my kindle. At only Β£3.49 for 359 pages Eversea is a bargain and is one for my keepers file. I know already I’ll read and reread it.
Stars: five – fabulous read.
ARC supplied by Netgalley.

Forever, Jack (Eversea #2) Natasha Boyd

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

On to book two :). My emotions were shredded in the first book, I was so happy at the start and then…when That happened…i was in tears for poor Keri Ann. Even sad for Jack too, as for me he truly loves Keri Ann and has right from the start. The attraction between them has raw, visceral sensuality – every time they even glance at each other it feels like sparks jump off the page. So hoping for something good I started reading – and began shouting internally β€œthe bitch, how could she!!!” Yes, even though she was caught out in her lies Audrey hasn’t given up. While she made me mad I’m so glad in a way, as to me the best romances always need to have a downside, and Audrey is all that! She’s Jack’s ex girlfriend, and co star in the latest film and she’s not giving in easily. She doesn’t want Jack back with Keri Ann, and does everything she can to prevent it. And she can do a lot, she has a long reach.
So there’s Keri Ann back in Butler Cove picking up the pieces of her shattered heart – I felt so much for her. All she did was to finally let go some of her responsible side, allowed herself to spend time for her for once and fall in love, and it all goes wrong. Over the next few months her friends are really supportive – everyone needs a best friend like Jazz, and along with big brother Joey they try to help her recover. Oh and the next door neighbour – the elderly lady who’s name I can’t recall – she’s brilliant! Turns up with cookies and words of sage advice just at the right moment. Anyway Keri Ann’s fledgling art career is really taking off, and she’s set to take a course at the local College when Jack’s time of keeping quiet is up. He’s back – and determined to win Keri Ann over and he’s so, so in love with her. She’s seen all the drunken playboy pics though – the ones where he’s stumbling out of a club in the early hours of the morning, accompanied by some trashy blond….and she can’t take her heart shattering a second time. He’s a long, tough haul ahead of him, and the question is will he be sucessful?
Oh how I loved these two books, they are definitely one of my all time favourites. There’s sex in the novel, hot, erotic, sensual lovemaking but its as part of the story, not just there for the sake of titillation, and it works really well. Then there’s the drama and emotion – first class, I’m a real sucker for that and its not a great romance unless I’m on the edge of tears at least once. I certainly was here. A great cast, Keri Ann’s friends, the neighbour, her brother, then Jack’s friend Devon, and a couple of others. All had their place in the story and it worked so well. We get to see a bit of what Jack’s been through via his journal – and its heartbreaking. We learn more about his background, get to see Keri Ann in despair, then outwardly picking herself up though inwardly she’s still heartbroken. Jack’s it for her – she knows that but can she trust him, or herself. Will she lose herself in the furore that surrounds him. We learn more about why she’s so afraid of that too. Its a fabulous book, with a great story that kept me glued right til the end. And what an ending! Perfect πŸ™‚ At only Β£3.49 for 320 pages Forever is a bargain and is one for my keepers file, along with the first book. I know already I’ll read and reread it.
Stars: five – fabulous read.
ARC supplied by Netgalley.

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