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Feel the Heat. Kate Meader

Feel the Heat (Hot In the Kitchen)


Feel the Heat. Kate Meader
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Romance – always good for a bit of escape into my mind so having had a few paranormals I wanted something different and chose this. Lili is a great character, full of fun but held back by all the family responsibilities heaped on her. Cara – big sister, has arranged for her TV show starring British chef Jack to film at last minute at the family restaurant. Of course she’s hoping that Lili will get together with Jack who has a bit of a playboy rep, thinking Lili needs to have a bit of fun. It all backfires though – as someone who had bad self image from childhood teasing I can really empathise with Lili when she gets to be the focus of Jack fans on twitter, face-book et al…and its not done in a nice way but a really unpleasant bitchy way. She’s hurt and upset, Jack sees that and he’s hurt too – he doesn’t want her to see Jack the famous chef, but Jack the man. They dance around a bit, they’re both clearly very attracted to each other, and there are some scorching scenes when they get together. He wants to date her, she’s scared to, even the little action they’ve had has caused her problems with family and her self image, they connect briefly, then all crashes down before slowly picking up again. Its a very emotive book, full of sensuality and steam – not just from the kitchen!
Great characters, good plot-line so why isn’t it five star from me? Well, I’m not actually sure of that myself, I just know that I didn’t really get lost in the book, but was always aware of what else going on. In a five star read I’m so engrossed the house could be on fire and I’d not notice…and with this book I didn’t have problems putting it aside to do other things. It was good, very good but just not that five star excellent. I’m quite cross with myself that I can’t explain why too – sorry, I hate it when readers do that and here I am doing the same 😦 On the plus side its excellent value at just £1.49 for a terrific 384 pages!
Stars: four.
ARC supplied by Netgalley.

Severed Colours. A Colour Wielders Novel, Book Two. Dawna Raver


Severed Colours (A Colour Wielders Novel)

Severed Colours. A Colour Wielders Novel, Book Two. Dawna Raver
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
I love fantasy, but its a very broad spectrum and whereas I love one end, son no 1 – also a fantasy lover – hates what I read in general, but loves fantasy at the opposite end, the Pratchett, Tolkien etc side 🙂 Anyway thinking I’d like this – I do love books with Fae, as it gives so much scope – I began to read.
Sadly though it just didn’t resonate for me, I found the action and the characters just too…I don’t really know how to put it..unreal maybe? That’s tough when you’re talking about fiction, but for me even fantasy characters have to feel real, and the plots credible. I just didn’t take to these characters, and the plot seemed just too long and drawn out. I felt Quinn was unfair to Arik even though she knew he’d done his best, and that irritated me. I didn’t really like any of the other characters, they all seemed users but that could be because I was really skim reading by then. I need to get lost in a book, to feel part of the action and here I felt like a detached observer 😦
If you like your fantasy the other side of the spectrum to me then you’ll probably love this, its beautifully written, very descriptive and full of action, just sadly not a story that grabs me. That’s a personal thing, not a reflection of the quality of the writing or story of course, and my review needs to be read as such. I didn’t find the sex scenes to be overly graphic so don’t be put off by the warning if this is the sort of novel you like. They fitted the story perfectly. Its a very good price at £1.88 for 361 pages.
Stars: two – again remember that’s a personal view, of my own enjoyment of the novel and not reflective of the book quality.
ARC supplied by Netgalley.

Wrecked. Priscilla West



Wrecked. Priscilla West
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews.

Occasionally I like a foray into the new adult market. I love plenty of angst in my reading, and usually this provides it. Wel,l Wrecked sounded a good candidate so I began it looking forward to some heavy emotion. And it delivered!
Lorrie – ah Lorrie, she’s trying so hard to pick up her life after the tragedy of her parents death and the ensuing scandals. A real tough time for her, but she’s trying to move on. She’s not ready to date though – just day to day living provides more than enough for her to get through, without adding relationships into the mix. Then she meets Hunter, in an unusual way. There’s an attraction on both sides, but he respects her decision that they will be just friends. Hunter has some hidden secrets too though, and combined with Lorrie’s problems will they prove too much for them? Hunter – the campus man all the girls want, cage fighter, tattooed, laid back – he’s all the things girls like Lorrie need to avoid. Yet underneath he’s a different person, and he desperately wants to get closer to Lorrie.
I love the dance of two people attracted to each other and yet running away from it – its two steps forward, one back, a sensual tangle of words and actions. Slowly events pile up, until without my noticing they’ve become on the verge of a relationship. There was some intense drama here – I loved that. I loved Hunter too, but at times found Lorrie irritating. Maybe that’s harsh on my part as she had so much to get over from her past, and she seemed to be doing it and moving on with Hunter into a relationship, and then it all went badly wrong..Arghh – I wanted angst and I got it in spades! This book is really moving when things go awry, and I felt so much for both of them. It was as if life was conspiring against them 😦
There’s a part two – and regular readers of my reviews will know how I hate the cliffhangers! Gah! Thankfully though Priscilla gives us a strong indication of what’s going to happen, and some hope for the two, and a really good point is that this is out in Dec 2013 and book two soon after in early 2014, so hopefully not too long to wait. When readers have to wait months – sometimes more than a year – I find books lose their momentum, and when second or third parts finally released I have to go back and remind myself of the story, and somehow it never quite gels properly. Still, a couple of months is fine so I hope that the release date stays, and doesn’t get – as happens too often – postponed. It’s a good long book too at 350 pages, I love that so we can really get to know characters and background issues. I don’t yet have price info.
Stars: loved this book, five stars.
ARC supplied via Netgalley

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