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Shameless. Rebecca J. Clark



Shameless. Rebecca J. Clark
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Wanting a simple easy romance I picked up this one. And got exactly that – a fun, uncomplicated read. Sometimes you want complex, in-depth plots and others just a gentle foray into happy fiction. Well, Shameless delivers that – Samantha wants a baby, but not a husband/father but is having problems finding the right man. John doesn’t want either wife or child, but because of his feelings of guilt about Sam’s past he agrees to father her child, on condition that’s all. No after contact, no responsibility, no maintenance. That suits Sam fine except…John wants to make a baby the traditional route not the baster one! She agrees and .. the action gets hot and heavy, sensual and steamy, there’s some very active and sexy love scenes here.
I liked Sam, loved the way Rebecca transformed her feelings about John and men in general over the course of the book. John was a great guy too – I understood his feelings of guilt, but it was heartbreaking that he’d let them get so dominating in his life. As well as the Sam/John/baby plot there was more to the book. The clubs for disadvantaged children he and his business partner Alex had set up, brought in some kids who really needed that help. Poor Brian, what a sweet kid and what an awful situation he was in, and I cried at That Part 😦 Then there’s Alex mysterious past girlfriend Lori – they’d parted when they were in their teens and no-one has yet matched up to her. He was someone deserving of a HEA, kind, thoughtful, trying to help where he could but his romance from the past dominated his present.
It was full of little day to day dramas that make fiction so realistic, and people feel like friends. I cared about them – to the point I was in tears at one part…and so cross at times, when they just didn’t seem to see what was so obvious to me. Its a great, fun read, full of drama and emotion but not too deep, so perfect for those days when you want a good book, but not one that requires too much deep thinking, remembering who is who and how they fit the plot. In this book it all falls together naturally and makes for an enjoyable, easy read. Excellent value too at £2.59 for 386 pages.
Stars: four and a half.
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Different Strokes. Nico Jaye

Different Strokes

Different Strokes. Nico Jaye
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews.
I love the build up to a romance, that whole is he/she interested…the way looks and glances, and simple touches can say so much when well written. Books don’t need to have in your face graphic sex to be sensual and erotic, and this little novella is a perfect example. Its a great short – I’m not usually a fan of novellas but sometimes they’re perfect, if you’ve just a short time or you’re a slow reader for example. I enjoyed this, meeting Tomas and Darren, learning what’s behind their thoughts and gestures, and how easy it is for one person to mean something very different to how its interpreted.
Ended in a terrific way, when they finally got on the same wave length, (unintended pun there !!) and Darren learned that Tomas wasn’t just a standoffish person, wasn’t trying to let him down but was just feeling his way. Tomas seemed such a confident person but I enjoyed how we saw what he really was behind that mask, and equally Darren seemed so open and upfront and yet when it mattered to him he was cautious and more closed. Fun read, I’d guess at around 70 pages as I don’t have length or price info.

Stars: four

ARC supplied via Netgalley

My Life Untold. S.S. Gee Buro. Free on Sat 21st Dec, on amazon

I’ve had an email from the author to say this fabulous book will be free on amazon this saturday, so its well worth getting for a free christmas read, an escape into history from the madness and mayhem that often surrounds Xmas. Treat yourself to some time to read this fantastic novel 🙂

 My Life Untold

My Life Untold. S.S. Gee Buro.

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews.

Sometimes I like a dip into history. This particular book reads like an autobiography, as its told from the viewpoint of Magda, as a narrative to her descendent Winifred. Its a beautifully written story, easy to read and not bogged down in weighty, dull descriptions but has scenes that are vivid, and made me feel as if I was there. It starts with Magda as a young child, goes on to the familys journey to a new start on Stone Farm and her childhood time there. They have a farmhand Lars who is only a few years older than Magda and they fall in love. The Civil war intervenes though, and Lars is taken prisoner. We read about Magda’s life back at the farm at this time, how the village coped, what life was really like then on a day to day basis.
When her parents have died and she finds out Lars is a prisoner, she determines she’ll travel the 800 miles to where he is, dressed as a soldier for some safety, and try to buy him free. She undertakes a perilous journey, and its fascinating to read about it and feel as though we’re there with her. Its full of minutiae that makes it come alive. Magda learns a lot about herself on this journey, and she and Lars come through the war whole but not unscathed. Though still deeply in love, they’re not the same people they started. Life shapes us all and they were certainly well tried.
I loved this story as something with historical accuracy, and yet penned for the reader of fiction who wants small details of daily life, and not weighty explanations of battle tactics 🙂 I felt for Magda – she faced so much for love of Lars, and they both grew up suddenly faced with the atrocities of war. Life wasn’t easy anyway for people like them at that time, but throw in a war and they were really tested, and yet in the way of the best true love stories they came though shining. Its a beautiful, heartfelt tale and the addition of the linking up Magda and Lars to the current family was a great way to finish. Fabulous escape into history.
Stars: five, great read.

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