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beg me to slay Lisa Kessler


Beg Me To Slay (Entangled Covet)

Beg me to slay Lisa Kessler


Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.


I love paranormal romance, and for a change this centred around Demons – with the Demons being the bad guys, and not the hero in disguise, the bad boy just needing True Love! Lisa’s Demon’s are real bad guys, kill gruesomely and we can see how devious they are when Gabe makes a deal with one who’s often his source of info. He’s very, very careful to get the deal hammered out tightly, no loopholes. I liked Gabe, real classic hero, born a demon slayer he’s devoted his life to the job forgoing any personal relationships since his fiancée was killed by demons while he was off chasing another one. Then he meets Tegan, and something sensuous pulls them together right from the start although they both try their hardest to avoid it…. Tegan hasn’t had a relationship since being attacked by a demon disguised as a good looking man at a club. She survived the attack, but carries both physical and mental scars from it. She’s learned self protection since then, thinking it was a man that attacked her. She now runs her own dojo, helping others learn how to look after themselves. Its not til she hires Gabe that she learns about Demons. Convinced he’s talking rubbish when he first tells her about them, she gets a sharp awakening when one appears at her home.


I liked Tegan and Gabe, good characters with a simmering sexual tension that they soon gave into, telling each other it was just sex, they didn’t want a relationship – each for their own reasons Hah! Like that ever works 🙂 Anyway the head honcho Demon is out for Tegan, attracted by her blood heritage and Gabe is determined to save her. They get into lots of action, fighting different demons and learning more about each other along the way.


I enjoyed the book, but not as much as Lisa’s Moon series. Somehow the plot felt a bit too light and predictable for me, it’s a good read for a one off but not one I’d re read. If you want something easy to read, with romance and steamy sensuality, a bit of light action and a supernatural slant though, its great. Its a good price too at 188 pages for £1.50


Stars: three and a half.


ARC supplied by Publisher



Fighting Love (Love to the Extreme)Abby Niles

Fighting Love (Love to the Extreme)


Fighting Love (Love to the Extreme)Abby Niles
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
I’ve read and enjoyed several now of Abby’s books so picked up this one. At 352 pages its a bit longer than I expected, but for readers like me who go through books quickly longer is always better, so that was a bonus. The thing I love about longer books is they allow the reader to really get into the story and characters. The length on this allowed that perfectly, and I felt I really knew the characters in a way that in a shorter book just wouldn’t have worked. I really felt for Julie, in love since a child with Tommy he just sees her as his best friend. She’s tried to get past it but no-one matches up, so she’s concentrate on her veterinary career and made a success of it. She’s see the way Tommy acts with women, a real poser playboy, with no respect for them, and though she knows he’s more than that she doesn’t want him ever to regard her in that light – it would break her heart and destroy their friendship, so she tries to keep things on an even keel. I can understand why she felt like that – she’s seen it from the outside, but knows he’s another person when he’s with her and wants to keep that.
Then there’s Tommy, he looks on Julie as a sister and best friend all in one. His career hit tops, he let it go to his head, went more OTT and lost it all. Then a fire devastated his home leaving him with nothing, but as always Jules is there ready to step up into the breach. He stays with her for a while, but begins to see she’s not just his old friend Jules but a hot, sexy woman. That comes as a shock to him, but once the idea is in his head he (and his body) can’t forget it. Then one time he slips up, just one kiss changes everything. He knows what he is, thinks he’s going to end up like his mother, flitting from one person to another, that its in his blood and he can’t change. He is determined Jules deserves better. There’s some great humour though, for example when she tries to date another fighter – Tommy has to take a proper look at his motives for behaving the way he does. Jules finds him harder and harder to resist while her feelings for Brad, the fighter she is dating, are more brotherly. The challenge is can Jules and Tommy make a relationship work, they’ve tried unsuccessfully avoiding one, can they be successful at being in one.
Its great story, funny in parts ( Him Indoors kept saying “ what are you smiling at? It must be a funny bit”) but its the sort of humour that comes from a string of events, not one single part that can be explained. I felt for them both at times, though I could have given them both a shake and shouted “ get real. Take a chance!” Its a real mix of humour, love, sex and sensuality, happiness and despair when things go wrong. A tear jerking ending finishes it off nicely. A good read for when you want a nice uncomplicated romance to make you feel good. I really enjoyed it, but probably not one I’d re read though, I tend to need more complex reads for that.
Stars: four.
ARC supplied via publisher

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