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Blood of Angels. (Book Two of the Blood Hunters Series). Marie Treanor


Blood of Angels (Book 2 of the Blood Hunters Series)

Blood of Angels. (Book Two of the Blood Hunters Series). Marie Treanor

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

Well, its on to book two – as I said before I’ve not read the Awakened by Blood trilogy but that hasn’t stopped me from following and loving this series. I do think for best enjoyment you need to start with book one of this group though. Once again the sex is hot, sensual, erotic and very well written. Its not sex in the story just for titillation, but its integral to the story and fits the characters so well. ( and makes for some spicy, enjoyable reading )

So Istvan; we met him briefly in book one, and this book focusses on him. I liked him, he’s been a Hunter for many years now, having joined like so many of them, being recruited after a horrific vampire encounter. He’s got such an enquiring mind though that he can see the possibilities in the new collaboration between vampires and humans, and he’s always looking at all sides to a story. Maybe that’s come from his scientific bent, he’s always looking at things with the view to seeing alternative uses, or how they can be adapted and this could be a spillover from that. Whatever – I really liked him as a character. Though he’s been brought up to hate/distrust vamps he’s learning that they are just like humans, some good some bad. He’s been obsessed though with vampire Angyalka since their encounter in the big battle of the last series, the one that ended with him being spectacularly injured, nearly died and from which he’s finally slowly recovering mobility.

Angyalka has her own thoughts about Istvan, and her own problems too. Though she’s regarded as particularly strong, Istvans enquiring mind pushes at her secrets and he discovers some he didn’t expect. There’s a sensual attraction between them, an itch they both need to scratch, which once given in to leads to more – but also to problems.

In addition to the Istvan/Angyalka story there’s the series overall arc, that of the upcoming vampire/human cooperation and the problems with it. Some vampires are all for it, others against, and as always some just out to see what power they can gain. This time there’s a big bad in town, and he’s out for Saloman’s death and to take his place. Elizabeth too has a secret which places her life in danger, and Istvan is still pursuing his research into enchantments, angels and the secrets contained for so very long, trying to see what he can replicate, and what they can use. Its something that leads to danger. A packed novel full of action, plots ans sub plots.

Again there’s a sense of building climax to events, you know as a reader something is coming, but not quite what, and when and who is behind it apart from obvious contenders. There’s real danger, clues and red herrings, all leading to a spectacular finish. It was good to meet up briefly with the people from book one, and to meet some new characters too. Another cracking read in /Marie’s typical style.

Stars: four and a half.

ARC supplied by Netgalley

The Twelve Days of Seduction. Máire Claremont


The Twelve Days of Seduction (Entangled Flaunt)

The Twelve Days of Seduction. Máire Claremont

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

I like to dip into a simple historical romance sometimes, so chose this one. Sadly it didn’t really work for me. I hadn’t realised it was so short at just 79 pages, ( though its priced at a reasonable £1.26) and felt that this didn’t really allow me to get to know the characters as I need to for the plot to really develop. Its well written and edited, and the characters feel real, but I was expecting a little more spice, and more emotion. A deeper story rather than the light and fluffy one this is, its sweet rather than solid, happy without very much sad to balance. I needed those extras.

Its a good basis for a story, all the elements are there, good characters, realistic plot, and potential for the jealous/sad parts I need, but without being greatly expanded for me it just didn’t come off. I think mainly its because of the length constraint and that’s my fault for not realising it was so short. Still, I’m just one person and others want the shorter novels, ones that can be read easily and fitted into everyday life. I know I’ve friends who need books like that, bust people with little free time who want a book that they can pick up and put down without losing the thread of the story. For them this would be a perfect read. I’m sure for many readers this story will be exactly what they need, just not for me.

Stars: two and a half. Its a good book, but just not one that I enjoy.

ARC supplied by Netgalley

Ashes (Entangled Covet) Sarah Gilman

Ashes (Entangled Covet) Sarah Gilman
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
I hadn’t realised this book was so short, I tend to avoid those, feeling they don’t really allow the reader time to get deep into the story, and I like to be fully immersed in the plot and characters. What attracted me and made me miss the length constraints though was the Phoenix slant. I love paranormal but can’t ever remember reading one with this in it. I’m glad I did as it was an enjoyable read.
Anyway the book…I enjoyed the story, good plot, good characters and a fun read. It had the characters I feel necessary for a good romance, Ambrosia and Reece of course, but also a good “bad” person in the form of the controlling and wicked grandmother. I loved the phoenix slant, and the way it shaped so much of the action. The mysterious Trees too were a fun touch, along with the reasonable ( its fiction, so truth and believe needs a bit of suspension!) explanations as to how they cope with humans, and keep the secret of the species from them. It all wrapped up neatly to a HEA.
I just wish it was longer – in my view Sarah has used all the elements that would make a great series and if this could have been strung out into one longer book, with some follow ups either of Ambrosia and Reece in the near future – a “what happened next” scenario, or the family or relatives and their stories, or even just spin off adventures of these characters, maybe how certain forces are out to release their secret… anything like that – I’d love to have read it. Still, I enjoyed this even despite the space limitations.
Stars: four.
ARC supplied via publisher

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