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Adam’s Apple. Liv Morris.

Adam's Apple (Touch of Tantra #1)


Adam’s Apple. Liv Morris.
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
I love romance and when its coupled with a good story and some spicy sex that’s a book I want to read. This sounded promising so I started reading….and got to almost halfway through, and there was still little interaction between Adam and Katherine. Once it did start things heated up quickly, and added to that the dangers came sparking out of the woodwork too.
The second half was a far better read for me, to be honest if it wasn’t a review book I’d not have continued past about 30%. The sex isn’t sex every other page, but properly fitted into the story, and once Adam and Katherine do get together there are some really emotional moments. I had guessed why Simon was off the rails – its not a long stretch of the imagination, but never the less it made an apt motive, though I still think there’s more than this to come out in book two. I enjoyed the details about Adam and Katherine’s past too, and look forward to learning more about them. I’m a strong believer in how our lives are shaped by events that happen to us, so love to find that echoed in my reading.
If the first half had caught me more the stars would have been higher, but to me that let it down. It just didn’t seem to be going anywhere and overall it’s a decent book but not a great one for me. Its excellent price at 77p for 304 pages.
Stars: three and a half.
ARC supplied by Netgalley

Broken Blade. J.C. Daniels.

Broken Blade (Colbana Files)


Broken Blade. J.C. Daniels.

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews.

I love this series, shape shifters, vampires, witches …and then there’s Kit. She’s part Aneira, and someone on the side of Justice. Had a traumatic and tough upbringing, she’s here only by strength of will, but the problems from her last job have left her feeling broken and she’s taken refuge in Wolf Haven.
Poor Kit, that last job turned into a nightmare, her relationship with Damon was tested, and though he’s now repentant and feeling guilty as he knows the truth, she’s not ready to pick up with him, and doesn’t know if she’ll ever be ready. Oh I was so wishing her healing would happen fast, as he’s so right for her. This book begins her healing, but its a long process and taking a job as part of her recovery turns out to be anything but simple, once again she’s mired in danger and deception, wondering what to do, going on instinct as usual and finding her way as she travels.
I feel so much for Kit, love Damon and was so happy she had someone special in her life. She has lots of people who care about her, though she doesn’t always realise it but no one special until Damon. So I’m rooting for them to find their way back.
I enjoyed this book but it didn’t grip me as much as the previous two. Its still a great read, and almost a five star but somehow parts just didn’t feel right to me, time occasionally dragged, and I felt the action was lacking, lots of mulling over what had happened, what should have happened and what might happen instead of getting on with it. Maybe that’s part of her current problems forcing that inaction, as usually she’s one to just jump in and get on with things.
Its priced at £3.29, $5.24 for 254 pages of the usual excellent quality writing and plot, and as a series I love it has that re reading value factor so very good value.
N:B ARC supplied via Netgalley.
Stars: not quite the five this time, four and a half.

Playing for Love at Deep Haven. Katy Regnery


Playing for Love at Deep Haven (Enchanted Places)

Playing for Love at Deep Haven. Katy Regnery

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

I was a teen in the 70’s, and at weekends there was always a live band playing somewhere, even in the tiny rural area I lived. So anything with rock bands and romance gets a second look, and this sounded one I’d like….second chances, they always appeal too cos I like the thought of true love, fate and all that ( I know…I’m just a sap really!)

Anyway Violet meets Zach after nine years and… he’s more than she remembered, stronger, harder, more bad boy than the loving friend and songwriter/composer she remembers from university. Violet – Zach recalls her as bohemian rebel girl, fantastic poet, best friend and lost love, not this tidied up, dull, conventional shadow she is now. By chance they’re forced together again for a short while and …the chemistry is still there, he still loves her though he couldn’t admit it at the time, and she’s never stopped loving him even though he broke her heart. Slowly they talk, and we see things from a different POV, he wasn’t a hard hearted nightmare who left her, but someone frightened by the idea of being loved. He regrets leaving her, did so almost as soon as he’d done it, but was too late by the time he came to talk to her, she moved on..or so he thought. Now they’ve a second chance if they can just bring themselves to trust and take it. This time Zach’s all in – but Violet struggles still with that past rejection.

There’s some great moments here. Things that feel so real, the way events aren’t always as we recall them, people aren’t as they seem on the surface, but have different reasons for their actions to what we think. Lots to learn, lots to savour and all wrapped up in some hot, spicy, sensual love scenes. Well written, erotic ones too, not those eurgh ones too often seen. We could feel the love between the two – could they just get it together to realise it? And could Violet get by the past, even when it seems to be repeated? Its a lovely story, full of emotion and heartbreak, tears and laughter, real life and romance. One to wallow in and enjoy.

Stars: four and a half.

ARC supplied by Netgalley

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