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Blade to the Keep. Lauren Dane


Blade to the Keep

Blade to the Keep. Lauren Dane

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

As this is the second in a series, and I hadn’t read the first I downloaded the Amazon sample as usual in this situation, so I could get some background info. What I hadn’t bargained on was getting so hooked on the book I simply had to buy it, and read it before getting to this ARC. It was a fabulous read, and though I could have read this without knowing all that was in book one, it certainly heightens the enjoyment and understanding having that background. The price is excellent too for such quality writing and story line.

Anyway – on to this book. It picks up where book one leaves off, with Rowan now made the Liaison between Vampires and Hunters, and trying to get through an amendment to the existing Treaty. The last book brought forward a problem where the Vampires held some important information which Rowan, needed but they were not obliged to share, so she had to wait until permission was granted. That meant a very dangerous vampire was on the lose for longer than needed. She wants essential information to be mandatorily shared. As always though there are dissidents, and Rowan being they person she is, she makes enemies easily 🙂 though she also has some really good and strong friends. This novel is set in her childhood home, the residence of The First, the man who brought her up and taught her to be what she is. He’s also the person who killed her parents, and who she has seen only on occasions since she found that out.

The story is full of twists and turns, double dealing, danger with Vampires and Hunters alike harbouring a grudge against Rowan. Her vampire boyfriend ( can I call him a Boyfriend when he’s 450 years old? Can’t really think of another term though…) is also there in his guise of Scion to the First. Clive and Rowan got off to a shaky start, but the sensuality and attraction sparked between them overrode that, and they’ve been a team ever since, though they both still hold strong and often opposing views. There are Hunters that resent her for him, and her ties to the First, and vampires that resent Clive for his connection to a Hunter. Its a dangerous path they have to navigate to keep their relationship, while still being open and unbiased in their decisions. Brigid the Goddess Rowan is Vessel to comes out more in this book. Rowan certainly needs her help when things are stirred up by a very old and little known Vampire Enyo, who’s against everything Rowan wats to achieve, regards humans as disposable and clearly has an unpleasant history with Brigid.

Clive is fantastic, enjoys Rowans strength and the fact she’ll argue with him, stand up to him and then….have passionate, sensual hours in bed with him. They both take – and both give, and its a great partnership. Brigid; it’s a bit hard to get my head around the “vessel” concept but Lauren makes it work and work well, giving Rowan a part of Brigid’s strength and knowledge when she needs it. I enjoyed seeing more of the other main vampires and Hunters, of learning more about Rowan’s childhood, and more about the tenuous relationship she has with her foster father.

Its a great read for those who want a good story to go with the hot sex, who want the passion and romance to be tempered with danger and adventure, and I love the way both books are complete and yet link up, and I can see the way into book three, which I’m really looking forward to.

One for the keeper files it’s an excellent price at £1.87 for 192 pages and one I know I’ll re read.

Stars: Five – loved it 🙂

ARC supplied by Netgalley

Wanted. A Most Wanted Novel. J. Kenner

Wanted: Most Wanted Book 1


Wanted. A Most Wanted Novel. J. Kenner
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews.

I loved The Stark Trilogy, so was excited to see this stand alone from J Kenner. Though I love trilogies ans series I HATE waiting for the next book, so stand-alones satisfy my need for an ending in a novel, especially like this when they’re a fantastic 384 pages long. That really lets the reader get to know the people involved. And as for them – well, Angeline, Angie, Lina – she’s one and the same but after a family tragedy that she feels was her fault she’s gone from being Lina to being Angie. She’s still struggling to cope with that death, still grieving inside while looking whole on the outside. Her uncle Jahn though sees beyond that and had done so much to try to help her. He’s good at helping people and Evan is another of his protégées. Angie was 16 when she first saw him and she fell for him instantly. He’s never been anything more than friendly and supportive though – she thinks he and his two friends that her uncle also helped have been warned off her for some reason. The trio have since gone on to become some of the cities most respected and powerful businessmen. Now Jahn is dead, Angie is back in despair again and feels only Evan holds the key to her happiness.
Evan – wow that man smoulders off the page right from the first sight. J Kenner excels at these classic erotic heroes. He’s such an Alpha, dominating and controlling but in an erotic not a cruel way. The sensuality between him and Angie steams…and the love scenes are very well written, sensual and erotic without the cringing smuttiness we readers so often see.
Add to the amazing romance a world of politics and business, duplicity and double dealing and we’ve a classic riveting story which I loved.
Its priced at £4.49/$7.24 for 384 pages and is one for my keepers file that I’ll definitely re read.
Stars: five, fabulous read.

ARC supplied via Netgalley

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