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The Monster Within: Elemental Love. A Fantasy Romance Novel. Cerys du Lys

The Monster Within: Elemental Love (A Fantasy Romance Novel)

The Monster Within: Elemental Love. A Fantasy Romance Novel. Cerys du Lys

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

So, I try to choose carefully which books I want to read, but sometimes I get it wrong – and this time it was wrong in a big way 😦 I thought this was going to be a fantasy romance based around old fairy tales, that’s the way I deciphered the sample…I was wrong though. Its is loosely a romance and fantasy tale, but it just didn’t resonate at all with me. So – what didn’t I like ?

Well, Solace; she’s so sweet and kind its sickly, despised by everyone, ridiculed and bullied and abandoned, and yet she never the less always sees the bright side. She’s like Pollyanna on crack – “ you want a hand? Here take mine, I’ve got two after all” or “ hungry as you’ve missed breakfast? Ahh that’s sad, here – have my last crust, I was saving it til I’m really starving, but I can do another day or so without eating. I can always gnaw my fingers down to the knuckle…” well, perhaps not quite that bad but 🙂 So you see she was so good, so kind, so saintly and I Just Didn’t Like Her. Then she takes the journey to meet the Demon King, sacrificed by the village. The journey was a bit like a snippet of Alice in Wonderland’s entry into the mad world she encounters – and Solace enters a similar world.

The Demon King, Bastion – terrifying? Well, I’m not sure why, as he just seemed like a naught schoolboy rather than a demon king. His sister too was just odd. Throw in some fantasy sex with wisps…that seemed to be there purely for the purpose of titillation, and that’s something I really hate (and it didn’t work). There was more of that later too, to the same effect. The silver coin pendant Solace wears was referred to constantly in the early chapters, but I never did find out its significance – I’d expected it to be some major plot link but…still, I read only the first 40% of the book thoroughly, before getting so borted I skim read to the end, and so could have missed it. However I don’t think I did, because the author says in her end comments that it was meant to be significant, but the story changed as she wrote it – I know that happens of course, but I’d expect in that case the coin part to be edited to be reflective of that.

I guess this was just a story that didn’t work for me, at all. It felt as if it was a stream of consciousness line of writing – one where author just sits and writes as she thinks, without really having a plot direction in mind. That doesn’t make for a good novel for me though – I need proper plots that add up, characters that have meaning, and that I like or hate, a story that’s going somewhere, that has emotion. If there’s sex I need it to fit the plot too, and not just be thrown in for the sake of it. Even at the end of this novel its clear that there’s more to come, and yet I felt so confused by what I had read I don’t know what more can happen. There didn’t seem to be an overall direction that a further book would add to? Still, my opinion only as always, and this is a book that didn’t work for me but maybe its will for you. I hate writing low reviews, but in honesty I have to say how I felt.

Stars: one a half. I can’t say I absolutely hated it, but I did feel stronger than just “didn’t like” about it.

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Time Series 1. Treva Harte


Time Series 1

Time Series 1. Treva Harte

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from these two connected books. I knew it would be romance but wasn’t sure what the “hook” was – that thing which sets it apart from an ordinary romance, the unique point that all books aspire to. Well, it seems Victor was the connection – he’s engaged to Jen in book one, but after an accident in his job as photographer which takes him worldwide, he’s missing and presumed dead. Jen didn’t realise when he left that she was pregnant, but with the support of her lovely sisters and brother she’s bringing up Vicky, and works for long time friend, Victors best friend, and next door neighbour, Jack.

Jacks always loved Jen, and slowly their flirting becomes that bit more until they’re on the edge of the wedding – its the Big Day and …..

then its on to book two – and Victor has come back from the dead….to find out Jen is marrying Jack. He feels betrayed, angry, upset – all the things you’d think he’s feel. Add to that is the news he has a daughter. Jen’s sister Cecilia has always loved him, and follows him to try to help him through his heartbreak, but though they get on well – very well! the overall ending isn’t what she wanted. Three years or so pass, and the book picks up again.

Jen. Loved her and felt for her. She’d loved Victor since she was a child, it just seemed to be one of those things where they’d always been accepted as a couple, and then she’s lost without him, but always trying to still look after her sisters and her daughter. Jen’s been Mum to them since her parents were tragically killed, and still feels responsible, even though they’re all grown up now. Jack – what a lovely man, always there trying to help the family he’s regarded as his own, having spent so much time with them when they all grew up, and he’s long loved Jen. He just can’t believe it when she starts to flirt back with him, and this time means it. Its a great show of how first love and true love needn’t necessarily be the same. Jack always feels second place though to Victor in his heart, and that causes problems. Then Victor, who was waiting and hoping all that while he was captured that Jen would just fall back into his arms, was bitter when it didn’t happen. Cecilia tries to help him over that but its not their time.

Its a great book at showing how time and events change what we feel about others, how life is shaped by what happens, and how sometimes love just needs time to grow. I did enjoy it – I just didn’t Love it. Though there was drama and emotion throughout the plots it didn’t feel heartbreaking, the sort of upset that has me on the edge of tears. Its a lovely gentle romance, easy to read and follow, and with characters you can love, but I needed a bit more than sweet and happy and that’s why its a 3.5 star book for me. Good but not great.

Stars: three and a half. A well written book, a good love story, but lacking the drama for me.

ARC supplied by Netgalley

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