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Knowing Jack. Rachel Curtis.

Knowing Jack


Knowing Jack. Rachel Curtis.

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Hmnn….I was hoping this was going to be one of those New Adult romances full of angst and drama. Maybe for some it is but not for me. Jack seemed a nice guy, but as a bodyguard – well, he’s waay out of line with his flirting and further and Chloe, so in love just a couple of months ago with the college professor that led to this situation, and yet – despite her resolve and man-ban she just can’t help reacting to Jack. Its just felt wrong to me, give it time maybe and they’d both have got there, but this was like a sort of insta-luuurve and just felt forced and wrong. Chloe’s ten rules to me were irritating and didn’t add anything – still I see others love them, so as I’m always saying this is just MY view and others will feel differently 🙂
The death threats that led to Jack being with her seemed very tame, there was little happening apart from a couple of texts and some cyber bullying – I expected more. More action, more drama, anything really but it seemed the story just bumbled along. I didn’t dislike it, just didn’t find much I could really engage with. I didn’t dislike Chloe, she seemed quite typical of a late teens character, but she didn’t really have anything I particularly liked about her either. There’s Jack, who chafed against his father but given this was his chance to redeem himself I’d have expected him to be far more professional. There were a few side characters but the strory is mostly told via Jack and Chloe POV.
Then there’s the ending – or for me lack of it. Just when it finally seems to be working That happens, That info comes out, and I’m tapping at my page turn expecting more but… it’s the end. I hate endings like that – I feel cheated. I’m assuming this means more book(s) but don’t know as I can’t find any info. Sadly the whole thing just didn’t work for me.
Stars: two.
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Better Than the Real Thing. Sue Haasler


Better Than the Real Thing

Better Than the Real Thing. Sue Haasler

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

I was after something different to read, something light but romantic, so chose this. I didn’t notice that humour was one of the descriptions, but soon was laughing from the clever quips and snarky comments in the novel. Its not in your face, spoon feed humour, but the more clever sort, that creeps in almost unnoticed and then has the reader sniggering – and there was lots of it. “I still remember the time you set me up with that clerk from Kent”…“Lewis Lane? He was a super man”. Its stuff like that – the little bridesmaids excitedly shouting at their uncle they were having a slash… “Sash! They’re having a Sash”…. the sister describing her wedding dress choice as “blushing-bride-slash-nude” and Adrian the flatmate’s comment that it sounds like a specialist porn mag…( not that he reads those you understand!!) There’s just so much like that – him indoors kept saying “another funny bit?” as I sniggered my way through the novel.

So, as well as those lovely humorous parts, what about the characters? Well, they were a terrific mix. Lia, slightly cranky, cynical, but trying to stand up to her overbearing sister and mother. We see most of the novel from her viewpoint, and sympathise with her outlook, until every now and then she’s given some advice that makes her look at the same incidents but from a different view. Same situation, but it changes according to how you view it – like life I guess… Jane, her sister, engaged to Paul – definitely a Bridget Jones “Smug Married” couple in the making, hh calls her “pudding” ( yuck! I’d kill him…) and she’s gone really Bridezilla to everyone’s dismay. Adrian – flat mate extrordinaire – he was a great guy, clearly hot from all the females attracted to him, but also really kind, always helping Lia and keeping her on the right track, dispensing advice and hot chocolate along with Matrix reruns. Then the mysterious artist William, the co owner of Lia’s shop Don, and his wife, and the driver Eddie. They all had very big personalities, and played strong parts in the story. I loved Eddie’s flights of fancy into his would be film career, their landlord’s comments about the comings and goings in the flat, Paul’s brother Justin, who was trying hard to get closer to Lia, she wanted to but kept stopping herself. Throw in a quick bit of suspense/who dunnit along with wedding from hell plans, money worries for Don, Lia and Adrian, ( aren’t they always there?) and a fabulous dialogue and you’ve a novel that kept me entertained right to the end. And I saw one bit coming, but not That 🙂 Fabulous, and proved to be just what I was in the mood to read. It’s excellent value at £1.53 for 253 pages.

Stars: four and a half.

ARC supplied by Netgalley

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