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Laying Claim. Halsey Homecoming Book 1.Paty Jager


Laying Claim (Halsey Homecoming)

Laying Claim. Halsey Homecoming Book 1.Paty Jager

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

This is the first in a trilogy, but is complete in itself. I’m guessing the other two will feature other members of the family. Many years ago I read a book ( called Tara Kane I think.. just looked it up and I’m right. Wish it was on kindle as I’d love to read it again ) which featured a lady on a journey in the Yukon in the 1800’s, and this book was reminiscent of that. In both I could feel the cold, smell the sweat of unwashed bodies, hear the howling of the dogs. I loved it and remembering that book is one of the reasons I was drawn to this one.

So, Clara, incredible woman, she’s searching for her brother to bring him back to run the family business after their father has died. Clara is one of those outspoken ladies, in a time when ladies should be seen and not heard. She’s clever though, and determined not to be put down because of her sex. That gender issue though brings real problems in a place where there simply aren’t enough women to go round, and society is basically lawless; it’s a time where possession takes all. Luckily Jeremy is in the right place when Clara needs a guide. He’s not like the rough and ready miners, who are mostly gold addicted, drink addled and with few morals, and he can quickly see that Clara is simply too naïve, too trusting to make the journey with any of them. He doesn’t want company, doesn’t want to be responsible for her, but knows his sister would be ashamed if he left her, so though he really doesn’t want to he offers to be her guide to take her to her brother.

Its a tough journey, hundreds of miles by foot and dog sled, in temperatures far below freezing. They encounter dangerous incidents, Clara misunderstands the dangers of the cold, has to learn how to handle the dogs, and make camp, then when they stay at bigger camps along the way she has to pretend to be Jeremy’s wife to protect her from the other men. Even so its still a journey where they need to be aware at all times of the dangers to her as a woman, as well as the general danger from the bleak, tough environment. The scenes are vivid; as I said earlier I could smell the sweat, feel the cold, hear the dogs. Add to that Clara’s relief at a real bath after weeks without, her naiveté at Jeremy – when she thought there was a stick in the bed between them and grabbed at it, poor Jeremy, he’d a tight hold on his control and this was really testing it 🙂 Back in the 1970’s when I was a a teen I was working with a lady in her 60’s, she told me even when she was in labour with her first child she didn’t know how it would get out, and the nurses wouldn’t tell her. She thought maybe her tummy button was the exit…what a shock, but that would be around 1930’s so late 1800’s its easy to understand how sex issues just weren’t talked about in many families, and how Clara could be that naive.

Slowly they develop a feeling between them of trust and attraction, that turns to love. There’s some incredibly sensual sex scenes, not overly graphic but that fit the plot perfectly. Jeremy, he’s a real hero, and the perfect person for Clara as he respects her intelligence.

A great book for those that love romance with that bit extra, the historical setting wasn’t just a nod to history but a real journey through time, and I could place myself there along with Jeremy and Clara.Its priced at £3.22 for 287 pages, a good length to really get to know the characters.

Stars:four and a half.

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The Virgin. Redemption. J. Dallas


The Virgin: Redemption

The Virgin. Redemption. J. Dallas

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

Well, book one, Revenge, left me with so many questions; I wanted the answers that I hoped this book would bring. It did give me some answers, but to be honest it wasn’t the novel I was expecting and hoping for. What it gives almost is whats happening in the future just after book one ends ( a couple of months after I think…) but it’s full of references to the past, and its via these glimpses that we get the answers we need. Its just that after all the build-up – all the hype and expectation I felt…underwhelmed. It simply wasn’t a story and romance that gripped me. I didn’t feel “the love” between Drake and Shannon, and the answers to all those dropped hints and angst from book one were just …meh…didn’t work for me.

I think if the two books had been merged, maybe it would have worked better for me, there’s potential there but the emotion and drama as it is was just lacking too much for me. I still needed much more character personality – the parts which show us what someone is really like, not just the glossy outer appearance but the inner, what they feel, what drives them, all the things that make a person unique. Drake and Shannon just felt very generic to me.

Still – as always – I’m just one person, and everyone needs different things from their reading. This is just how I felt – you may well feel very different. It’s priced at £1.26 for 70 pages – as before I think this length just doesn’t work for some books, and this was just too short to give reader any kind of real insight into the characters, their emotions and stories.

Stars: two. Just not one that worked for me.

ARC supplied by Netgalley



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