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Rook. Allie’s War, Book One. JC Andrijeski


Rook: Allie's War, Book One

Rook. Allie’s War, Book One. JC Andrijeski

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

I love fantasy/paranormal romance, and the premise of this book intrigued me. I’d read the sample and wanted to know more. I’ve mixed feelings though, I loved the sample but that’s the simplest part of the story, its get more and more complex and involved, with panic stricken journeys in this world and a parallel one, with people being more than they are, and sometimes more than one person…. When I could keep up with the story I really enjoyed it, but found I was skipping much of the book, as frankly I just didn’t understand what it was about, and many of the scenes seemed to be long and drawn out. I suspect that’s because JC is setting a complex novel in a world very different to what we are used to, and that’s a lot to ask of any first book in a series. I suspect, as I’ve found before, that further on in the series I’ll understand far more about the sections and story lines I’ve skipped.

I enjoyed the people and the settings, its complex but yet once I could grasp the structure it makes sense, more or less.. I liked Allie, felt for her, she seems to have had a somewhat troubled childhood, and just when she thinks life is settling, along comes the delicious Revik. Oh I really felt for both of them over the misunderstandings about what was said and implicated, where Allie didn’t know the consequences of her actions, and he was trying to spare her in the best way he could.

I’m still somewhat confused over others in the novel, apart from her friend and brother, as I’m unsure of who was on what side, and sometimes forgot who someone was and how they fitted in. There’s a lot of accidental and deliberate confusion, intentional double dealing, governments and organisations putting a different spin on past and present events. Like I said – its complicated…and to be honest juts a bit too complicated for me. I’m mulling over reading more – I love the idea that Allie and Revik can work things out and be together, and the storyline is exciting and unusual, its just that I’m really not sure that I want to spend time on the next books in case I don’t enjoy them – like I said, I think I will, and maybe they settle down into less complex works now the world setting is done, but I just don’t know, hence my mixed feelings. I’ll need to read a few reviews I guess before deciding. It’s priced at £2.05 for 404 pages.

Stars: Three and a half, touching on a four. I think if I go on to read more and once I’ve got the world setting and people fixed better in my mind I could probably come back and re rate this at a five. Its that good, well written, unusual, its just that at present I’m a bit lost.

ARC supplied by Netgalley.

Wolf Bride (Lust in the Tudor court – Book One). Elizabeth Moss


Wolf Bride (Lust in the Tudor court - Book One)

Wolf Bride (Lust in the Tudor court – Book One). Elizabeth Moss

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

I’ve not read many historical novels for a while, for a time they were my only reading and I devoured those by Philippa Gregory, Allison Weir, Sharon Penman, Elizabeth Chadwick and others. I’d read Wolf Hall, Hilary Mantells prizewinner but to be honest I didn’t really enjoy it, and seeing this book compared to that I wasn’t sure about it – still, I put in a request and …Wow, I’m so glad. This isn’t some accurate, stuffy look at the past, but a peep into Tudor times and the eroticism that was around then. King Henry is as ever casting his roaming eye around, the courtiers and ladies having secret – or not so secret – dalliances, and the Queen ( Anne, well he had a few…) appears to be unable to bear a son. As was the case at that time it was always the ladies fault and Henry wanted a new wife so she had to go. He didn’t think divorce would be permitted again, so she’s charged with adultery and witchcraft.

Among all this Eloise gets caught up. She’s a lady in waiting, though far more moral and chaste than so many, and she discovers her father has given her in marriage to their neighbour Lord Wolf. He recalls her from childhood, and thinks she’ll make a suitable wife. Having been made a fool of by his previous fiancée many years before, he’s done with love but something about Eloise intrigues him. He thinks once married that will wear off, but she’ll be fine for providing an heir. Eloise is shattered, convinced she’s in love with a courtier Simon, she soon discovers her tentative plans for them to marry are not what he has in mind at all, but he’ll be happy to have an affair with her after their marriage. She’s horrified, devastated at his words, and doesn’t want to marry at all, let alone to the aloof and frightening Lord Wolf. Still, the marriage goes ahead..and Elizabeth takes us on a journey into the past, showing us these people and the other side to them, and often in a sensual, erotic way. Though Eloise is scared, Lord Wolf is very patient and gradually seduces her til she craves his touch, and is eager to take whatever he has to offer sexually. Its incredibly sexy, and well written, the heat simmers between them bursting into a crescendo of fire.

Then Henry wants rid of the Queen, Lord and Lady Wolf are recalled to court, and have the difficult place of trying to avoid getting caught up in the furore that could lead to Eloise death if found complicit in the Queens adultery. Dangerous times for all, and no one knows who’s watching whom..and along the way some of the past is revealed, secrets are let out, misunderstandings lead to heartbreak – oh lots drama all round, and I just love to wallow in it 🙂

I loved this book, would love to read the rest, and its a series I’d read over and over. A skilful blend of history, romance and erotica. It’s certainly not what I expected, its far, far more, and makes for a fabulous novel and one I loved. It’s priced at £3.52 for 399pages.

Stars: five, unexpectedly sensual, erotic, historical romance tied up in a fascinating glimpse of history and the dangers of court life.

ARC supplied by Netgalley.

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