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Bonded Rosalie Tarr

Bonded, Rosalie Tarr
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Vampires, romance – I’m in….:) This was a decent read, not earth shattering, nothing too deep but a good way to lose a couple of hours.
Alec was just how his friend Portia described him, kind of lost, didn’t really know what to do with himself, a bit sad in a way that he was trying to keep his sense of worth by tracking and killing murderous vampires. Portia’s a great friend, and so funny at times. She knew just what he needed, but what neither of them thought that would be was a male bond mate! It took straight guy Alec some time to get used to the idea, he thought he could just leave, ignore the call etc. but the pull of attraction was too great and he had to give in and accept it.
Of course there’s the problem of Aiden. He’s a) human b) straight and c) has a girlfriend. Alot for Alec to deal with before they can be bonded. Alec is trying to stay away, and yet keeps bumping into Aiden, Aiden feels the same pull though of course he’s no idea why, and finds himself talking to Alec, inviting him home and not wanting his girlfriend. Then to add to all that dilemma there’s the murderous vampire Lucius who Alec was tracing, who could prove dangerous to both Alec and Aiden.
Its a sweet read, funny in parts, and interesting in the whole straight men attracted to each other conundrum. We’re brought up to accept the norm and for most that’s typical m/f pairings, so diverging from that means getting to see the downsides, such as other peoples reactions and also changing our own mindset. It’s priced at £4.94 for 166 pages. As a one off read that’s quite expensive, but if you like light and easy to read paranormal maybe its one you’d re read that would make it better value.
Stars: three. Fun, easy read but a one off only.
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The Golden Apple, Michelle Diener

The Golden Apple (The Dark Forest)


The Golden Apple, Michelle Diener
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
My first Michelle Diener book, although she’s written many, mostly historical, novels. This one is loosely based around the fairy tale “the princess on the glass hill” Its not a story I’ve read so the whole premise was new to me.
Kayla; her father has set a task for her hand in marriage. She’s sitting at the top of a glass mountain holding a golden apple, and the winner must retrieve it. She’s tired of having her life decided for her, and the previous evening made her own choice of who should receive her virginity. She chose Rane thinking she was seducing him, and that he was simply an innocent onlooker, a secretary/poet he’d told her. Rane though was the real seducer, using her to get the apple. He needs it to save his brother, but poor Kayla feels betrayed. What neither of them or the king knows though, is that the apple has been enchanted to get the holder to retrieve something for Eric the Bold, the sorcerer who has used dark magic to get his way. Its a very dangerous task and Kayla and Rane need to cross a magical forest, where few ever come out…
As they cross the forest they come across lots of dangers, and they both learn more about each other. Gradually they begin to understand that each are not the person the other thought, that they were more than appears on the surface. The dangers mean they need to work together but that comes hard to Rane, he’s not used to it. They learn that there are threats to the kingdoms from sorcerers who are overusing magic, and creating more and more of the overspill dangers that reside in the Great Forest.
I’ve always had a love for fairy tales – though I do want my HEA even in them 🙂 The magic here was interesting in the way it was used and created. Kayla wasn’t a snippy, spoiled princess but a person with heart and very adaptable. She’s learning more about her heritage on the journey from the people she meets. Rane, first I liked him then when I found out his betrayal I was upset with him. Then again, we all do things for family that maybe we wouldn’t otherwise. Kayla is angry but comes to understand his reasoning. I was a bit lost at the end….I’d got so into the story I wanted more, but luckily the sequel, The Silver Pear, will be out in autumn 2014.
It’s priced at £2.49 for 298 pages so a decent length for the reader to really get “into” the story and characters. Its not breath taking fantasy, or heart stopping romance, more a gentle meander than a rip roaring ride.
Stars: Four. Its an interesting book but a one off read for me.
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Lost in You, Sommer Marsden


Lost in You, Sommer Marsden
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Sommer has written many books I discovered and yet this is the first one I’ve read of hers. Its classed as erotic romance, and I’m a sucker for that so thought I’d try it.
So, Clover Brite ( all I can think of is Rainbow Brite for some reason each time I read this…) She’s got some troubled back-story, is close to her gran and honorary aunt. They are a terrific duo – I want to be them when I’m old! Clover seems old for her years in many ways, she’s paranoid about responsibility and not letting anyone down, and maybe some of that comes from her childhood, where her mum struggled to bring her up alone when her wealthy father ducked out, leaving them without support. Its left her with a kind of reverse snobbery in a way, she’s anti rich people even though she doesn’t realise it.
She’s trapped in her latest work project with the sexy, handsome and wealthy owner when a bad storm hits. They get really close ( really, really close with some scorching sex scenes) for the couple of days they are there, and Dorian is blown away by Clover. Though they get on well then, once they’re out in the real world again she won’t give him a chance, thinking he’s out of her league, that she just won’t fit in his world. Luckily Dorian doesn’t give up when he wants something. I liked Clover, loved the way she took care of family, and worked hard at her work, but sometimes she was so negative I wondered just why Dorian kept trying. And yet I understood why she did it, and luckily it seems so did he. Dorian is a great character, he’s got his own problems, and until meeting Clover was content to just let his life drift along. She’s changed him though, he makes an effort for her and is hurt when she won’t respond. I felt for both of them, laughed when things went right, and was upset when, as always, things went wrong, there were misunderstandings and they were apart.
I enjoyed this book, scorching sex, well written and varied, not just clothes off, six thrusts, done, rinse and repeat as we so often get…I’d rather read less, than those repetitive scenes, sometimes it’s as if they’re cut and pasted in at intervals through-out the book. Ones like this where its varied and well placed are a gem. Sadly though, despite all the good things, there were two big put offs for me, which lost it a star. Clover, though I liked her she was so very, very negative, it almost came out as a “poor me” whine at times and it detracted from her. Then there’s the first third of the story where they are stuck in the building – that went on just too long for me, and I began to wonder if the whole book was going to be like that, just too much when I wanted more outside influence on them. It was a great way to get together, but for me needed to be shorter, and I found myself skipping parts to get to the story. Still, that’s just me, as ever others will feel very differently 🙂 It’s priced at £1.99 for 200 pages
Stars: Four. Sexy, spicy romance.
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Playing to Win. Shelley Munro

Playing to Win. Shelley Munro
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
So, in the mood for a straight romance I chose this. Its a romance, and also a puzzle with danger coming to Kate along with the solution.
I liked Kate, she’s mum to her dead sister’s child, and she and Jamie have carved out a contented life for themselves. Then their world is turned upside down when tabloid papers print a story over Jamie being local hero and rugby player Lane’s son. Of course as always they’re not interested in the truth – just want scandal for the ratings. Kate is bombarded with Press at her home, Lane completely blind sided by the fact he may have a ten year old child, and Jamie struggling with insecurity wondering if he’ll be taken from Kate…Kate’s firm and insistent, nothing will take him away from her, though she’s willing to let Lane build a relationship with him.
Along the journey to the truth there’s a potential kidnapping, danger and attacks on Kate’s home and business, and threats to her safety. Lane steps up his protection of her and gradually falls in love. He just needs to persuade Jamie and Kate that they should be a family.
Its a fun romance with a snippet of danger, not heart stopping but a more subtle kind that creeps up quietly and lands with a bang. The police were great characters too, becoming regular visitors. The protagonist didn’t really come as a shock to me, but it was well done, and everything added up – I hate when we find out who the “baddie” is and it doesn’t fit the clues we’ve had, none of that here though. Looking back we can see how things build up to that dramatic climax and reveal.
Priced at £0.99 for 228 pages its long enough to let the reader get into the plot. Its a bargain for lovers of gentle contemporary romance.
Stars: Four, fun read but a one off for me.
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Make me Yours Evermore Pierced Hearts, Book Three Cari Silverwood

Make me Yours Evermore , Pierced Hearts Book Three, Cari Silverwood
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Well, ages ago I recalled reading book one, couldn’t really recall much about it, but although this is a series it seemed this was a standalone novel, and I do like dark erotica so…but though I enjoyed it its a difficult one to rate because such a lot of it made me feel really uncomfortable.
Most dark erotics I’ve read has some dubious consent scenes, things that need working out where it seems like consent isn’t given but in fact it is, and a HEA. This one is far, far darker. It begins with Chris kidnapping Kat, taking her away to an island and “teaching” her to be his slave. Andreas ends up coming along, and he gets sucked in by the dark games too…
I just feel that the non consensual aspect, the kidnapping and the captivity all weren’t really what I want to read. I know its fiction, but I feel that it’s still difficult to justify – if I like Chris and Andreas am I giving my approval to what they are doing? Frankly both of them seemed to me to have some severe problems that made them OK to think this capture and treatment of a person was acceptable.
Then there’s the aspect of what happens after? Clearly Chris doesn’t intend to let Kat return to her old life – but how would they cover up her disappearance? How do they expect her to stay hidden – or do they? There’s no answers given. The novel takes an even darker turn into human trafficking and slavery, and there’s the balance of how is that really any different from what Chris and Andreas have done. Its a novel that poses a lot of questions for me, makes me think about what I find acceptable even in fiction. I’m happy to suspend belief in reality, it’s fiction after all… but when a book poses as “real life” in the way its written, that it expects us to think this could be a real story, then I need to examine whether I feel what happens is acceptable.
Its very well written, that’s part of my problem. I could see what’s happening so well…Everything I’ve read about BDSM focusses on Consent, whether its SSC or RACK, but here’s that’s thrown out. Its seems to me Chris and Andreas – especially Andreas make excuses to convince themselves what they are doing is OK. Chris at least is more honest – he just says its what he wants, he saw the opportunity to act out his fantasy and that’s it.
For me its a step to far to enjoy. I can see that I’m in a minority as there are floods of five stars, but even in fiction I find I need to be comfortable with what’s happening, and it wasn’t the sex, the beatings, the captivity or anything that bothered me – just the consent issue. Is it right that if some accepts something, appears to enjoy it even then the fact they didn’t consent doesn’t matter? Serious questions for me and the answer personally is I feel consent is all. Without that its just plain wrong. I hadn’t read book two, which suggests the kidnap was necessary to save a friend – I still feel nothing justifies what Chris did regardless of friendship. It’s priced at £2.49 for 294 pages.
Stars: two. Very well written story, very realistic but just too dark with the non consent issue for me to enjoy.
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Still Life with Strings, L.H. Cosway

Still Life with Strings


Still Life with Strings. L.H. Cosway
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Back in 2012 I found L. H paranormal romance Ultimate Power series ( book one still free) and loved it, then I saw she’d written a contemporary romance, Painted Faces which I adored. Fabulous characters, Fred and Viveca 🙂 terrific plot, lots of drama and events that knitted together seamlessly. That’s still one of my all time favourite romances. So anything she produces now I’m interested in, read and loved the last one Nature of Cruelty, and when I saw this I just had to have it 🙂 I’ve just read three in a row that I’d picked but didn’t fit me, and was needing something I knew I’d love so read this yesterday.
Well, its similar in style to her other contemporary novels. Set in Ireland, L.H makes me feel as if I’m there with the characters. I can “see” what she describes. The plots aren’t just fixed one dimensional ones, but take little interludes off to events where we meet new characters, and then later in the book they weave together to tighten all the things we’ve had placed so far, and bring everything together. Its just not possible to predict where she is going to take her characters next, and that’s what makes reading one of these such a treat.
Jade – oh how I loved her. I felt real empathy in how she wanders off into a world inside her head, seeing things that are “real” in her mind that others miss. I was always getting books and board rubbers thrown at me at school for daydreaming, but to people like us its not always a conscious decision. Something catches our eye, a dusty cobweb, a shadow cast by leaves fluttering in the breeze, a snippet of overheard conversation and our minds race away so when it happened to Jade I was away with her, sitting on the moon looking down, seeing sparkling diamonds not rain, taking flight with the birds ….She’s overcome so much that I understood her fear of loving Shane, and yet love isn’t easily held back. Shane seemed to have felt the pull to her right from the start. He also had a difficult past that could have made him afraid of love, but he knew that Jade was special even though on the face they were total opposites. He was one hot guy too, once he persuaded Jade to be with him, and his methods were…well, very convincing!
A beautiful story. Its not just a man meets woman story but a tale of true love, co- incidences and Fate, faith and belief, struggles to overcome when obstacles loom large, and so exquisitely told its tearful just in its beauty. Only one thing stopped a five star rating, and that was the bit when it all goes wrong. In Painted Faces that was drawn out over a lengthy period and I could wallow – one of the reasons I love that book…but here its very short, and didn’t give time for all those sad emotions to really penetrate. Still, its a fabulous book never the less, and a worthy four and half stars. Its a tale that will stay with you long after you’ve finished. It’s priced at £2.49 for 325 pages on kindle, and if you enjoy romance that makes you think, feel, laugh and cry then this is perfect. .
Stars: four and a half.
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End of the Innocence (Innocence #3) Alessandra Torre

End of the Innocence (The Innocence Trilogy)

End of the Innocence (Innocence #3) Alessandra Torre

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

So, I started with Brad’s book in The Diary of Brad de Luca, before reading any of the other books and that was a mistake. I’d loved Alessandra’s Dumont Diaries though, so tried out the first of this trilogy and was hooked…and the Diary made much more sense. And yes, just like Julia I fell in love with the arrogant Alpha man that was Brad. So getting the final part of the story was welcome, and yet… I’m always sad to say goodbye at the end of a good book or series. Thankfully though I’m one of those people who can read and reread favourites, and this quartet will certainly join my keepers file for that.

Its the same excellent quality of writing we’ve come to expect from Alessandra, sex scenes that go beyond page after page of stripping off and a quick bang against the wall/door/floor as we so often get. Alessandra’s scenes last for pages, building up the intensity and drama, making the reader wonder what’s coming next, and adding in things that turn it from just sex into an exciting and sensual adventure. The story too devolved from the typical romantic trilogy, into one with an element of thriller about it that shows the machinations of Brad so well. I couldn’t believe how much he’d changed after he met Julia – nor it seems could his friends, family and work colleagues! From being a one and done type man, no expectations, no complications he’s become smitten with Julia, romance pours out from him now, he wants her in his life forever, and will do anything to keep her safe. With a family like his though with its strong Mafia type influence that’s difficult, even though he turned away from that side many years ago. Julia too has changed, gone is the slightly shy, innocent girl that joined the firm as an intern and she’s become a confident and sexy young woman, who’ll do anything for Brad as she loves him deeply. There’s a shadow from her past that creeps into this book though and that she needs to deal with.

Its a riveting, erotic read once again, full of surprises to keep reader on their toes. Its full of sensuality, hot, erotic sex, drama and tears, laughter and happiness, all the deep emotions I need in my reading. Its got an ending that’s just perfect in my view but if you want a little more from Brad and Julia, and a peep into their future, Alessandra has put a few more pages of an epilogue on her website which really finished things for me and made me happy 🙂

Stars: five., a great sensual, erotic read.

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I felt Brad’s hand move, tugging on my chair and pulling me close to him. He captured my face in his hands, his eyes examining my features. “I love you so much,” he murmured, his eyes moving over and focusing on my lips before he tugged me to him, taking ownership of my mouth with a few soft swipes of his tongue. I opened my lips further, deepening the contact, my hands stealing into his hair. I broke the kiss, pushing my chair back and standing, moving closer to him and spreading his knees with my legs. He slid deeper in the chair, reclining back against the soft leather, gazing up at me with a latent dominance of the nothing-but-trouble variety. I grinned playfully down at him, and slid one strap, then the other, of my dress down, dragging the fabric until my bare breasts were exposed, lit softly by the blue-gray lights of the room.

He groaned softly, a guttural sound, and stared into my eyes, tightening his knees against my legs. “Come here.”

I shook my head and knelt, running my hands softly up his dress pants, past his muscular thighs, until I reached his belt. He watched me, his eyes darkening and he leaned forward suddenly, snagging my chin and pulling it up, his eyes grabbing me possessively before kissing me hard, a deep kiss that reclaimed his power before he released me, leaning back and watching me.

Do you always have to be in control, Mr. De Luca?” I purred the words, unbuckling his belt with one motion, then rubbed my hand over the zipper line, feeling the outline of his cock underneath the fabric, the shape of him hardening under my fingers. He didn’t answer, his eyes locked on mine, dark orbs of sexuality. I suddenly needed to see him, needed to have his bare skin in my hand, to feel the throb of what was mine. I looked away from his eyes, focusing, and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Then, he was in my hand, an impossibly thick, hard shaft, the skin hot beneath my palm. I stroked it, the firm grip eliciting an intake of Brad’s breath.

Put it in your mouth.” The order came through in a drugged tone, desire glowing at me from under heavy eyelids.

I shook my head, increasing the speed of my stroke as I watched him. He frowned slightly, lifting his hips a bit, bringing the nine inches of insanity closer to my face. I spoke, my tone a mixture of dominance and bite. “What is your plan with the girl?”

He sat up slightly, his eyes opening more, and watching me carefully. “What girl?”

The stripper. The one you fucked last time you were here.”

I thought that didn’t bother you.”

I hissed. “It didn’t bother me last time. Things are different now. Are you going to talk to her?”

I feel like this is a test of some sort …” he mumbled. His breath hitched a bit as I squeezed his cock, loving the feel of complete stiffness in my hands. “What is you want, Julia?”

I ran my tongue lightly, teasingly, over the top of his head, taking it into my mouth for one brief moment before I pulled off, my hands never pausing in their movement, a quick pace that traveled his entire length with every stroke. “I want you to handle it,” I said firmly. “I want her to understand that you will never have sex with her again.”

Never?” I released him, the sudden departure causing his eyes to open and a frown to settle over his features. “I’m joking. Don’t stop.”

I resumed my movement, my free hand gathering his heavy balls in my hand, squeezing him softly as I stroked his length with a firm hand.

Come here,” he said, sitting up and pulling on my arms.

No.” I fixed him with my sternest look, my hand increasing in speed.

Julia, come here. I want to talk to you about this without being tongue-tied by your hands on my cock.” He pulled harder, his strong arms lifting me easily onto his lap, despite my best attempt at resistance.

Sitting on his lap created a new set of problems. Mainly him, standing at attention against my thighs. I sat sideways on his lap and spread my knees slightly, my hand stealing in between my legs to grab him.


A Life Less Ordinary. Victoria Bernadine

A Life Less Ordinary


For the last fifteen years, Rose “Manny” Mankowski has been a very good girl. She turned her back on her youthful fancies and focused on her career. But now, at the age of 45, she’s questioning her choices and feeling more and more disconnected from her own life. When she’s passed over for promotion and her much younger new boss implies Manny’s life will never change, something snaps. In the blink of an eye, she’s quit her job, sold her house and cashed in her pension, and she’s leaving town on a six month road trip.

After placing a personal ad for a travelling companion, she’s joined in her mid-life crisis by Zeke Powell, the cynical, satirical, most-read – and most controversial – blogger for the e-magazine, What Women Want. Zeke’s true goal is to expose Manny’s journey as a pitiful and desperate attempt to reclaim her lost youth – and increase his readership at the same time. Leaving it all behind for six months is just an added bonus.

Now, armed with a bagful of destinations, a fistful of maps, and an out-spoken imaginary friend named Harvey, Manny’s on a quest to rediscover herself – and taking Zeke along for the ride.

A Life Less Ordinary. Victoria Bernadine

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

I’m always on the search for a contemporary romance that has that something different, something to set it out form the crowd, the thousands available on kindle. Oddly over the last two weeks I’ve chosen two with very similar themes, and yet published years apart. Though part of the premise is similar, they play out in different ways, and I’m just commenting on coincidence not making plagiarism allegations before anyone jumps to that conclusion!

This book features Zeke as a blog writer and the wonderful Irrepressible You by Georgina Penney has Ben doing a blog also. Both are male leads, likeable men, with a cynical side to them which makes their blogs about real life quite sharply satirical, bordering on almost cruel at times – and yet neither character intends harm by it, they just look at readerships stats and put any consequences to the back of their mind. That’s where they’re similar, but in this book Zeke joins Manny on her once in a lifetime six month road trip.

Rose is throwing caution to the wind, after being turned down one too many times for promotion of a job she’s been doing competently for ages….and on the spur of the moment she walks out, sells her home, cashes in her pension and makes plans. This co-coincides with Zeke’s blog, disparaging older ladies, comparing them to washed up, given up has-beens, which was incredibly popular and controversial. His boss and wife to his best friend TJ, Leah, has seen Maddy’s ad for a travelling companion and sets him up to do it, and blog about it. Of course his satirical views on the sometimes innocent and naive Manny actions provoke a storm of controversy, sending the blog viral after the first couple of months. But Zeke finds his view of Manny changing and keeps desperately reminding himself she’s the disparaged, older lady and not the sexy, sensuous person that keeps snicking into his mind….

As the story continues we learn more about the characters, their families and problems, and see how what they’ve been through have shaped their ideas and influences. Manny has always been the responsible one, looking after everyone and she still seems to what to take everyone and help them through their problems. Manny’s Misfit Toys ( reminds me of the kids video Island of misfit toys every time I read it). Zeke always been one to walk away when things look like they aren’t going to work, and as he says once he’s gone that’s it. No looking back. Then there’s Manny sister Daisy and her marriage problems, her foster sister Rebecca and her problems with daughter and granddaughter, TJ and Leah’s problems in starting a family…I love a book with real people and real problems, and add those to the characters Manny picks up along the way and there’s a fabulous cast in this book. Of course the delicious, suave, and humorous Harvey ( and yes I thought of the rabbit too…) has to have a mention. His character was just perfect, he was there when Manny needed him and full of spot on advice – everyone deserves a Harvey in their life.

Of course everything is perfect til it isn’t, and poor Manny know nothing of the blog, its spiralling fast and you can just see that the sh. is about to hit the fan. Poor Manny had been so open and trusting, and by then Zeke’s view of her had changed so much ( very very much!) but he couldn’t undo the harm he’d done.

Its a book that takes us on a journey with them, meeting new people, falling in love, sorting out families and their problems. I loved it, and the way it all played out. Its true how people generalise in the way Zeke did and what’s funny isn’t so once its related to real people, and their feelings…Everyone involved seemed to learn and grow here and the ending…perfect 🙂 Priced at £4.02 for 371 pages its a book that’s long enough to let us really explore the characters and problems that arise.

ARC provided via  Book Enthusiast Promotions

Stars: Four and a half.

Author Information:

Victoria Bernadine (a pseudonym) is, as the saying goes, a “woman of a certain age”. After twenty-something years of writer’s block, she began writing again in 2008.

Victoria enjoys reading all genres and particularly loves writing romantic comedy and post-apocalyptic science fiction. What those two have in common is anybody’s guess.

She lives in Edmonton with her two cats (The Grunt and The Runt). A Life Less Ordinary is the first novel she felt was good enough to be released into the wild.


not all readers like all books :)

I try really hard when choosing review books and yet…sometimes I get it wrong, and this week I’ve had three (reviews below) that have been good books in that they’re well written, have lots of people love them, and yet for me they just didn’t work. 😦 I hate giving low stars – I’m always trying to stress that not all readers will love every book, even if it is a favoured genre – or even a favourite author. We all want different things from our reading, and just because I or another reader doesn’t enjoy a book it doesn’t mean its a bad book. Its simply a taste issue and very subjective, so when I give a low review I try to say just what I didn’t like. That could be exactly what another reader loves. I’ve read low reviews and found out that often I’ll love a book that someone else hates. Some people hate any sex, BDSM, ménage for example, and others love it.
Fantasy spans a huge mix, son no 1 loves fantasy but at the Prachtett end – I love fantasy but can’t take Pratchett, Eddings, Rowling, Tolkien etc I want the romantic type and yet those others sell in the millions. Its a perfect example of why reviews need to be read carefully if you rely on them when making your purchasing choices. I’ve learned by now that I share a similar taste to a couple of well known reviewers, so though I still make my own choice I know if they give a book a high rate its likely to appeal to me.


Vampires Need Not…Apply?An Accidentally Yours Novel. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Well, I love paranormal romance, and this book seemed to have a bit of everything, Gods and Goddesses, Vampires, Prophecies and of course a host of secrets. It’s a series loved by many, and the host of 5 star reviews prompted me top try even though I’ve not read earlier books. Sadly though I guess its a Marmite book, you either love it or hate it, and for me it just didn’t cut it.
Mimi has a very distinctive style or writing – clearly with the legions of fans it resonates with many, and I saw lots of LOL comments in reviews. For me though the humour fell flat, I just didn’t see the joke, couldn’t get invested in the characters and the storyline enough to care about what happened. I put it down, picked it up again a couple of times, restarted in case I’d missed something essential, thinking if I just continued I must get to the point where I agree with all those who love the book, but despite reading to 40% I didn’t get there and DNF the book 😦
Its well written and full of characters and plots readers love, sadly though not me. Its a perfect example of what I’m always trying to point out, that as readers we’re individual and have differing tastes, so a low review doesn’t mean an awful book – it could be, as here with me, an excellent novel but just not one the reader enjoyed. I do try to choose carefully to avoid that but sometimes get it wrong – I’m human 🙂
So why didn’t I enjoy it? Well, though its packed with old old beings, Gods, Goddesses etc. they just seemed so juvenile – clearly their off the wall oddness is what makes them special for so many readers, but it was over my head. I just got to the point where I found them irritating, not where I was laughing with/at them as so many other readers, and sadly gave up.
It’s priced at £1.49 and at 403 pages its a real bargain if you like this style of humour and writing.
Stars: two, a well written book but just not my taste
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The Bossman, Renee Rose
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Erotic Romance, two words guaranteed to get me to take a look. This had all the elements I thought would make a good book but…for me it was a fail 😦
Joey, hot Mafia boss, the Don’s brother. He sees Sophie and wants her, and what the Family want they get…all good so far. But Sophie doesn’t want involvement with the Family, been there done that with her dad, and her mum’s example taught her it doesn’t make for happy families. So why then at the first hurdle does this self confident woman crumple, and turn into a simpering TSTL heroine, just looking for excuses to get spanked??? It just didn’t work for me. I couldn’t see what Joey saw in her, didn’t see any real connection between them. Its quite a short novel so maybe expanded into full length it would have worked for me, but as it is…nope., Didn’t like it, nothing wrong with the writing just story and characters that didn’t feel right for me. Renee is quite a prolific author and clearly has many fans who devour all she produces and love it, another perfect example of how we all enjoy and need different things from our reading. It’s priced at £4.31for 161 pages so quite expensive for the genre.
Stars: two, a well written book but just not my taste
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Bound and Unbroken. Out of Bounds 1 Skye Callahan
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Another one titled Erotic Romance…the hook that always has me looking to see if I’d like it 🙂 well, I did and I didn’t. I’ve mixed feelings about this book.
Lena..AKA Loner 🙂 Eric’s name for her. She’s had a bad past which has left her with some serious psychological triggers, and a way of controlling them that has her room-mate and best friend worried. Her ex couldn’t cope with it and she tries to keep it hidden and not to do it unless desperate. Then room-mate Miah drags her for a night out, concerned about her brooding inside, hiding herself away again, and she meets Eric – or Rusty as he tells her he’s called. So they flirt, have a near fling before he drops her home in a cab. She thinks that’s it. Then she meets him at school where she’s teaching, learns more about him and they begin a relationship. Eric has a way of wheedling out all the things she keeps hidden, and when he uses his Dom skills on her she finds it helps with her problems. But he’s not without his ghosts either, and he’s now parenting his young nephew after his sister and her husband were killed in an accident.
Can they make things work? Well, they try, hard…and Lena learns more about BDSM, especially when they visit a club he is a member of. She learns a lot about herself too. So on the face its a good story, but somehow it just didn’t grip me. It had elements I liked, pockets of drama, the story and characters were good, but it just didn’t feel real to me. I need to feel the characters are genuine, that I’m there with them, sharing their problems, but this just felt very superficial and I wasn’t really bothered how it turned out. It was a one off read for me, not one to keep, but I’m sure for others who like a lighter BDSM/romance with a sweet story backing it this will prove to be a hit. Its not the books’ fault, its perfectly well written, just one that didn’t create that magical place where I get lost in a story, feel I’m in there with the characters. . . It’s priced at £1.84for 223 pages.
Stars: two and a half, a well written book but just not my taste
ARC supplied by Netgalley

A Touch of Darkness, Key 1, Tina Moss and Yelena Casale

A Touch of Darkness (The Key Series)

A Touch of Darkness, Key 1, Tina Moss and Yelena Casale
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
I love paranormal romance, but have had problems with Angelic ones. Some, such as Nalini Singh I love, can’t praise enough, but others I’ve found just don’t cut it for me. Sadly this is one of those…Not everyone likes everything, the sample sounded fun, but I found while reading that the romance angle just wasn’t really feeling right to me, and I was waiting for the story to develop more. It felt like a YA almost with the fallen angels/prophecy connection – that seems to crop up a lot in YA 🙂 and though I enjoy some in that genre, with Cassie being older I was hoping for more, and that this was going to have a stronger story line. It felt almost superficial to me, that I was expecting developments that just weren’t there. Somehow it seemed anti climactic when the big reveal and battles were reached.
As always this is just My view and doesn’t mean you wont enjoy this book. Its well written, its just that the story failed to pull me in, and I didn’t connect with the characters. I have to feel I’m there in the story with them, have to care about what happens to them but I just didn’t. I read thoroughly to 60% then skim read to see what happened so maybe I missed something essential, but I felt I’d given enough time to decide that this story wasn’t one I’d love. Doesn’t mean I’ll not be happy to try something else by the authors – I’ve found before that though I love some of an authors stories that doesn’t mean I’ll love all of them. Of course the fact we have readers with so many different needs means books will always fit some people and not others, regardless of how good the actual writing style is. That was perfect here, its just the way the story played out that didn’t work well for me. It’s priced at £1.86 for 258 pages.
Stars: Two and a half, a good book but just not my style of story.
ARC received via Netgalley .

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