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Crossing the Lines. M.Q. Barber,


Crossing the Line (Neighborly Affection)

Crossing the Lines. M.Q. Barber,

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

I do love well written erotica, that which has a good story, and doesn’t just rely on page after page after page of sex to try to fill content. I hadn’t read the first in this series, but this looked promising so I settled in to read. Its a great story, a gentle interlude into how the sex contract between the trio is working.

Henry is a Dom, not a harsh, bullying, heavy handed one but a gentle, subtle, thoughtful man who really looks to what Alice and Jay need. Jay’s been with him a while now, and still needs Henry’s help to get over a brief, but very bad experience with a bullying Dom. Alice moved in to the apartment next to theirs 20 months ago, and has been under the D/s contract 8 months now. She’s finding that though it suited her at first, she wants more, but is so afraid of offending Jay and Henry, fearing she’s intruding and will lose what they have. It means she’s struggling, and I loved the way Henry senses that – as he seems to instinctively know what they both need all the while – and how he deals with it. Jay is lovely, Alice describes him as like an overgrown puppy and that’s really apt. His enthusiasm for everything bubbles over, his mouth runs at a mile a minute, and he’s such a contrast to Henry who considers the consequences of everything before he speaks or acts. Sometimes though the best laid plans and all that…..

There’s some hot and sensual sex scenes. Some BDSM scenes in a club showing just how things can go wrong so easily, and how lucky they are to have Henry who doesn’t need to show the world his control, its enough for him that it keeps the three of them happy. There’s some humour and some times when I could have cried for poor Alice, wanting more and yet terrified of tipping the boat, and losing what she had. Its so easy to get confused with miscommunication too, and this is shown really well here. Its not a heart stopping romance, but a gentle progression building on what they have and I loved it. Its priced at £2.68 for 255 pagesand is one I’d happily re read.

CONTENT WARNING: Explicit sex, graphic language, BDSM, bondage, spanking, M/M/F ménage, M/F sex, M/M sex.

ARC provided via Netgalley

Stars: five

Sex, Lies, and Beauty Aids. Deb Julienne.


Sex, Lies, and Beauty Aids

Sex, Lies, and Beauty Aids. Deb Julienne.

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

In the mood for a humorous romance I settled in to this book. Sadly I found it just too stereotypical and I couldn’t really take the characters seriously. Sabrina, was just too much of an innocent, she’s in a high powered job and though I could believe she’s a virgin still, I couldn’t take the issue of her know nothing about sex seriously, she’s working for a magazine, she’d have surely read the competition and you can’t pick up a magazine without some sex headline screaming across it, and content of how, which, why, on sex issues. Then there’s Trent/Travis. The swaps I could believe, but this one? Somehow I couldn’t take that staid responsible serious Travis had such a problem and the family were unaware, and that after just three weeks he was fine…and for a Playboy lightweight Trent was pretty innocent too. I can see that he was attracted to Sabrina but not why he simply bypassed her on their earlier meeting.

So with that colouring my views the story really didn’t have much of a chance 😦 though there were some fun moments ( jail!) there were also a lot of clichéd ones too ( the blue pill…) All that just means though that it didn’t suit me, you may be looking for something enirely different, or able to get over the hiccups that stopped my enjoying the novel. Its wasn’t a bad book, but just wasn’t a good one for me either. Its priced at £1.98 for 232 pages so around average for the genre.

ARC provided via Netgalley

Stars: Two and a half, I didn’t dislike it, but I can’t give it a three/good rating.

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