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Fall into Forever Beth Hyland


Fall into Forever
Fall into Forever Beth Hyland

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

I’m very much a person who has to be in the mood for a certain type of book, and yesterday what I wanted was a good, dramatic but straight-forward romance. So, Fall into Forever was the one I chose, and it delivered exactly what I needed. A story with romance, action, lots of emotions from happiness to real tearjerker sadness.

Ivy was a great female lead. She was hiding from her past, trying to set a new future – but as we all know there’s no escaping some things. Jon was the typical bad boy outside, tattoos, good looks, reputation for being available his groupies, sex on tap, no strings πŸ™‚ Yet on the inside he’s very different, and lots of his reputation is undeserved, and a front to keep his real side hidden. When he met Ivy something clicked between them and she gradually gets to see the good guy side. He in turn can see beyond the front and that Ivy has problems, and he helps her to gain confidence and sort them. She’s not had anyone doing that before, her parents more concerned about the financial impact if she pressed the issues, as it affected locals with power to hit their business. That’s sad isn’t it – the one group we think we can rely on is family and yet here – as sadly happens – neither of these two could get that help.

Anyway there’s some clever plots here that bring out issues and fears, and force both Jon and Ivy to confront them. Just when all seems to be going well for them – something awful happens and poor Ivy, I really felt for her. She was so lost and almost back to where she started, especially when the abuse restarted and Jon wasn’t there to support her through it.

Still, there’s a HEA, done very well. Its a typical NA read, strong, uncomplicated romance, some hot sex, lots of drama and though I’m far from NA I do love books like this from time to time.

Its a fun read, probably a one off for me but at just 77p for 244 pages its such a bargain that this doesn’t really matter. For those that love this genre it’s probably one to keep too, just that I tend to dip into it rather than have it as a mainstay.

Stars: four – great book, excellent value.

ARC supplied by Netgalley

Mine To Crave, Cynthia Eden


Mine To Crave (Mine - Romantic Suspense)

Mine To Crave, Cynthia Eden

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

Cynthia is a prolific author, and yet oddly until reading the first in this series I’d never read any of her works…anyway – I love this series. Great blend of drama and action, plots that feel genuine, without becoming too detailed and boring as some suspense novels do to me, mixed with fabulous, realistic characters and some erotic, spicy, sensual sex scenes.

Drake – we met him in previous books as a somewhat shadowy figure, though all three men, Drake, Trace and Noah are very close and always have each others backs. Drake is scarred as regards women, let down by a previous lady long ago who caused lots of problems, and even though she’s now dead she’s still causing grief for him. He runs a chain of casinos, very successful, and he’s gone far beyond the promise he made to himself as a child when he had nothing. He’s strictly a one night only, hot sex, no relationships man, but then he sees Jasmine one evening in his club and there’s something that pulls at him however hard he tries to avoid it.

Jasmine has had a bad past, and has lived on the edge of danger for some years now just trying to earn a living. Drake catches her trying to steal information from him, and wants to know who she’s working for. She’s not going to tell, she can’t or she knows she’ll be killed. They have a back and forth dance where they give in to the steaming attraction sizzling between them, and then something happens and Jasmine is either running off or taken by those who want to hurt/use her. Her enemies seem to be stacking up, and its hard to know who’s behind each move. Its a gripping journey through danger and betrayals, ghosts from the past affecting the present, and people who are not what they seem.

As ever Drake enlists the help of Trace and Noah, against their advice he can’t seem to let Jasmine go, and though she needs to leave she has problems going too….but the dangers start getting more and more real, coming from different directions and the action doesn’t seem to stop. They’re pulled together , sensational when they meet and yet as ever there are misunderstandings, and their individual pasts that have taught them not to trust shadow how they feel about each other. Its so hard to say anything without spoiling the story, but its full of surprises, and there’s all the deep drama and emotion that I love so much. I enjoy suspense novels when they’re like this, focussed very much on the main protagonists, with a very personal story running through and of course some hot and spicy sex πŸ™‚

It’s priced at Β£1.86 for 280 pages on kindle, and one that will join the keeper files.

Stars: Five. This would make a cracking series to read they way I love, back to back so I can follow the characters through.

ARC supplied by Netgalley

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