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All I Need Is You. The Alexanders book 4. M Malone


All I Need Is You. The Alexanders book 4. M Malone

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

I’ve read and enjoyed previous Alexanders novels so was pleased to see this one listed. It’s very much the same mould as the previous ones, sweet, good heroine in need of help or something, dark, brooding hero swoops in and rescues her, and all wrapped up in some hot, dangerous action and sensual erotic sex. Well, it works once again.

Though each book shares elements M.M manages to keep the story fresh. I felt at home meeting some of the others, knowing the stories of how they’d come together. Her characters are very realistic, they feel like people you know, and have flaws as well as the good spots. That makes them more likeable, perfection is over-rated 🙂 I was hoping for more scenes involving jealous ex Carly, but then I do like a “good” nasty person. She threw the spanner in a couple of times but could have been more for me 🙂

I sort of understood Eli’s reasons for leaving Kaylee, not sure I really agreed with them but… I did like the blind date intervention, that was fun, and the car bombing nice bit of drama thrown in. I didn’t see who or what was behind the threats though with hindsight the clues were laid out for me, but what can I say – I’d make a rubbish detective 🙂

Its a fun read, bit of danger, lost of spicy sex and romance. I have to say though Hope was a Very Well Behaved baby, mine were never like that! She seemed to fit in with whatever went, and wherever she needed to be. Mine would have spent the day climbing out, screaming, vomiting….etc but Hope, she seems to just sit quietly until needed. Its not my favourite of the series but a good one off read, does what it says and lets reader escape to another world for a couple of hours.

Its priced at £2.45 for 315 pages and fits well into the existing series. Although the books are all connected via the characters its not necessary to have read the others as they’re each stand alone romances.

Stars: four, a fun read.

ARC supplied by Netgalley.

White Hot Kiss Jennifer L. Armentrout


White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements - Book 2)

White Hot Kiss Jennifer L. Armentrout

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

So, shocking admission I know but…here goes – I’ve never read a JLA book 😮 . So when I saw this, given I love paranormal and sometimes YA I thought it was time to try. Verdict? Well, this was fun 🙂 It’s not Great Literature – but what it’s meant to be, a fun, escapist YA read.

It was easy to follow the story, Layla was a likeable heroine, though she did whine a bit at times but then given her situation – no kissing humans or demons as she could suck their soul out, not a demon or a gargoyle but a half breed so doesn’t fit anywhere, and lots of the gargoyles want her killed as they see her as demon – it all prevents her from having a normal life, and its understandable she’s cheesed at times. She’s trying to fit in, crushing hopelessly on gargoyle friend Zayne, attending school pretending to be human, and then suddenly she has demons targeting her. One keeps rescuing her – he’s the delicious Roth, but demons just don’t do that – gargoyle mantra is the only good demon is a dead one…. Soon we learn Roth’s much more than just a high level demon, and they’re getting very close, but she has to keep him a secret as the gargoyles will kill him. As always there’s a prophecy – these seem to feature a lot in paranormal fiction, but so long as its well written I don’t mind a predictable format being used to move the story along. There are battles, danger for Layla, a book to find, all the traditional elements of good fantasy, and for me the story works.

I enjoyed this novel, love Roth ( my bad boy attraction extends to paranormal too !!), liked Zayne, it seemed clear to me he lived, more than liked, Layla but they were trapped, there’s no way they could be together. Even knowing that I felt for Layla when he was with Dannika, another gargoyle his father was keen for him to mate, its still sad when there’s clearly attraction but he has to be with someone else….

It ends with a major, climatic battle and then —- argghhh – I hate that! We’re left at what’s a natural break but…I want to know what happens next! Luckily I can see from reviews of other JLA books that she’s a prolific writer so hopefully there’s not too long to wait..Its priced at £2.84 for 400 pages so bargain price and is second in a series. I’d not read part one but that didn’t affect my enjoyment, there’s enough given to follow the story.

Stars: four, a fun and entertaining YA read.

ARC supplied by Netgalley.

Clipped Wings. Helena Hunting


Clipped Wings

Clipped Wings. Helena Hunting

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

So, I loved the prequel, Cupcakes, which introduced the major players in this book and we get straight into the story. Its clear that both Hayden and Tenley have a lot in their pasts that they are keeping close about, and you just know at some point its all going to blow up – but that tension, that wondering when its all going to go wrong is what’s makes books so exciting. Hayden and Tenley got much closer in this book, that attraction between them has been evident from the start, but Tenley is like a scared bird, and Hayden needs to tread slowly to ensure he doesn’t frighten her off. Its something new to him, he’s been a one night only man with the exception of Sienna, but she’s never been more than a convenience, and outlet that suited them both, and they way he feels about Tenley is so different he’s feeling his way carefully.

I could see three possible tensions coming up; Sienna of course, and her past with Hayden, she’s a classic troublemaking bitch, just the sort I love to find in a novel…Then there’s Trey who’s harassing Tenley about the property she inherited, and then newcomer Officer Cross, who clearly doesn’t like Hayden….and does like Tenley! So lots of potential story lines and excitement. I’d forgotten about the creep professor too – the one supervising Tenley’s studies…he could be out for trouble too.

I was so soaked in emotion, poor Tenley, and also for Hayden and his past. I want them both to find a way forward, the sensuality between them and the sexual tension is palpable, but they’ve such a lot to overcome to get there and the hurdles are Huge. There’s support though from Hayden’s aunt and her partner, and also the team at Inked Armour. They are a tight knit crew, know each other inside out, have shared pasts and have all been through a lot, so know what its like when problems strike. I just loved the story, loved the drama, lots of it it 🙂 Fabulous characters who we get to know deeply, not just a shallow overview – and I love that. I need to feel I know them, understand their reactions etc then when the sex scenes hit…wow – they are definitely hot, but in a good way, not steamy sleaze but sultry and erotic and that fit the scene set.

If you like a “bad boy” romance that’s more than just a sweet, hot read, that has lots to think about, plenty of scenes that need understanding, that makes you think “what would I do?” you’ll enjoy this. Part three out in July this year and it looks to be a cracking finale!
Stars: five, a really thorough, enticing, riveting read.

ARC supplied by Netgalley.

St. Barts. Emme Cross


St-Barts-Large-Blog-Tour-Banner St-Barts-Small-Blog-Tour-Banner

St. Barts. Emme Cross

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

So, a new to me author, and a fun sounding book. It’s tagged as erotica too – that’s diverting 🙂 So I requested it for review, and started reading. Its a long book, I haven’t the ebook size but paperback size is given as 456 pages, and it certainly seemed that long. I love longer books as they allow the author to really integrate the plots with the places, and let us see all facets of the lead characters. Sadly they’re unusual now, so many seem to be in the 120 to 180 page length.

There was a host of people here, Sunny and Sven of course, but there were Sunny’s island friends, and the film crew, many of which played a strong part in the novel. Its not just an erotic book – to me its a solid romance, with erotic and sensual love scenes. No smutty, grubby sex added in to boost ratings, but sultry, intimate, passionate acts. Sunny’s friends were a great mix, each playing their own part in the overall story, and I enjoyed reading about them. The island – well, I’m in love, it sounds idyllic and as for Sunny’s villas – I’d love, love, love to stay somewhere like that. ( when I win the lottery of course!)

Sunny, she was great, though at times a little too good to be true…but overall one of those lovely, caring, non-judgemental people we’d all like to have as a friend. She’s there to help anyone whenever she can, but after the sadness she saw when her mum died and her dad was so lost without her, and now he’s gone too she thinks Love isn’t worth the heartbreak, but she would like to try dating. She feels that she needs to learn all the things a girl of her age with a less sheltered upbringing would know. She doesn’t want a full time partner, just someone to teach her. She’s learned everything else through practical lessons, and making notes so why not the art of sex? She proposes this to Sven, after they’ve met and she feels he’s the sort of person she can trust. He’ll be gone when the film ends, so she thinks its perfect for both of them…and to begin with it is. I liked Sven too, he’s tired of the sham, shallow, playboy lifestyle, and Sunny is there just at the right time for him. There’s a feeling their lessons are turning into more, but I have to say there’s a couple of times I was really, really annoyed at Sven for his actions.

Its not just the love lessons though – the book is so much more. The practicalities of the film and the effects on other island residents. Sunny’s villas and their fitting out for rental. The little interludes of everyday life that give the novel such a realistic feel. Then there’s in the latter part of the book some serious threats to Sunny, and no one knows who’s to blame. Its part romance, part erotica and part suspense. I had an idea who was behind the danger, but the motivations were a real surprise to me.

I haven’t price info yet, but there’s also a second part. This is a standalone novel and there’s no need to read more, but the story continues with more from Sunny and Sven and I’d love to read that.

Stars: four and a half, a read that kept me engrossed for hours.

ARC supplied by Netgalley

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