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Trail of Obsession,Rebecca Tust



Trail of Obsession,Rebecca Tust

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

Début author Rebecca asked if I’d like to read her book Trail of Obsession. Some time back my usual genre was thrillers all the way, but then I found fantasy ( entirely by accident, Maria Snyder has a lot to answer for 🙂 I thought I’d bought a historical book….) and gave up thrillers, I then discovered that romance had moved on from the 70’s M&B type 🙂 and were much more sensual, so started on them too. This is a thriller, but with a strong romance which lured me in. And I’m glad. Its good to take a trip away from the reading comfort zone, and though I’m not going back to thriller land permanently I enjoyed this book. Its well written in that the plots add up, the characters are realistic, and there’s some serious steam going on – all of which I love!

So we start with Megan, who gets attacked while out running. Her rescuer Stephen is one of those genuinely good guys, and she is told that his intervention saved her life. She calls round his home once recovered to thank him personally, and they are both attracted but Megan is nervous. Somehow though Stephen doesn’t let her uncertainty stop them from going out, first as friends and then before long they’re in a steamy, erotic relationship.

Her attacker though is still loose, and having succeeded killing his next victims sees Megan as the one that got away, and is determined to get to her. Alongside that there’s danger to her from another angle too – it feels like how unlucky can one woman get! They are happy romancing, wining and dining, all the while not knowing that danger is stalking them from two very different sources.

I loved Megan and Stephen, felt sad in a way for the killer. This novel shows so well how important upbringing and childhood is in setting the person that will develop from the child. There’s a saying along the lines of Give me the child and I’ll bring you the man ..something like that anyway, indicating how influences in childhood result in the type of adult we become. I like that kind of psychology angle. The thriller element works out perfectly for me, the romance was excellent, scenes written just right, not the cringingly awful ones that sometimes pop up – I kid you not, one I read recently went on about her pink petals opening like a flower, and then her petals fluttered enticingly – I just can’t imagine that appeals to anyone, just makes me snigger…must be wind making them flutter! Where’s the romance in that 🙂

What I didn’t like was that at the end one person seemed to me to not get properly punished. I like my baddie’s to get caught and get what they deserve, especially after what happened to poor Megan but…that’s just me 🙂 It’;s priced at £2.45 for 315 pages.

Stars:four, good solid story, but probably a one off read for me.

ARC supplied by author.

The Wicked We Have Done. Sarah Harian


The Wicked We Have Done

The Wicked We Have Done. Sarah Harian

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

This book is a little outside my usual genre, its NA and romance, but the content is very different to what’s mostly available in the NA market Its not a buy meets girl HEA, sweet book, but one where the participants meet after having been convicted of a crime, and have opted to let a machine judge whether they live or die. The Compass Room is a sort of futuristic moral compass which takes their reactions to simulated events and judges them, there’s no trial, no prison, participants either go free – very unlikely – or die there and then.

Its something that could well happen at some point in the future, as we begin to rely more and more on technology as the answer to everything. “The computer never lies” we hear over and over, and’s totally dependent on what info is programmed in. We’ve currently lie detectors, fingerprinting and retina scanners, DNA tests, all supposedly tamper and foolproof, but one wonders, are they human tamper proof from the other end? Are we right to depend so much on the results? This book shows very chillingly what could happen if we take things too far.

Its quite horrific and graphic in parts, and for a wimpy weed like me that’s hard to take, and I had to skim some parts. I felt the story too was a bit choppy for me, I wanted to know what it was Evalyn had done, wanted to know why others reacted as they did, and more about each person as a person not just their crimes. I didn’t really connect with this book, more because of my needs though, than because its not a good book. I’m sure those who like this genre will love it – I was looking at the romance, and that’s just a very small part of the whole, with the rest being the CR and its actions, where my fears over the future of technology and realism meant I didn’t enjoy that part.

Clearly there’s more to come, and despite not really enjoying this book it has got me hooked in some ways, as I really want to know what happens to them next, and what happens about the Compass Room. Its pro iced at £2.49, and though I didn’t have page/kb info I’d guess from location number and time it took to be about 120 – 150 pages.

Stars: three, a read that was really well written, but sadly was not quite what I enjoy. Remember as ever that’s a personal opinion, and not a reflection of book and plot quality

ARC supplied by Netgalley

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