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A Need so Insatiable, Hearts 1, Cecilia Robert.


A Need So Insatiable (Hearts)

A Need so Insatiable, Hearts 1, Cecilia Robert.

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

Well, this looked like the potential for lots of drama, emotion, sex…lots of hot and sensual sex..and it had it in spades. I loved Sophie, and of course who couldn’t love Rafael. Its one of those novels though where even though its contemporary romance and not fantasy, itt requires the reader to suspend belief in the normalities of life to enjoy it. For example Sophie has no money, a run down house, a business that’s been closed a while and needs major work,and yet the bank says yes? She’s only 24 and yet as well as singing professionally, working at Hearts, she’s got time to work herself on the revamp of the restaurant. Then there’s Rafael. Man of mystery. He’s Hot, very Hot! Sees Sophie and wants her – and what he wants he gets. It seems to me everyone but Sophie seems to know what’s going on and Rafael at only 25 has done an awful lots to become the successful composer and conductor he is, along with being business owner and still having a toe in the murky background he shared with Kravic. That’s a lot to achieve at that age for both of them, along with their plans for Tony at the end..just wouldn’t happen….still, accept it and you’ll enjoy the story, focus too much on realities and it will spoil. Make your choice 🙂 For me I decided its fiction-land and I’m going to let the impossible pass – Alice, three impossible things before breakfast springs to mind! Though I’d have been happier if Rafael had been 30 ish….

The story starts with mysteries. Loads of them. What happened to Sophie and Lilli’s parents? Who is Kravic apart from shark money lender and what does he want – seems to desire more than money. Forthe smallish sum Sophie owes he’s spending a lot of time and manpower so he must want something else. Then there’s Rafael who clearly has some connection Sophie doesn’t know about, her friend and mentor Simone who also has a close connection to both Sophie and Rafael and yet tells Sophie nothing. Why doesn’t she remember meeting Rafael all those years ago…answers trickle out gradually as new characters are introduced and it becomes a fairly tight knit group. I’m hoping now I’ve got to know them that we’ll read stories from others in the group, Sophie’s friends, Raphael’s friends and business colleagues. Once Sophie and Raphael finally get together well – wow – he’s still under the three month sex ban from his poker game with Hawk ( and Hawk needs his own story, BTW…) but in the sensuality heat there’s a lot he can- and does – still do. I could see the train crash coming from all the secrets,and when it hit it was dragged out to maximise drama in just the way I love 🙂 well, happy is nothing without the sad to balance it. It’s priced at £1.85 for 288 pages on kindle.

Overall a fun read, but you do need to suspend realities to really enjoy it.

Stars: four – would have been five if there’d been a bit more realism 🙂

ARC supplied via Netgalley

Edit: whats with Rafael’s Labret obession?? At first mention he kisses her labret – somehow in my head that was the little space between top lip and nose ( now I can’t recall the name for that and its driving me mad!!) but after licking, kissing, nuzzling, nibbling it numerous times, he them moved on to the labret at the side of her mouth. So I knew then I was wrong and had to resort to Wiki 🙂 where I found its a lip piercing. Once I saw that I remebered I’d read/heard of it in Helena Huntings latest series which I recently reviewed. Clearly Rafael has a piercing fetish 🙂


Sex & the Single Vamp, Robin Covington


Sex and the Single Vamp (Entangled Covet)

Sex & the Single Vamp, Robin Covington

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews

I loved Robin’s contemporary romance Playing the Part so looked forward to this. It was a fun read, but a little too light-hearted for me. Its a well put together story, with characters I could feel for. Cici had created a business out of searching for True Love for both humans and Others. She seemed to me to be lonely although she had close friends, and I felt her business was born out of the desire for love for herself. She’s a real romantic. Then there’s Deacon, holder of secrets about her, in love with her though he won’t recognise it, and on the face of it he’s the total opposite, jaded, cynical and passionate in his belief Others and humans should never get romantically attached. Lots of that though has its roots in his history, though he’ll never acknowledge it.

Then Cici and her customers are targeted by a hate group – and desperate to save her business she comes to Deacon. She thinks he broke her heart when she was human 200 odd years ago – he thinks it was her rejected him, and somehow the two have never discussed it in all that time despite working closely together on occasions. Now she needs his help, and he’s had enough with the sensuality and sizzling attraction between them, the price for his help is to get together and give in to the passion, so they can both get it out of their systems and move on. Yeah – like we haven’t heard that before !! 🙂 On a night out though something terrible happens and Cici is mortal again, subject to mortal illness and injuries. Suddenly Deacon realises how much she means to him, and how lost he’d be without her…He needs to find a cure, and fast. Nothing comes without sacrifice though.

Well, it was fun, light-hearted, some drama and lots of emotion but it felt very “on the surface” to me, so though I enjoyed the book its a one off only for me. But it’s priced at just 99p for 143 pages, so at less than the average weekly magazine its still worth it, and if light and fluffy is your style then it may well be a keeper for you. Horses for courses..

Stars: Three and a half. Fun, light read.

ARC received via Netgalley and Entangled

His to Possess. Opal Carew


His to Possess. Opal Carew

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

I like erotica, but it has to have a good solid story backing it. I picked this one having read similar ones. Its got sex in it, lots and lots of sex, in fact so much sex that the story just got lost. Probably because it was a really thin plot, potentially good but somehow it just fizzled out. I was pretty sure of what was going to develop and I was right. Didn’t quite predict the ending though but when I’d finished the book I just felt a bit..flat? Empty? Not that sense of satisfaction that comes from reading a good story.

If you want sex, lots of sex, and ménage sex and aren’t worried about the realisticness or thoroughness of the story carrying it then you’ll like this. For me though I need more and didn’t really enjoy this book. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good – for me. That doesn’t mean you won’t like it – just depends on what you want from your reading.

Stars: two and a half.

ARC supplied via Netgalley

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