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not all readers like all books :)

I try really hard when choosing review books and yet…sometimes I get it wrong, and this week I’ve had three (reviews below) that have been good books in that they’re well written, have lots of people love them, and yet for me they just didn’t work. 😦 I hate giving low stars – I’m always trying to stress that not all readers will love every book, even if it is a favoured genre – or even a favourite author. We all want different things from our reading, and just because I or another reader doesn’t enjoy a book it doesn’t mean its a bad book. Its simply a taste issue and very subjective, so when I give a low review I try to say just what I didn’t like. That could be exactly what another reader loves. I’ve read low reviews and found out that often I’ll love a book that someone else hates. Some people hate any sex, BDSM, ménage for example, and others love it.
Fantasy spans a huge mix, son no 1 loves fantasy but at the Prachtett end – I love fantasy but can’t take Pratchett, Eddings, Rowling, Tolkien etc I want the romantic type and yet those others sell in the millions. Its a perfect example of why reviews need to be read carefully if you rely on them when making your purchasing choices. I’ve learned by now that I share a similar taste to a couple of well known reviewers, so though I still make my own choice I know if they give a book a high rate its likely to appeal to me.


Vampires Need Not…Apply?An Accidentally Yours Novel. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Well, I love paranormal romance, and this book seemed to have a bit of everything, Gods and Goddesses, Vampires, Prophecies and of course a host of secrets. It’s a series loved by many, and the host of 5 star reviews prompted me top try even though I’ve not read earlier books. Sadly though I guess its a Marmite book, you either love it or hate it, and for me it just didn’t cut it.
Mimi has a very distinctive style or writing – clearly with the legions of fans it resonates with many, and I saw lots of LOL comments in reviews. For me though the humour fell flat, I just didn’t see the joke, couldn’t get invested in the characters and the storyline enough to care about what happened. I put it down, picked it up again a couple of times, restarted in case I’d missed something essential, thinking if I just continued I must get to the point where I agree with all those who love the book, but despite reading to 40% I didn’t get there and DNF the book 😦
Its well written and full of characters and plots readers love, sadly though not me. Its a perfect example of what I’m always trying to point out, that as readers we’re individual and have differing tastes, so a low review doesn’t mean an awful book – it could be, as here with me, an excellent novel but just not one the reader enjoyed. I do try to choose carefully to avoid that but sometimes get it wrong – I’m human 🙂
So why didn’t I enjoy it? Well, though its packed with old old beings, Gods, Goddesses etc. they just seemed so juvenile – clearly their off the wall oddness is what makes them special for so many readers, but it was over my head. I just got to the point where I found them irritating, not where I was laughing with/at them as so many other readers, and sadly gave up.
It’s priced at £1.49 and at 403 pages its a real bargain if you like this style of humour and writing.
Stars: two, a well written book but just not my taste
ARC supplied by Netgalley

The Bossman, Renee Rose
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Erotic Romance, two words guaranteed to get me to take a look. This had all the elements I thought would make a good book but…for me it was a fail 😦
Joey, hot Mafia boss, the Don’s brother. He sees Sophie and wants her, and what the Family want they get…all good so far. But Sophie doesn’t want involvement with the Family, been there done that with her dad, and her mum’s example taught her it doesn’t make for happy families. So why then at the first hurdle does this self confident woman crumple, and turn into a simpering TSTL heroine, just looking for excuses to get spanked??? It just didn’t work for me. I couldn’t see what Joey saw in her, didn’t see any real connection between them. Its quite a short novel so maybe expanded into full length it would have worked for me, but as it is…nope., Didn’t like it, nothing wrong with the writing just story and characters that didn’t feel right for me. Renee is quite a prolific author and clearly has many fans who devour all she produces and love it, another perfect example of how we all enjoy and need different things from our reading. It’s priced at £4.31for 161 pages so quite expensive for the genre.
Stars: two, a well written book but just not my taste
ARC supplied by Netgalley

Bound and Unbroken. Out of Bounds 1 Skye Callahan
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Another one titled Erotic Romance…the hook that always has me looking to see if I’d like it 🙂 well, I did and I didn’t. I’ve mixed feelings about this book.
Lena..AKA Loner 🙂 Eric’s name for her. She’s had a bad past which has left her with some serious psychological triggers, and a way of controlling them that has her room-mate and best friend worried. Her ex couldn’t cope with it and she tries to keep it hidden and not to do it unless desperate. Then room-mate Miah drags her for a night out, concerned about her brooding inside, hiding herself away again, and she meets Eric – or Rusty as he tells her he’s called. So they flirt, have a near fling before he drops her home in a cab. She thinks that’s it. Then she meets him at school where she’s teaching, learns more about him and they begin a relationship. Eric has a way of wheedling out all the things she keeps hidden, and when he uses his Dom skills on her she finds it helps with her problems. But he’s not without his ghosts either, and he’s now parenting his young nephew after his sister and her husband were killed in an accident.
Can they make things work? Well, they try, hard…and Lena learns more about BDSM, especially when they visit a club he is a member of. She learns a lot about herself too. So on the face its a good story, but somehow it just didn’t grip me. It had elements I liked, pockets of drama, the story and characters were good, but it just didn’t feel real to me. I need to feel the characters are genuine, that I’m there with them, sharing their problems, but this just felt very superficial and I wasn’t really bothered how it turned out. It was a one off read for me, not one to keep, but I’m sure for others who like a lighter BDSM/romance with a sweet story backing it this will prove to be a hit. Its not the books’ fault, its perfectly well written, just one that didn’t create that magical place where I get lost in a story, feel I’m in there with the characters. . . It’s priced at £1.84for 223 pages.
Stars: two and a half, a well written book but just not my taste
ARC supplied by Netgalley

A Touch of Darkness, Key 1, Tina Moss and Yelena Casale

A Touch of Darkness (The Key Series)

A Touch of Darkness, Key 1, Tina Moss and Yelena Casale
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
I love paranormal romance, but have had problems with Angelic ones. Some, such as Nalini Singh I love, can’t praise enough, but others I’ve found just don’t cut it for me. Sadly this is one of those…Not everyone likes everything, the sample sounded fun, but I found while reading that the romance angle just wasn’t really feeling right to me, and I was waiting for the story to develop more. It felt like a YA almost with the fallen angels/prophecy connection – that seems to crop up a lot in YA 🙂 and though I enjoy some in that genre, with Cassie being older I was hoping for more, and that this was going to have a stronger story line. It felt almost superficial to me, that I was expecting developments that just weren’t there. Somehow it seemed anti climactic when the big reveal and battles were reached.
As always this is just My view and doesn’t mean you wont enjoy this book. Its well written, its just that the story failed to pull me in, and I didn’t connect with the characters. I have to feel I’m there in the story with them, have to care about what happens to them but I just didn’t. I read thoroughly to 60% then skim read to see what happened so maybe I missed something essential, but I felt I’d given enough time to decide that this story wasn’t one I’d love. Doesn’t mean I’ll not be happy to try something else by the authors – I’ve found before that though I love some of an authors stories that doesn’t mean I’ll love all of them. Of course the fact we have readers with so many different needs means books will always fit some people and not others, regardless of how good the actual writing style is. That was perfect here, its just the way the story played out that didn’t work well for me. It’s priced at £1.86 for 258 pages.
Stars: Two and a half, a good book but just not my style of story.
ARC received via Netgalley .

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